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  1. Robin-Hood

    New Warfare Weekly Tournament!

    Thanks for the response. I might sign up shortly.
  2. Robin-Hood

    New Warfare Weekly Tournament!

    I'm interested in joining. How active is this second tourny you're running? What's the main difference between the two? Thanks. Mr. Hood
  3. Robin-Hood

    Arma2 Tournament?

    I've been looking for a while & have found a very limited number of tournament for Arma 2, all of which have very short battles on Sundays. I was wondering if there are any which run their battles on Saturdays as I haven't been able to find any except Charlie Foxtrot & it is a much more sensible day in my opinion. Also the battles seem very short ~3 hours etc. I come from 21CW a BF2 tournament which plays Saturdays for 12 hours. Is there anything similar for Arma 2? Thanks Mr. Hood