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  1. sudden

    ACE for OA 1.13

    If you have "no ammo in tanks" problem it's the CBA. In my case CBA version v1.0.1 didn't work. Go to the http://dev.withsix.com/projects/cca/files website and download previous version. I have installed v0.8.3, now everything's fine.
  2. Same thing. If you have a mission in the editor with tanks and run it twice, at some point all the vehicles are stuck. Running the game without mods.
  3. Cheers everyone! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and I wish you all the good stuff! :-))) I'm back from my trip (damn it was long!) and already started making new things for the mod. I'm also working on the RPT spamming issues. Next update will feature Marksmen rifles and assault rifle optics for both sides. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ About other mods. EvW was designed to be a thing in a box to preserve balance, so the first priority for me is always how the EvW mod plays with EvW mod. :-))) If you use other mods together with EvW there could be (and should be) issues with gameplay balance. I just don't have time to check the weapons hit values or armour hitpoints compatibility with all other mods and I also would like to keep the right to change things if I want to. :-)))) In all other aspects I'm doing my best to make EvW as other mods friendly as it could be. All the classnames are unique, and I'm trying to avoid using scripts where possible (the only alltime running script in EvW now is the RangeFinder script for tanks). But if you have an issue when playing EvW with other mods, please understand that reports like "Your mod is incompatible with XXX mod" tell me nothing, but "Mod XXX gives an YYY error when ran along with EvW" or "Can't use XXX mod's weapons when using it with EvW" reports could be a good starting point for me, so please be more specific. Thanks for understanding!
  4. Sorry, guys. I receive a lot of PMs, but I'm traveling a lot at the moment, so I just have no time to work on the mod. Cheers!
  5. Thanks a lot! ;-)) ---------- Post added at 10:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:15 PM ---------- No, they aren't direct ports. There's a PhysX LOD present and all the features of A3 are implemented except the latest DLC, which I plan to implement in the next update. This includes the sling loading.
  6. Don't know yet. All I know for sure there will be marksmen for both sides. I always spend some time playing the mod before releasing a new version, just to catch obvious bugs and sometimes I can suddenly decide that mod needs something... and just throw it in. That's why I don't make any announces. It is just what it is. :-))))) P.S. Oh yeah, I forgot the new features like "fire from vehicles" and helicopters. :-))) They should be in a new update.
  7. sudden


    Yeah, Russians are like that! :-))))))))) Well, I haven't changed anything in the config since Arma3 Alpha, and all the characteristics were taken from BIS config at the time so maybe this part needs tweaking. Does the situation remain the same with vanilla weapons? If so, my mod is guilty, if not... You know who's to blame, then. :-)))))
  8. I've checked it yesterday. Everything seems to be ok. Got any problems?
  9. Not a problem and thanks a lot for investigating. That's what makes us a community, right? Next update should be very soon. I've got some great stuff from my friends _boby_ and kuokenken. ;-)))
  10. Thanks, mate! I've just tried EvW and RHS together. Everything works! So it's not RHS for sure. :-)))))
  11. My helicopters don't use any scripts. All ammo, magazine, weapon names are unique. So I guess it's RHS, who's guilty. :-))) P.S. Or it could be any other mod as well.
  12. I can't cause there's no radar on AH1W. The only vehicle from the mod that has a radar in real life is Shilka. In EvW radar also was given to m163 to make a pilot's life harder. :-))) Anyway, thanks for the feedback. It's appreciated! ;-)
  13. AI is not the best, that's right. :-))) I meant I'm not sure if UAZ with MG was used in Soviet or Russian army at all. Just because I never saw it. Actually, this mod is more about 86-91 era, I even plan a small campaign about the alternative history of USSR brakedown, where instead of the peaceful change of power KGB finds out that CIA stands behind the freedom movements in Soviet republics and in one night arrests a whole network of agents. US tries to free them, but the operation fails. As "a punishment" US president issues an order to use nuclear weapons against soviet bases across Europe and WWIII starts. You can select target for gunner from radio (2) menu and issue a fire command (ctrl+left mouse by default). Gunner will fire at the target. Yes that's a known issue. :-)))
  14. 1. This was made to remove superior powers from air vehicles. You have to work hard to hit a target. And if you have small view distance on the map, air vehicles become unusable (which is true in real life). 2. Who said it was about the Cold war era? I just said this mod was inspired by... 1. No it's not. :-))) In my mod it is exactly AH-1W (in service till 1986). And in CWR2 they have an AH-1F. 2. Yes, because missiles should be guided by the gunner. You should track them until they hit the target. No cheater locking... ;-))) 1. Arma3 bug. It's a pity, but in Arma3 tracked vehicles can't move in water. 2. Vehicle's parameters, the damage system and balance will be tweaked on the way.