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  1. Proman Public crCTI

  2. Nice one phronk! This would also be nice as an addon for servers so every mission would be affected automaticly... Just sayin, and no i wont do it...to old...but i would use it ;)
  3. Yes yes yes... So for the most played gamemode since OFP and for gods sake. We need a tracked vehicle as support or medic for west and east. I dont care how it looks. Make a tracked brick with a red cross on it would be fine.
  4. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Problem on bridges is that if you have more than 1 in the squad they try to keep formation. Vehicles should have diffrent priority for formation...
  5. Buy yourself an AI with high rank and leave it with no order, maybe 1-6 Stop. He will take command after you die and with no order the others should stay in the M4.
  6. Can´t confirm this ! MSKE works like a charm!
  7. Thank you Chairborne, you will be missed here for sure. I hope we see you back after a break. Ciao ragazzo
  8. Does anyone have the server bikey for it ?
  9. Yes just saw this, right works. My interest is to rework old dialogs and make them more funky. Do you plan to make it able to load in hpp files in future ?
  10. I need to wait for next release cause of the java thing. Cant wait to try this... great idea keep it up
  11. Hi, you can check our mission. It has music playing depending on situation. Its playing clientside and yes its complicated. Every Basebuilding has its own sounds. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=697756742 I have 2 scipts running in it for music.
  12. I also noticed that say3D doesnt work as before anyhow. Sounds will be played very quiet in a tiny range. What is the maximum volume and range btw ?
  13. GF Headshot + Killfeed Script

    No its implemented in my CTI mission. Got this error in my rpt after a match on dedicated server. Our server does not write rpt logs so I cant tell if the error will show up there. I have a InitPublicVariables.sqf in my mission and have now added HEADSHOT = []; in it. Seems to do the trick.