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  1. Muecke

    ARMA 3 CTI mode

    If you are new to ArmA3 you should first learn all the new features since OFP. Basically it is almost all same but the AI is much different. Ballistic is also much better than in OFP. And moving was faster in OFP which is a gamechanger in ArmA3. Anyway, check my signature...
  2. Hi, I had a good 3 hours match last night on this Cherna2020 beauty. Its just amazing how its better running than the regular one. I don't think its to sharp or to good, its just great how it is. Only thing I noticed were the woods, they look like they have more space. I could drive through every forest I saw and it's possible to look into it from air vehicles which means it's harder to hide in there. But that's just cosmetic. Playing on it feels awesome with much higher performance. AI vehicles drive much smoother somehow. Excellent work so far!
  3. Muecke

    [Criticism] Arma 3 shouldnt exist?!

    Going back to A2 is like taking back your ex while she had 2 new kids, but you are so in love...
  4. @nkenny Thanks for the update and for sharing this beauty with us. Just FYI the bikey don't work. Maybe because of too many points in the name ? lambs_2.0.0.bikey btw I´am running the steam workshop version cheers
  5. Hi 0Y0 Seems there is something wrong with the signing of the files. I can't join my server it kicks me saying wrong signature for PiR addons. pir.pbo ; pir_anims.pbo ; rd.pbo are not signed... Iam using the 0-0.bikey (11.01.2020 23:18). It is inside my keys folder on my server yes, and I have restarted the server yes. 😉 Client & server are both using the steam workshop version. Would be awesome if you can have a look on it by time. Thanks for sharing your work with us.
  6. Balancing is important for pvp gaming! Vanilla is pretty much balanced and last states or arma2, before arma3 came out, were balanced also. Wasn´t this one of the main aims of kju´s community upgrade porject scripts/configs in arma 2?
  7. Muecke


    Yes, Sir.
  8. Muecke


    That bug is still alive. Tested on last weekend with dedicated server.
  9. Muecke


    CBA, complete cup, enhanced movement, JSRS and no exile or kind of. Units are on stomach side with face in the ground looks like the are frozen. But when you shoot them they jump up in air to fall down dead. Iam running 3 modules in mission.sqm just default stuff but with units rise up after dead. I like it alot.
  10. Muecke


    Oh, I did not make it clear enough. Sorry I meant the killed units fall down and then after transformation they slide around trying to catch other units. But they don´t do the animations anymore, they just surf on the ground. I saw one guy sliding to the next town. Not sure if this helps...
  11. Muecke


    Hey just wanted to leave here what i saw. I noticed many dead bodies don´t transform correct into zeds. They keep laying and grind on the ground. Noticed on Everon (CUP) in MP on dedicated server. btw great mod, its fun. Thanks
  12. I`am a big fan of CUP from the beginning. The last update is amazing though I have bigger problems with the balancing of Bluefor vs Opfor. I had them fighting for more than 3h without having a winner before. Now the Bluefor needs 1h to defeat the Opfor. I let every side fight with almost the whole content. The weapon power of all vehicles of B seems increased. Does anyone else noticed this ?
  13. Thank you guys for your work!
  14. Hi, exactly this happens in every game. But I think its not possible to change. AI goes by waypoints and you will need to kill those. I have a script running in my mission somewhere where a ai pilot checks if there is shooting before land to drop out soldiers. If there is shooting he will drop soldiers in air and get back to base. But he still followed his waypoint just a change in the behaviour. So it would need a break from waypoint and a radiochat to the leader (cant get there). Then observe wp go slow status red and so on. This would fit maybe in some situations but not handy for all gamemodes or every situation. Also maybe a heavy load to script/fix/improve... I guess its a BI Job. 😉
  15. Hey, interesting mod with many customization's. Can we expect a server bikey soon ?