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  1. I asked fromz, he declined because he is working on his own PLA stuff :(( I would love to have help, although i hope they speak english haha
  2. irishpride

    Question about Installing BIS Tools 2.5

    ah thank, i've been waiting forever, so when i unplug the drive, i will have to remap it every time?
  3. United States Geological Survey, my dad has actually done some work for them haha
  4. I'm actually working on that now :) i wanted to do wake isalnd, but i can't find any High RES Data for it, maybe the island is tooo small or something? lol And also, a quick question, what would be the BEST data to get? i know there are different kinds like USGS, ERSDAC, CGIAR, Spot Image, SRTM, ASTER?
  5. I think Senkaku; if the U.S. Japan, Taiwan, and China don't start increasing "good" diplomatic relations; could be the start of a flash-point, or just a small skirmish. If anyone remembers, China got into a skirmish with Vietnam and killed Vietnamese soldiers, as well as sank a few ships over just a couple little islands in like 1990? if i remember correctly, they say the Vietnamese fired first (or so the story goes).
  6. Oh, well i am somewhat new around here, and i didn't realize these types of threads were so common, and i apologize to anyone who sees it as an annoyance, and thank you for the good luck, seems i'll need it.
  7. Indeed, but i'm pretty sure most people would say his way of implying those things was rather negative, and unnecessary. well not only have i made a thread, i've also sent several pm's to notable modders asking for various things that would be a lot of help (several terrain makers, Massi for his USMC unit's, the guy who made the PLA mod, etc.) and the main part of the mod will be the unit's/factions, which i have no idea where to begin working on Fair enough, i'm sure you do? What is the point of this statement? Again, what's the point of saying this besides inciting further argument? First of all, the word "HIRE" was used in the example, i don't intend on "HIRING" anyone. Secondly, I have now edited the OP to say that this is not going to take part in the MANW contest. Lastly, anybody who is interested in helping out can check me all they like, i have no problem with that as i have already stated that i have no solid modding experience. What exactly is so "crooked"? I can use what i DO know to contribute, and any other modders on the team could check to make sure anything i've done is up to par. Fair enough, that's your opinion, and you're entitled to it. Again, i apologize if i may have come off that way, but i assure that was not my intentions, and have tried my best to convey that. True, but obviously we are a little beyond that point by now. I didn't mean for it to be a "condition", more like an extra incentive, IF anyone was interested. Also, i have requested that the thread be deleted from that subforum. And for one last note, what is your point in denouncing this? What is your endgame here? It seems your whole goal here is to, instead of helping me correct the situation, to derail the mod, and to denounce me, as well as try to make yourself seem above me in some way. You denouncing me and expressing all these opinions is, in no way, going to make me give up and go sit in the corner, so why even bother following this post if you're not going to help or show any interest whatsoever?
  8. Exactly,this part of the forum is "DISCUSSION" for addons and mods. On another note, i completely agree with where antoineflemming is coming from, it may seem like i'm just trying to make a shot for the money, but i can not say it enough, my main goal in making this thread was to inspire other people to help me get this mod STARTED and FINISHED, when i said it could be a possible contest submission, that was simply to provide some extra incentive for modders to want to be a part of it. If the whole contest submission thing is so controversial, then so be it, i'll throw that part out. Honestly i can care less about the money, i get by just fine, AND even if we were to submit and win, i assure you i wouldn't take it all and run, i would have BIS divide it up fairly.
  9. Well i can understand people's frustrations with that, but i also am not just an "idea guy", i could help work on the terrains for the mod, i just have no experience with the other aspects, and so, i would need a lot of help.
  10. Well what i did was tried to find the old 2.5.1a which after searching i did, and it worked without issue, Here's the download link for 2.5.1a :):
  11. I'll try to edit my original post and i'll submit it to the Request thread too, But in light of my original post, it was not meant to be an "experienced-modders-plus-me idea (which is really just a situation where a few experienced addon makers make your addon and you get your name attached to it, so you can say you helped make a mod -> enter into the contest)". The MAIN point of the addon is to simply get it created, BUT i would also like to help with it as much as i can, and get some more relevant experience in modding, so that i can apply that experience in future projects i think of, INSTEAD of having to rely on others so much. And if i were to get say, Bushlurker to help out, i wouldn't be able to submit it anyway, as I'm pretty sure BIS neither BISim employees are allowed to participate in the contest.
  12. He was being cynical in the way he implied the above^ If he is so tired of reading or seeing these posts, then he doesn't have to read them.. Exactly, and because there is an interest by the community, then why not try to get this mod developed? Nothing will get done without some sort of initiative. On this we can agree, certain references are hard to acquire, but it still seems feasible to create something as close as possible to the real thing with the references that ARE available. I don't see how i confirmed that? I was saying that even though I MYSELF, don't have an abundant amount of experience, i can still gather people who DO have experience that would be able to create something with HIGH QUALITY. Well as i said to Bushlurker: True, but the point of looking at their work is to make sure the addon is HIGH QUALITY. For example, say, if a lawyer was trying to get hired at a firm, the firm would want to see some cases the lawyer has worked on, to make sure he has valid experience, EVEN if the lawyer had never heard of the firm before. This is simply not true, i can still make contributions under the guidance of other more experienced modders. Well so far i have created height maps, configs, etc. and have a basic grasp on creating the terrain, but i haven't yet completed one, or tested one in-game. Again:
  13. As i have stated in my other thread: I am merely putting a "CONCEPT" forward, and gauging interest in a mod of this sort. Yes, the idea may not be "original", but i haven't seen something such a COMPLETE modification like this, rather some units/weapons here or their, and i am yet to see a Asia(China/Japan/Korea specifically) style terrain. I do have some experience myself, but not enough to take the project on alone and make a high quality addon (Most of my knowledge applies to terrain making). I do not necessarily HAVE to be a part of it, if anyone is interested they can feel free to use the ideas to take on the project themselves. I am just trying to gather people who could make the best possible version, the main reason i want to take part is to learn more, expand my knowledge base, and to give something to the community, as i have said to Bushlurker, who provided great incite into this idea, it is still a "CONCEPT" and not set in stone, i plan on starting small by developing each faction, then when they are good enough to release, they will be. THEN, the project will expand with vehicles, terrains, campaigns, and so on... I'm not trying to become some big project leader, rather i'm focused on developing this idea into a solid mod, with help from experienced modders. Lastly, as to the portfolios/credits, these would only apply to people who i've never seen or heard of before, to ensure the mod is of the highest quality possible. I have no WIP to show, because the only aspect of the mod i'm experienced in, won't be developed until later down the line, when we have a solid idea, and base, to work off of. ---------- Post added at 22:39 ---------- Previous post was at 22:20 ---------- Well, as for Russia and China becoming adversaries, i think it actually COULD be possible. Russian (although allies with China) since the cold war, has feared China's rising influence, and their development into a world power. IF they did ever become adversaries, it would most likely be because of China's territorial claims in Russia's far east coast, similar to China's disputes over Taiwan, and several Islands in the South China Sea. Some more information related to this can be found found in an article online called "Russia fears embrace of giant eastern neighbor". The article says:
  14. I actually drew inspiration for this from BF4, as you've probably guessed. And i'm open to any idea you have, send me a PM if you'd like or just comment your ideas below. I have messaged both the guy who made the PLA mod for ArmA 3, as well as Massi asking if they would be interested in helping, and as i said, i'm open to any ideas you may have :) Yeah super dense cities and such would come way down the road as it would take a huge amount of new buildings and stuff to be modeled into the game, but as for your other ideas, sounds very interesting, at first I'd like to make a terrain based on islands like Ishigaki, or Iriomoti, or something similar for the "flashpoint" to begin. I've asked support from the PLA mod, and Massi but not Sudden quite yet, i'm mainly focusing on the two MAIN factions (US and China). Any other factions (Russia, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan) would come wayyy later down the line as the main mods would probably take up to a year or more to finish. Feel free to send me a PM about ideas you have for a campaign, as i would love to implement that into the mod, and i need as many team members as i can get :) ---------- Post added at 21:16 ---------- Previous post was at 21:13 ---------- I don't really plan on having ANZAC involved, but it is a possibility, as for Japan and Koreas, they are definitely a possibility, but would be added way later down the line.
  15. EXACTLY my thoughts haha (maybe he works for the C.I.A. or something :eek::cool: lol)