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  1. flattermann

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    I absolutely love this DLC. IMHO it's the best you ever made, and the campaign is at least second best after the original OFP campaign! If there's anything to gripe, whinge and nag about, it's the German version of that yellow "Teren wojskowy - Military Area" exlusion zone signpost. Every experienced German translator would have put "Betreten verboten" on it instead of "Eintritt verboten", and possibly altered "Militärzone" to "Militärisches Sperrgebiet", although that might be too long. 😛
  2. flattermann

    Broken AI respawn in popular games since 1.68

    Working on my end with 168_141231_v12. I hope others can reproduce. Many thanks Dwarden!
  3. I tried the same thing, and the Marshall didn't. I placed it directly at the beach first, it didn't move at all. I placed it further away from the beach, and placed another waypoint in the water, again no reaction. They only moved when i put a waypoint directly on the beach close to the waterline, but it stopped on the way when it hit a tree. Did you use stable or DEV?
  4. flattermann

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    That's because gameservers were originally designed for crCTI.
  5. Exactly, i'm sorry but there's only a login. Entering false data doesn't give a register prompt either.
  6. Dunno, either i am blind or stupid, but i can't find a register button there?
  7. I tested this and recorded a video for your convenience. You can clearly see both the ground and air radar huds don't display any vehicles. You can stil tab-lock them, but all you see are white frames around the targets. Toward the end of the video I locked a hostile chopper, but there were no locking sounds, and the rockets missed their target. Sorry for the poor quality, didn't set the resolution in OBS prior to recording...
  8. flattermann

    CRcti Proman

    what exactly do you mean by mode superpowers?
  9. flattermann

    CRcti Proman

    it's a multiplayer mission which requires a dedicated server. you can't save it. the only thing you can safe is your loadout (gear). There is a maximum of five different loadout-sets in the lower left-hand corner in the options menu.
  10. flattermann

    Napf Island beta

    o_O oh please try it out and let us know :butbut:
  11. flattermann

    How to unpbo ACR PBO's

    i think it is because BI wouldnt want to allow ppl who didn't buy ACR Full (thus only having Lite) to be able to replace the low-res textures with hi-res versions. Unfortunately we obviously have to re-texture them ourselves, since the hi-res textures are not included in the sample data.
  12. flattermann

    Napf Island beta

    hezkýýýý Thank you, Lukasi!
  13. Hmm, didn't work for me, I have tried this ealier too. Since I only have have one slider on the joystick all I can do is hold down Z (decrease thrust), but as the slider goes forward the plane starts rolling anyway. It's not that important, though, I'll try to figure out how this works for you.
  14. Is it possible to add wheel brakes to all planes? The pilot should be able to bring the plane to a full stop after taxi, and to push the throttles to maximum before taking off. The shorter start distance would be of great use esp. for the SU-25.
  15. flattermann

    CD Key In Use

    yes, i have had the very same problem, created a ticket via sprocket, but i am still waiting for the problem to be finally solved (even though i seem to be able to play again). My first guess was some1 stole my account with a keygen.. Create a ticket here for any Key-related issues : https://store.bistudio.com/index.php?option=com_contact&view=contact&id=1&Itemid=50