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  1. Thank you guys for your work!
  2. Hi, exactly this happens in every game. But I think its not possible to change. AI goes by waypoints and you will need to kill those. I have a script running in my mission somewhere where a ai pilot checks if there is shooting before land to drop out soldiers. If there is shooting he will drop soldiers in air and get back to base. But he still followed his waypoint just a change in the behaviour. So it would need a break from waypoint and a radiochat to the leader (cant get there). Then observe wp go slow status red and so on. This would fit maybe in some situations but not handy for all gamemodes or every situation. Also maybe a heavy load to script/fix/improve... I guess its a BI Job. 😉
  3. Hey, interesting mod with many customization's. Can we expect a server bikey soon ?
  4. Muecke

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    I wonder how the AI will pass that river ? If a mixed AI squad will pass a bridge it always ends up in a mess. AI should not move in formations when there is a bridge. The terrain will surely work with coops or SP missions but in MP with AI´s this will be a game breaker. Did someone test this yet ?
  5. I meant own side + civilians not cars from the enemy. That would be very cool. In my mission there are Squads who patrol and hold a city. After a while a support truck spawns inside. Two guys got into that truck just to drive around and impress the girls. I was so laughing!!!
  6. Hey snkman, just a quick question about the AI is taking empty cars. Do they only use car which belongs to their side ? And if so, would you make it possible that they use civilian cars too ? I had a big match yesterday with friends and the AI was pretty cool, doing nice moves.
  7. Yes, yes buddy!!! I have 24 Squads spawning and raping in big distances. Keep up the good work. We need guys like you. 👍
  8. Hi, tested the new version. Got this error many times and wanted to report it. 20:15:09 Error in expression <ariable "TCL_Take_Cover"); if (time > (_array select 0) ) then { private _time > 20:15:09 Error position: <_array select 0) ) then { private _time > 20:15:09 Error Undefined variable in expression: _array 20:15:09 File TCL_System\TCL\TCL_Feature_F\TCL_Take_Cover_F.sqf, line 63
  9. @mondkalb Iam already in love with this work. This will be fun for sure. Though I have some questions I may asked. In Steam its shows audio english and german. Did you customize the radio or ai voices into german ? Can we have some info about how many towns or villages we can see on that terrain ?
  10. Yes! I have the same situation with my provider. Need to work it off via support tickets. This is still ongoing and will hopefully find an end tonight. There are a few old files which are not deleted by steam after the last updates. Now the server checks up if you as client have all the files the server has. If there is a difference you will get kicked. So everything what the server is running in vanilla (dlc´s included) has to be also ran by the client. Same for mods (-mod =....) Hope this explains it
  11. Muecke

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Yep, I remember that. But I was not sure anymore. Due to that I rent a server and need to make a ticket I can tell you later if it solve the issue. I think its that the reworked verifysystem now checks correctly. All mods which are running on the server must be same with client ?
  12. Muecke

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    https://imgur.com/a/DhaBy7I Server and client are on 1.90.145456 RPT from server (windows OS) 15:19:14 File 'addons\dubbing_radio_f_data.pbo' not found. 15:19:14 BEServer::finishDestroyPlayer(415440999): users.get failed
  13. Muecke


    Something like Unitswitch in crCTI Proman or crCTI KBedition. While alive you can decide anytime to switch into you squadmember. To prevent abuse it costs same as the price for the soldier you are switching into. Facing the fact that you are dead if you are dead this should break your actions in the combat. Bringing along more AI´s just to switch into them can break the mission flow also. This could end up in a respawn orgy and then in a limitation (Time/Money). So I would not recommend to build that into this Warlords mission. Spawning in camps,fast travel are popular for players who loose their tish fast. But it also breaks the missionflow. I think Warlords is fast enough.
  14. crCTI Proman is a "Conquer the island" you can play alone but you will need a server to do so. 12 vs 12 Squads included 2 Commanders. You can be a squadleader or a commander.
  15. Muecke

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    10:33:51 BEServer::finishDestroyPlayer(172164880): users.get failed 10:35:26 BEServer::finishDestroyPlayer(267284864): users.get failed Same here...