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  1. Muecke

    OFP Addon request thread

    You got me wrong. I would like to hear OFP Chatter in ArmA3, not avoid anything. 😉
  2. Muecke

    OFP Addon request thread

    I wish someone would bring those radiochatter from ofp to ArmA3 as a mod! 😁
  3. Muecke

    OFP Addon request thread

    http://kondor.armagame.pl/ofp_servers.html <---just look here, some server have adresses in their names. Check email at the bottom. Kondor is a friend of me from the old days. Write him and ask him for a link. He was running the CTITC website which seems to be down. Just tell him i sent you. WW2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mkUTkfb57YyidfJzP2e_YpOLn6PjV3v6/view Also check this https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11YKDKvA1nkXMXJnropN5aKwu81fUe00c
  4. /*
    file: VEH_fnc_xehInit.sqf
    by DaVidoSS
    add possibility to automatically turn back vehicle on wheels once flipped
    to event take place vehicle needs to be side/up flipped and empty and no units in 10m around
    created for Barbolani's Antistasi
    0: OBJECT
    return VOID
    params [["_vehicle",objNull,[objNull]]];
    if (!isServer) exitWith {};
    if (!((getNumber (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _vehicle >> "hasDriver")) isEqualTo 1)) exitWith {};
    _vehicle addEventHandler ["GetOut", {
    	private _vehicle = param [0, objNull, [objNull]];
    	if !((crew _vehicle) isEqualTo []) exitWith {}; //skip if anyone still in veh
    	(_vehicle call BIS_fnc_getPitchBank) params ["_vx","_vy"];
    	if (([_vx,_vy] findIf {_x > 80 || _x < -80}) != -1) then {	
    		0 = [_vehicle] spawn {
    			private _vehicle = param [0, objNull, [objNull]];
    			waitUntil {(_vehicle nearEntities ["Man", 10]) isEqualTo [] || !alive _vehicle};
    			if (!alive _vehicle) exitWith {};
    			_vehicle allowDamage false;
    			_vehicle setVectorUp [0,0,1];
    			_vehicle setPosATL [(getPosATL _vehicle) select 0, (getPosATL _vehicle) select 1, 0];
    			_vehicle allowDamage true;

    Hi Davidoss, I saw your post where you showed your script about unflipping vehicles.

    I found this very cool as should be very usefull. I just wanted to ask if you would show me how to change it so that it doesnt matter if a crew is inside or not.

    Because in my missione the AI will not use vehicles anymore when they left them. If vehicles are on roof the ai just stays inside and after a while they go by foot.





    1. davidoss


      Unfortunately leave vehicle is the main event handler here which  fires the code.

      Its because of hold performance.

      You can use loop which will check vehicle pitch and bank all the time but is just somet5hing what will heavy load the game with some count of vehicles

  5. Muecke

    Overview problems

    If you want this to be shown on server, that doesnt work for me too. If i call the picture from a mod it works for the server. overviewPicture = "Modname\Foldername\logo.paa";
  6. https://imgur.com/a/ky28oCi Just wanted to tell that in Cup CWA on Nogova one town is named wrong. Its Nevlekov afaik not Neveklov.
  7. Hi, congrats on the last updates. Awesome enhancement ! I have both mods running serversidely and the rpt writes this very often. Maybe already known but I just post it for any case.
  8. Muecke

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Now this sounds by far more mature than your posts before. Apology accepted. ;) By 10vs10 you mean 20 human player or every slot with AI ? Because mission will write errors if you disable slots in the lobby, must be 12vs12 always. I did not much about performance, most work was done by Kastenbier and BI for better performance. Iam not a scripter just a player. :D Like CAWA said it depends mostly to the parameters or what terrain you play. For example the new chernarus summer has bigger frame impact than altis. I understand what you mean, you want to be fast back to the front. Long trips are hard and some ppl wont afford playtime for that. There is no problem to let an AI pilot take you where ever you want. Other thing in Proman is Unitswitch: you spawn into one of your squadmember with your actual gear but he will die and you will pay his deathpenalty ( call it soultravel maybe :) ). Means if you have a groupsize of 6 you can respawn 5 times somewhere out of bases. We never play with this parameter enabled but its possible for those who need something like this. And its less cheating in my eyes cause you had a unit already there where you want to go so not much magic happend here. Yes, that one is needed! Yes, this happens sometimes and needs an overhaul.
  9. Muecke

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    @SF_andy It makes no sense to compare two diffrent missions. Also this thread is BECTI and not whats the better mission. But as there is mentioned crCTI here I would throw my 2 cents in the room. Cause I found some of the statements hardly wrong and not true. Kind of guessing the taste of a food which never been eaten. There does not exist a mission called this afaik. Can you please explain this ? What does the AI commander do to be so far away from the crCTI one ? Can you say a number of AI running in UWRE? Or better can you say a number of AI running in crCTI Proman ? This is complety phantasy. Do you realy think the AI drives hours to get to a town ? Half true. The AI commander sends Trucks/Helo´s to captured towns something like 1.5km away from it. Many get killed or shot down yes. Thats because Resistance is fighting back as good as they can. But this loss is only for Infantry. There are Squads with vehicles which move to the front by them self. So how does the transport of units work in UWRE? Do they spawn on parachutes above sectors ? This happens from time to time but happend to me maybe once in the whole last year. Just happens if you #restart or do #reassign often. Sever issue...only WOW gamer dont know that ;) See thats taste. I dont like to much parameters. I think 60% are not necessary at all and just brakes the start. I like the gear menu in BECTI its nicely done and looks much better than in crCTI but to me its more important how fast i can rearm and how much I got sucked out of the situation iam in atm. Also to say crCTI has potential is kind of escapist. I play crCTI 16+years now, and not only I do. It has payed back his potential a billion times since then. Saying a mission is not bad but then subribing it as crap is not the gentlemen way buddy. Especially when its not true! This tells me that you and others who maybe start playing CTI in ArmA2 dont know much about it. I never said BECTI or Warfare or even Warlords are bad. They are diffrent missions for diffrent taste or variety. What do you think Benny played before he made BECTI ? And who do you think was playing with him for many years ? Anyway I wish you Guys good luck with Ultimate Warfare Rubber Edition to make it work perfect and have many ppl joining your servers. I would like to see this. How does the MHQ being moved ? _Muecke
  10. Muecke

    Arma3 Videos

  11. This is the best for this year and will be very usefull for the next year. Thank you guys so much for your work.
  12. Congrats on the updates and thank you very much for the xmas presents. Awesome teamwork!
  13. Muecke


    Just a quick Feedback. Played yesterday a few hours with friends on RC servers. Mission looks/works cool. Just 2 Points which we dont liked that much. 1.Missed Markers for your side units and yourself. (If Iam in a vehicle I can see myself on map anyway) 2.Transfering CP should be for free. Otherwise good job !
  14. Hey nice idea. Does it work for AI too ?