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  1. Arctic Fox Defense Solutions

    Arctic Fox Defense Solutions: FOB Deployment Specialist

    Been a busy couple of weeks with family stuff. However, finally got around to getting the files converted to FBX for sharing of the newest models with whoever might want to take a look (and or) do something with them. Only thing I wish to stress is that I don't want them for any Life Mods or similar kinds of mods that make money of their servers. Non commercial obviously. Other than that, feel free to use for whatever. Still needs some UV tweaking (aka not really gotten around to properly doing them) If anyone needs in a different format just throw me a PM and i'll see what I can do. DOWNLOAD LINK
  2. Arctic Fox Defense Solutions

    Arctic Fox Defense Solutions: FOB Deployment Specialist

    Well, it has certainly been a long time since I have had some time free to actually sit down and dedicate a week to messing around with something productive. Finally, this Easter, my schedule cleared up and I got the energy and willpower more importantly to get down and do some modeling again. Starting off with my old containers were just a pain in the ass, as although booleans work great, they have their limitations when it comes to more complex shapes. Not that containers are complex, but complex enough to generate some weird geometry errors at times. So, I started fresh once again. What I have learned is always "do everything as one piece, and for god sake don't make stuff to modular". Now, I don't know why I've kept to that for so long, but at least now it's changed ha ha. Started over with a modular approach that I prefer when doing other projects. A lot more details. A lot more realistic. And ironically less polys as well. Win win. The fact it now takes about 2 minutes to make a new custom container vs a couple of hours before certainly dont hurt either. Anyway. Im not going to promise to much, because I tend to do that and then get slapped in the face a week later with some new work and i'll be gone for awhile again. You guys know the drill by now One thing that is certain however is that this will be the design I'm sticking with for now, and probably until release. It's great and it works al ot better. Having been on and off throughout the year figuring out better optimizing workflows also made a lot of old assets I thought was at the "polygon limit" in fact be quite the opposite. So, on that note, let me introduce to you gentlemen (and the odd lady) the new and much improved lineup of 2017 so far. Source files will be released once I get it figured out a bit more (having some issues with FBX/OBJ exports giving weird issues). Seeing as AM Studios, much like myself have had no time or manpower to get further, I might as well self publish so to speak. Hope you enjoy, and if anyone knows anyone that have a sadistic love for importing shit into engine now that things are more or less done, throw me a PM. Happy easter! Best regards AFDS DIRECT LINK 4K
  3. Arctic Fox Defense Solutions

    AM Studios - Conversion Mod

    Just to clarify this so people dont get the wrong impression: My updated models have been donated to J.Adams to be used for whatever they wish as I "as usual" have run out of time to get around to it. After all, it's just a hobby to release some creative juices when I have the time. So if people want to use what I have started to eventually get released then that is just a big pluss for everyone I would think.
  4. Arctic Fox Defense Solutions

    Arctic Fox Defense Solutions: FOB Deployment Specialist

    Absolutely. Hit me up on a PM and i'll send you the newest work models that im working on in Maya if you want to get your hands on the updated stuff. Aka the old once are pretty shit. ;)
  5. Arctic Fox Defense Solutions

    Arctic Fox Defense Solutions: FOB Deployment Specialist

    Failed to notice the 1st June post sadly. Not dead, but certainly grinded a bit to a halt due to RL work picking up this early summer. Some work has been done however, but its mainly optimizing and reworking the old stuff which doesn't really need an updated post. So have to pardon the slowpoke update schedule here, but RL takes priority. :)
  6. Arctic Fox Defense Solutions

    Arctic Fox Defense Solutions: FOB Deployment Specialist

    Not modeling relevant, but still is.. Oh the glory. Anyway, quite a few guys have poked me over the months wondering how I do shit, so since one of my buddies in 16AA wanted to learn some basics I made a quick maya 101 tutorial for him. Im an amateur hobbyist, and I spent about 5 minutes preparing for this so dont expect a pro tutorial. But it does go trough the basics of how I model the basic shit I model at least. Hopefully it can be helpful for someone that wants to get their teeth into modeling, and if not, then ignore the hell out of it ha ha. Due to first tutorial ever, i'll mumble a few words so just hit me with a stick each time and i'll talk straight eventually with less norwegian accent. :lol: //AFDS
  7. Arctic Fox Defense Solutions

    Custom Structures & Vegetation

    I might be a bit biased but the one thing i've always wanted to use in ArmA for my own stuff, has always been structures. To be precise, structures that does not exit..Yet. I've done mission making in this series since early arma 1, mainly for small groups of friends and what not and one of the things that has always griped me heavily is the lack of content for making more complex stuff. Now, there's always been ways to get access to all buildings available in the base game and what have you in the editor, but the main issue has mostly been the lack of interiors. It's not really an issue these days with arma 3, but it certainly was back in the day. Even now, the amount of structures pretty god damn sparse. You basically have a few handfuls of enter-able buildings (all looking slightly blow to hell, not ideal) and thats about it. I've always loved making FOB's in titles. Started my mission editing back in Delta Force 1 with that amazing map editor and went on trough Delta Force Task Force Dagger (after blackhawk down) if I remember my titles correctly. Same goes for ArmA. It's just really limited. You have your basic handful of hescos and sandbags... Then it kinda stops. Anything more complex does simply not exist. With CUP Terrains you get alot of the old stuff that helps quite a bit. But in vanilla, there really isnt much to play around with. So my simple reasoning behind me getting into making all my stuff is because it's something I want in game for my kinda gameplay, which just happens to be the hardcore side of milsim. Like people otherwise have mentioned, it takes a shitton of time to get stuff done. And if that isn't bad enough it takes even a more time to get it into the bloody engine. Coming from Unreal Engine to doing models for ArmA is just like the biggest punch in the dick ever. Everything is so overly complex in the import sequence it hurts my brain heavily. From basic config work to more complex stuff is just so overly complex for what it is, Just to get the model in game. Let's not even get started on doing complex stuff ha ha. To top that off you always get better at your craft. I started out with Blender (oh the nightmares to this day) and then later on moved on to maya lt (because that was what I could afford to have legally for game dev stuff). So, what happends is you get better and better, and then you start having to re-do all your old stuff to get up to your new specifications. And so the cycle repeats ha ha. One thing I get asked alot is as some have mentioned above, of needing to have quite a few structures to actually make a pack, or for it to be usable. Why dont you just release the stuff you have now instead of making more. Well. It's simple really. If I just release a handful of things its going to look shit, and the whole point of having alot of new things fade away when it isnt a "proper" pack so to speak. TL;DR. Because it doesnt exist and I want it for my use. If someone else down the line want it as well then that's just a added bonus really. I'd still plonker away at it regardless, but it always makes it easier to start up again if someone else likes your work also, you know? It doesnt go fast and there is only self gratification for the most part for doing it. All the main press goes for the hordes of new weapons and vehicles ( Don't get me wrong, I respect modelers doing that just as much as everything else) But it's already been done a milliion times(almost litteraly), so why not do something that people actually "need" and will be giving a bit more (at least immersion wise, and to some extents also gameplay wise) centered things. //AFDS
  8. Arctic Fox Defense Solutions

    Arctic Fox Defense Solutions: FOB Deployment Specialist

    Man.. does moving take forever! Good to finally have time to get back to work, phew! So from all my experimenting I figured it was about time to start doing some texture stuff on a crate and get it ingame to check that everything is working like I want it to before adding more shit. No glorious renders, but Substance Painter does the trick more or less in a pinch. Just a small preview of some still early in the works textures for the drone/uav crate. Last thing I want to make is a pretty and pristine crates. A warzone is neither. :lol: Edit: New picture for second pass of outside and some start of inside. Anyway, have a great weekend and as always, enjoy. //AFDS
  9. Arctic Fox Defense Solutions

    Arctic Fox Defense Solutions: FOB Deployment Specialist

    Another week another update. Tad slow but that's what happens when you are moving I suppose. Last week i've been looking into the wonderful software that is Autocad Revit, which really fills alot of "holes" in what I wanted for making normal buildings. So, since I was technically speaking a student a little back for a whopping week to take a field I had been doing at work in the past, I got myself a student licence. Pretty amazing program really. Once you've got it all setup it's pretty straight forward, and the polycounts out of the box is spot on for what I need. Much like my containers, one of the things that is sorely lacking in the arma verse is varied buildings. Even with new custom maps theres a million of the old buildings over and over and it gets a bit drab. And since i've got all year to get my stuff out there (or thats my own deadline anyway) i'll be looking into getting some of my training buildings done in a correct way. Modeling buildings in maya or max is just a pain in the..insert favorite word here... in comparison to a proper architect tool. So, on that note, have a small look at a 2ish hour build after getting my feet wet and still learning, a "small" motel with full interiors. Just raytraced in revit, so pardon the rather subpar quality of the render, but im sure you get the general idea. :P Until next time, enjoy. //AFDS
  10. Arctic Fox Defense Solutions

    Arctic Fox Defense Solutions: FOB Deployment Specialist

    So it's been a productive week, but not really on containers. The Land rover models that are about currently are more or less all arma 2 ports that for lack of a better word looks a bit like shite. So, since we were looking into getting some new once anyway, I have started out with some old arma 2 models and completly redone the lot (except the guns, those look decent enough) and redone the whole model from the ground up with a modern workflow and standard. A few tad bits from the old model still around for size referencing and stuff for myself, but everything is redone completely. (seats, ugly as hell air box etc are some relics from the past for size reference when I get around to making those parts proper) The model below is only about 25% done and in the blockout phase. (Think of it as basic shapes vs advanced shapes) but it's a good start at least towards getting a modern version around to be used. Once the basic up-armored one is complete i'll probly make the basic models as well to go along with it,like the snatch and the like. Easy enough to do when the model is made with a workflow that wasnt phased out last century, aka nothing modular. :P So yeah, super rough blocking out phase still but I promised a weekly update so here it is, even though a tad late. ^_^ As always, enjoy and have a great week! //AFDS
  11. Arctic Fox Defense Solutions

    Arctic Fox Defense Solutions: FOB Deployment Specialist

    So the short answer is yes. My plan all along has been to make it easily integrated with other mods, and now that I have joined the lovely lads over in 16AA, that will defenatly be a thing. I'll probably get around to getting a MAN Truck made to be used with these at one point trough 16AA as they are needing that for the future for other stuff as well. So yeah, towing is defenatly something that's getting looked into. :D
  12. Arctic Fox Defense Solutions

    Arctic Fox Defense Solutions: FOB Deployment Specialist

    Been a busy week, but got around to fixing up some stuff on the good 'ol drone/uav container. Most of the work is below the surface though, but just started getting some more of the basics sorted out. Still some work to be done like most things when it comes to the small stuff like cables and the like. But, like most stuff, it's getting closer to the finished product with the little time had today. //AFDS
  13. Arctic Fox Defense Solutions

    Eden Objects

    Great to see another modeler doing something that isn't vehicles or weapons like everyone else. No offense to anyone that does that, but god knows ArmA is lacking rather heavily on assets that populate the world. Keep up the amazing work, quality looks top notch. Love the manual as well. I might just borrow the idea for my containers when I get abit further in. :D
  14. Arctic Fox Defense Solutions

    Arctic Fox Defense Solutions: FOB Deployment Specialist

    So, it's sunday. And I woke up super early for reasons that is far beyond my understanding. Therefor, I took the opportunity to get some work done on this, seeing as im doing "an update a week".. at least it's almost Monday, right? Im going down the line with a few exceptions on my containers from before. And for that purpose the ISTAR was up. Or small command center if you wish. Still has alot of small detailing to do, such as way to many cables and stuff. Still a bit on the edge if I want to use arma chairs due to already done animations that fit, or just make my own. The front "stand" isnt exactly done and will probably store some stuff under there. Pelican military spec cases for important server hardware and the like. Probably end up making a outside antenna or two to use with it for the correct aesthetics. Anyway, have a lovely sunday and enjoy for now. //AFDS
  15. Arctic Fox Defense Solutions

    Arctic Fox Defense Solutions: FOB Deployment Specialist

    For the sake of ease and updates, almost certainly going to be released in one pack. If someone for whatever reason desperately needs just one thing im sure that could be done ofcourse //AFDS