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Kunduz, Afghanistan Revival Project

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Hello! I would like to announce the Kunduz, Afghanistan Revival Project.

The lighting update has made Kunduz, Afghanistan extremely bright and unplayable, the terrain just looks very ugly.

The main purpose of this addon will be to restore the old lighting and atmosphere of Kunduz, in other words, the beauty of Kunduz.


1. https://ibb.co/Q6x9X74
2. https://ibb.co/x8LGYFd
3. https://ibb.co/L9BqrCm
4. https://ibb.co/9tzshZg
5. https://ibb.co/6F4bXty
6. https://ibb.co/54Nvt8L
7. https://ibb.co/HG6T1nn
8. https://ibb.co/hLtB49t
9. https://ibb.co/pKv91XK
10. https://ibb.co/DKjb6Rh

11. https://ibb.co/jLpz0Jd






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So I have zero hopes on anyone providing me an old backup of Kunduz, Afghanistan.


I have replaced one of the textures with one from Takistan (won't require it of course) and one of the textures with one from Lythium.


I have asked FFAA devs for permission, when it is given I will change the color of the ground textures and hopefully get this terrain on its feet again.



Edit: For some reason the "Please check this link out" discussion has been removed.

If you have a backup of Kunduz, Afghanistan from 2015, please send it to me!

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2 hours ago, ANZACSAS Steven said:

Moderators might wanna move this to complete section.


Please use the report option, we can't possible read every thread and post. - Thanks

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