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  1. jblackrupert

    Free Games

    Zuma's Revenge https://www.origin.com/en-ca/store/free-games/on-the-house
  2. jblackrupert

    Free Games

    Bloop https://www.indiegala.com/store Scroll down to bottom
  3. jblackrupert

    Free Games

    Up to 13 free GOG games https://www.gog.com/games##sort=bestselling&price=free&page=1
  4. jblackrupert

    E3 (June 16-19)

    Best presentation of E3 so far in my opinion. Nervous as hell but his passion shines through. Day 1 purchase for me. http://www.unravelgame.com
  5. jblackrupert

    Fallout 4

    Can you disable that targeting system in Fallout?
  6. jblackrupert

    Free Games

    Free stuff listed here. http://whosgamingnow.net/categories/deals
  7. jblackrupert

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Just a lag fest for me now. not even worth playing unless I want a throbbing headache.
  8. jblackrupert

    Grand Theft Auto V

    It's fast, maneuverable, drives over virtually everything without losing control. Throw in some macros for tossing explosives, aimbot and exploiting Passive mode and you are pretty much unkillable. According to some posts on the steam forum you can put a $1000 bounty on them and that prevents them from using Passive mode making them easier to kill and the AP pistol can kill the driver and passenger. I also read you get nicked for $7000 if you destroy the car. not sure if that's true or not. personally, I just leave the server when someone goes on a Kuruma rampage. The other thing that annoys me is the spawning placement after you die, it's too easy to get stuck in a cycle of dying because it's too easy for the killer to circle around and hunt you down again before you can figure out where you are because of spawn disorientation and having to rearm your weapon, by the time you get your head together the guy is on you again.
  9. jblackrupert

    Grand Theft Auto V

    I just want Rockstar to remove that bloody "Passive mode" People are exploiting the hell out of that in MP. tons of people are using it to get within shooting range of people and then jumping out of passive mode and killing you. I don't know how it fully works but people jump in and out of it fast enough to get on top of you, kill you and then zoom away in passive mode, you have no way to defend yourself from them. A lot of suspicious players are also fond of those armored up Karuma's. http://gta.wikia.com/File:Kuruma_Armored_GTAO_Front_Quarter.png
  10. jblackrupert

    Star Wars Battlefront: impressive trailer

    Not sure if that was the same story, but I vaguely remember reading something from a game developer about a meeting he described as being nothing more then facing off with psychopaths in suits.
  11. jblackrupert

    Star Wars Battlefront: impressive trailer

    Valve just gave developers power to ban users from their Steam games. That's not going to end well. Remember all the Youtube accounts being nuked for "Copyright infringement", including TotalBiscuit nearly losing his over bad reviews.
  12. jblackrupert

    Star Wars Battlefront: impressive trailer

    Yup, and a former EA CEO is on record stating EA will pull ads from magazines and sites that don't give them at least the minimum score they are happy with.
  13. jblackrupert

    Star Wars Battlefront: impressive trailer

    No, DICE created the trailer at extremely high resolutions with oodles of AA at unplayable framerates and then downsampled it. they do that for the screens also, they admitted to it when people asked why BC2 "Gameplay" trailers were so clean looking as compared to the actual game using the most powerful hardware available. I can't link to the statement because it was on the old EA UK forums which is now long gone. The June 2015 PC gamer also makes it clear that what they saw at the demo and what the trailer looks like are not the same. the Aliasing on foliage is very noticeable. Patrick Bach stated that many of effects in the trailer are not currently possible in realtime. It's only a few Youtubers who are drooling over more exclusive footage and Ronku cash that comes from a major release like this who are claiming it looks as good as the trailer.... Star wars, Star trek.... big money to be made on those IP's. people will say anything to guarantee a slice of it. Remember BF4.... Youtubers kept their mouths shut about the condition of that game and then babbled a bunch of excuses after the Ronku payola scheme leaked out. anyone who didn't tow the EA line found themselves no longer invited to events.
  14. jblackrupert

    Star Wars Battlefront: impressive trailer

    But that's a tech demo, doing that in a full game is different. DICE has already admitted all their trailers are not created in realtime and Patrick Bach himself stated many of the lighting effects are not currently possible to create in Frostbite game at playable framerates. Promotional "screenshots" and trailers are rendered at extremely high resolutions with stupid amounts of AA and then downsampled to 1080p. Someone from Gamespot was brave enough to state that demo they saw does not look as good as the "In engine" trailer.
  15. jblackrupert

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Probably not, it's the usual disinformation campaign that the hack sellers and their customers wage when they get spanked. They'll latch on to any excuse they can to try and get bans overturned or try to hurt sales of games they don't have any new third party apps like SweetFX or FRAPS to blame so they use the modding situation as a scapegoat. A lot of the big hack sellers have forums dedicated to discussion about getting bans overturned and spreading disinformation on forums. I don't know the exact details but hackers are sucking people into joining missions that pay out tons of cash I see it all the time in the online chat, as far as I know Rockstar will just take the money if they find out you participated in it. Best to be safe and turn down any offers for earning huge amounts of cash.