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  1. Just to make sure, it seems I have to re-path a lot of proxies with ObjectBuilder (for example in the Chernogorsk-Hotel)? MoveFolder does repath some of them, but not all. Anyway, it still safed me a lot of time, just making sure...
  2. Problem solved, thanks a lot! 1/2 page of text and one short sentence answers it - I feel like FPDR
  3. #momo#

    No Token ?

    Yeah I have the same problem, sorry for the double post: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?180981-Porting-my-A2-map-to-A3-Problems-with-Mikeros-MoveFolder-and-or-bi-configs No solution for me at this point :(
  4. Sorry in advance if this is answered in another post, but I spent the last 2 days reading manuals and forum posts and my head feels like it's gonna explode soon. Edit: Ok I definitly need some sleep, same question here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?180943-No-Token What I want to do: I want to port my Arma2-Map called Napf to Arma3, as an addon independent of A3MP or AiA. (In the long run, the goal of this is to use A3-Assets like Military Structures and other stuff for the map). What is working so far: Terrain Builder is loading the map, the Sat etc. This is all fine. Also, I managed to get all Trees and Bushes from Arma2 in a seperate Addon, thanks to MoveFolder from Mikero, with the method that is described by Bushlurker in this thread:http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?176020-Missing-objects-on-map-by-using-different-Binarizers What is not working: After I got the Vegetation from Arma2 to Arma3, I again wanted to use MoveFolder for the Arma2-Building. This worked for example for the TV-Tower (P:\ca\structures\A_TVTower) and the Tower is showing in-game in A3. However: MoveFolder gives me an error for a lot of structures and just refuses to work. Example: - I take P:\ca\structures\A_MunicipalOffice, - copy the unbinarized p3ds in my new Addon-Folder P:\Momo\A2Objects\Structures_Cherna\A_MunicipalOffice, - use MoveFolder, "Move CA/A3", "Crunch from P3d content", - then I use MoveFolder, "Move CA/A3", "Crunch from config" with "P:\ca\structures\A_MunicipalOffice\config.cpp" as SourceConfig, - which results in the error message "File P:\ca\structures\A_MunicipalOffice\config.cpp: Line 79 No Token". Now this is a config from bi! Line 79 is a "};", the part above reads like this: I tried to change all "\data\,A_Municipal" to "\Data\A_Municipal" but then MoveFolder gives me the error "Line 72: not enough parms in define expansion". Now the technical stuff behind Arma is not my strong suit anyway and just a necessary evil to be able to create my own world, and I am at the end of my abilities here. I get the "No Token" error for a lot of buidlings. The question is, can other people reproduce this error, or is the problem on my side, and in both cases, how can it be fixed?
  5. #momo#

    Napf Island beta

    Hi Frozelda, sorry for the late answer but I needed a break from the project ;) I will try to contact you back.
  6. #momo#

    Napf Island beta

    A note for everybody who tries to get the map in Arma3 with A3MP: You need to replace the aif_napfobjects.pbo or the game will crash on start. Fixed pbo is here: http://angryinsects.de/napf/aif_napfobjects.7z There are some other problems in A3 like a distorted SatMap on distance, but this is not a subject for this thread I guess.
  7. #momo#

    Napf Island beta

    The map is finished First post and links edited. Took me an amount of free time which was not sane anymore, but still, it was worth the trip... edit: Maybe a mod can change the thread title from Napf Island Beta to Napf Island?
  8. #momo#

    Napf Island beta

    Beta3 released, first post updated. I really hope for an easy way to get the map into Arma3, but until now, I ignored this topic completly...
  9. Sorry for waking up an old thread, but I have the opposite problem. I actually WANT the Sat to tint the ground textures. I dont like it when you play the game as infantry and you think the ground has the same colour as your uniform, but from far away, it has a different colour and you are visible for anyone. However, not every ground texture seems to be tinted by the Sat. For example, if I am not mistaken, the asfalt Texture of Chernarus is tinted by the Sat, while the Asfalt Texture of Takistan seems to get not tinted. Also, when I changed the texture grid in Visitor from 20m to 40m, even the Chernarus Asfalt-Texture was not tinted by the Sat anymore. Has anyone any insight on when the ground texture is tinted and when not? I really have no clue at all (I suspected it might have something to do with the texture.nopx, but this does not explain why things changed when I switched the texture grid).
  10. #momo#

    Low farmerate on my Island

    Lags with 10240 SatMap and only few objects should not occur. Did you check in BinPbo under "options", "List of files to copy directly", to include the *rvmat? Unbinarized rvmats could cause lags, if I remeber correctly.
  11. #momo#

    Napf Island beta

    Just a small info: I am working on the Northwest right now and I think I will release a Beta3 before the final version, depending on how fast I progress. No ETA yet. Northwest looks like this on the ingame map: Also, I was able to fix the roads. AI is using the roads as they should now.
  12. #momo#

    Napf Island beta

    Thanks for the kind words and the links. And of course, for the video, I think I will include it in the first post. Also, feel free to post any bugs. I know some, but I am not sure which of them are only obvious to me and which of them get obvious while just playing the map. Of course there may be bugs I am unable to fix...
  13. #momo#

    Napf Island beta

    Beta2 is out! First Post edited. Tested in Multiplayer without serious bugs.
  14. Binarization was weird for me too. I had a similar problem to yours (island not showing up in the 'select map menu'). In my case, it helped to delete all unnecessary models and configs in the p:\ca folder and in the p:\myProjects folder, like A10, Soldier models, etc. No idea why, but my guess is, it was because my c: drive was almost full and BinPbo needs to process and move a lot of data? Maybe the professionals on this board can help you if you post the Logfile BinPbo creates (you find it in the same folder as the pbo). There should be an entry <world = "p:\MyProject\MyIsland\Island.wrp"> and towards the end, there is an entry </world>. I noticed that every time my map was not loaded by the game, the entry </world> was missing.
  15. #momo#

    Napf Island beta

    I need some weeks more... not too long thought.