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  1. Warlords

    Just a quick Feedback. Played yesterday a few hours with friends on RC servers. Mission looks/works cool. Just 2 Points which we dont liked that much. 1.Missed Markers for your side units and yourself. (If Iam in a vehicle I can see myself on map anyway) 2.Transfering CP should be for free. Otherwise good job !
  2. Hey nice idea. Does it work for AI too ?
  3. Maybe its already said or reported and I guess many of you know this little AI problem which mostly comes through in large scale missions. If you let an AI spawn into your squad which spawns far away from you they will report targets which are near you and they cant see or hear. But it will also report targets which are visual/hearable for the AI itself. Like a mix of information. This ends in big confusion as you don´t know what this guy is reporting. Also its kind of cheating. AI is designed for a squad which is close together, that doesn´t work well if its divided on the map. Sadly....
  4. Boat not moving

    I guess it has to do with the ranking of the squadmembers. Driver will only move to waypoint if the highest ranked in his squad gives him the order.
  5. Hey nice update today. Just cant get the vanilla arma chatter to work anymore. I did activate it in addon cofiguration. Any idea ? edit: ok found out. I needed to activate it @ server too.
  6. What a great idea! Keep on doing it, this can change alot.
  7. If someone could upload a demomission with included equipment and prices would be helpful. And btw is it possible to divide bluefor and opfor equipment ?
  8. Try sound[] = {"sound\sum41_war.ogg", db+50, 1};
  9. Arma3 Videos

  10. Yes its me Muecke worldwide known
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=697756742 How could you not found this ? :D
  12. Chairborne, this one is only for bluefor right ?
  13. Mounting and dismounting ai loop

    Ye it apears by playing with AI Mods. Squads want to hold a formation and repeats the order. Its frustrating in any way. Also splitted AI Squads report targets even if the they are divided many Km. If Iam alone somewhere on the map my ai squadmember reports targets in my near, targets he cant see/hear. Thats optimized for squads which are close together. But sucks bad if you have vehicles or fight spreaded wide. This needs a complete overhaul.
  14. Proman Public crCTI

  15. Nice one phronk! This would also be nice as an addon for servers so every mission would be affected automaticly... Just sayin, and no i wont do it...to old...but i would use it ;)