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  1. chief_backgard

    Terrain: Bariga

    The map is very good, many different variations, but I'm not quite clear what time of year on your card? I see snow on the ground textures and the green bushes and grass. This leads to confusion... it does not happen! If you want to show in late autumn or early winter the grass should be dry and withered and the trees and bushes, foliage must be at least yellow or entirely without them. But in my opinion it's hard I would advise you to change the ground texture to another more suitable. By the way, I would add no more big stones they fit well and they will cover for the players on travyanyh hills which on removal just bald as the grass disappears.
  2. chief_backgard

    Eden Editor Drop Down Bug

    I have the same thing does not work the choice of color markersNot working select the type of trigger is activated, checked all modules Ask the developers to fix this issue as a mission to do became impossible
  3. When the information appears on your website for the modules that you added? In your Wiki lists only 50% of the modules which is the latest version and configure. how should I in this case to use ACE3 for its community if you do not know what pbo is responsible for what, to setup your mod for my few thousand players?