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    I love aircraft and writing. My favorite type of ArmA2 aircraft is the MH-6J Little Bird.
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  1. I really hope not. Ambient sounds do not belong in this game. One of the awesome things about ArmA is that every time you hear gunfire or explosions or the like, it's always actually happening somewhere.
  2. Try running Steam as admin. It got the ACR DLC installed for me, although I can't get ACR to work when using any mods. Nothing about ACR seems to work very well ... at least I only spent 5 bucks on it.
  3. I do seem to remember seeing an option somewhere to turn off the empty-magazine notification. I'm not sure where, though. I'll go look for it and get back to you if I can find it. Just looked through all the options and I'm not seeing it. I could have sworn I saw it somewhere, though....
  4. What does postprocessing do other than the motion blur?
  5. 160thSOAR

    Learning to master the UH-1H

    Maybe I can help with some of this. Stopping is easy. Stopping without flaring massively, not as much. The most effective way that I've found to slow down fast, without any previous preparation, is to do an extremely hard bank to one side or the other. You'll need a lot of space to do it, but not that much altitude. If you don't want to do that, remember that you won't ascend nearly as much if you're already descending before you start your flare. #2, can't really help you with it, as I can't yet do that reliably myself. The key for #3 is to make sure you only make very small, smooth movements and corrections. Doing sharp, sudden maneuvers will make it impossible to hover without the autohover. But once you get the hang of it, you'll never want to go back to the autohover.
  6. All the BMP, most of the BTR, and all of the BRDM variants can swim in water. The Vodnik can also swim. I think the only BTR that can't swim is the BTR-40.. but I might be wrong on that.
  7. 160thSOAR

    Getting Started with Modding

    Gnat, thank you very much for that wonderful link. I got started using it tonight and have made my first box. However, I'm not sure where I should create the "crate" folder to save the 3D project and place the textures. When I installed the BIS Editing Tools pack, it created a P:// drive on my computer. In that drive are some locked folders, bulldozer, and some other stuff. Is this where that folder belongs? I think it is, but I don't want to mess up and have my computer do something screwy. Thanks! EDIT: Fixed the first problem I think, but now when I try to finalize the texture, I get a message saying: "Background Mapping Error - maybe invalid mapping region specified or no texture is selected." Any idea what's going on?
  8. 160thSOAR

    Getting Started with Modding

    Thanks a lot for that page, it was the only thing that I could find that was dumbed-down enough for me. Blender's manual is quite detailed and helpful; I really like it.
  9. 160thSOAR

    Getting Started with Modding

    @ PuFu: 1. Thanks. What you said here was by far the most helpful information I've found yet. I had no idea that there was any software other than O2 that I could use.... I think I'll get started using Blender (just downloaded it) and take a look at its documentation. Good way to pass the time, since I have a 2nd-degree burn on my hand plus five stitches in my face, so I can't do too much else right now. 2. All right. So that's what ArmAStack is ... I've seen links to it in some signatures around here. 3. I do have some patience. I was able to finish writing a novel about a year ago, so sticking to a task is not really a problem. I think I'll get started by trying to make a shipping container.
  10. 160thSOAR

    Getting Started with Modding

    I think for right now I'd like to focus on 3D modelling and maybe a bit of texturing. Everything that I'd like to be able to do right now is largely based on that. Some things that I'd eventually like to be able to create: Certain Israeli Defense Force vehicles Future Combat Systems Manned Ground Vehicles family However, I realize that these will be a long time coming and I will need to start with something much simpler to just learn the ropes. That's really the problem I'm having now, that I can't find any way to get myself into modding without throwing myself into a project that is really way over my head. I don't have a person who I can really go to to ask questions if I have them, which makes it worse. I just feel rather lost right now.
  11. If that doesn't work, try uninstalling them with a program like CCleaner. Or you could just manually remove the config files if you feel up to it.
  12. 160thSOAR

    C-130J Storage Capabilities

    The default C-130J can carry players who get inside, and gear which is manually loaded in by players. By manually loading, I mean you have to take the gear from its initial container, walk over to the C-130, and move it into the C-130's cargo manually. If you're trying to move stuff like weapons or the larger missiles, it can take quite a long time. All other things that you see in missions (Ammo Boxes and vehicles for example) have been scripted in by players. In most ArmA2 public servers, lift choppers that can carry vehicles cannot load an ammo box as well. You have to pick one or the other. The MH-60 is a fairly common ammo box-carrying chopper, while the Merlin and CH-47 are often used for heavylift stuff.
  13. 160thSOAR

    satchel charges

    I'm pretty sure that changing the timer on a satchel charge would be a pretty easy thing to mod into the game if you'd like to. Maybe I'll try to do that ... doesn't seem like it would be too hard.
  14. Hello everyone. I'm interested in learning how to make mods for ArmA2. I realize that it won't be easy and that I probably won't be able to do much for quite a while, but it's something I've always wanted to do. I've tried to find information on it on my own by searching the internet, but information for complete beginners seems to be very sparse. I found an article at http://tactical.nekromantix.com/tactical/wiki/doku.php?id=arma2:beginner_editing_guide that was helpful to at least get my head around extremely basic stuff. However, I don't have enough background information to understand most articles I find. So, a few questions. Does anyone have some documentation to help me get started? What are the modding related websites (DevHeaven for example) and what are they used for? What sort of skills do I need to start modding? I have a very basic knowledge of Java and HTML as of right now. Any other recommendations? Thanks!
  15. 160thSOAR

    PMC barricades can't be destroyed

    There are a lot of campaigns that are compatible with ACE. The SEAL Team Six ones, the Forgotten Few campaign, and a whole lot of others. However, the BI campaigns often don't work too well with ACE; if you're having trouble, try again without any mods.