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  1. Thank you Chairborne, you will be missed here for sure. I hope we see you back after a break. Ciao ragazzo
  2. Does anyone have the server bikey for it ?
  3. Yes just saw this, right works. My interest is to rework old dialogs and make them more funky. Do you plan to make it able to load in hpp files in future ?
  4. I need to wait for next release cause of the java thing. Cant wait to try this... great idea keep it up
  5. Hi, you can check our mission. It has music playing depending on situation. Its playing clientside and yes its complicated. Every Basebuilding has its own sounds. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=697756742 I have 2 scipts running in it for music.
  6. I also noticed that say3D doesnt work as before anyhow. Sounds will be played very quiet in a tiny range. What is the maximum volume and range btw ?
  7. Headshot + Killfeed Script

    No its implemented in my CTI mission. Got this error in my rpt after a match on dedicated server. Our server does not write rpt logs so I cant tell if the error will show up there. I have a InitPublicVariables.sqf in my mission and have now added HEADSHOT = []; in it. Seems to do the trick.
  8. Headshot + Killfeed Script

    Error in expression < { if (!(isPlayer _x)) then { _x spawn HEADSHOT}; _x setVariable ["added_EV2",> Error position: <HEADSHOT}; _x setVariable ["added_EV2",> Error Nicht definierte Variable in Ausdruck: headshot Getting this error in rpt. variable headshot not defined. Says its in \Headshot_GF.sqf, line 92
  9. Proman Public crCTI

    Server fps 20 is good, we play with 15 fps sometimes. There are many many scripts running in the background and every ai is getting orders all the time. If the fps is getting under 10 the mission will reduce the viewdistance until the server has restored the fps. Also you can use headlessclients too. At the end all these things are workarounds to the arma engineproblems. ArmA cant handle the memory somehow. You will need to restart the game and reconect to the server. Fps is good then.
  10. Custom Deathscreen Script

    Sadly this has not the attention it deserves. I like the idea much but it has one minus for me. After a while it gets a bit used off as its allways the same picture. If you could add a variation while adding a few pics more and set them as random would be much better as it already is.
  11. Headshot + Killfeed Script

    Hey George, i noticed that also if your AI Squadmembers make a HS it will start your script. Maybe its intended but if not you can consider a change in a possibly update.
  12. Proman Public crCTI

    Folder "Hpp" File "Parameters.hpp"
  13. Headshot + Killfeed Script

    I like it ! Cool idea !
  14. ASR AI 3

    Come on, what kind of motivation is this ? I like that AI is using smoke.