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  1. As if the Tanoa experience was just about the campaing.
  2. I can't believe they didn't even bother to retexture the NATO vehicles... :rolleyes:
  3. The settings are a mix of very high/ultra.
  4. Anyone else found the inside of the jungle to be graphically very underwhelming? It's generally true that stuff which is not directly illuminated by the sun looks not as impressive, but I felt like the game is 10 years older when I enter a jungle and everything lies in shade.
  5. ziiip

    E3 (June 16-19)

    What happened to that moving live camera team from Gamespot?
  6. I just want to stop by and say thank you for your efforts!
  7. ziiip

    X: Rebirth

    I've just looked at the steam page of the game and there seem to be a number of positive reviews saying the game's as good as it should have been at release. Has anyone here gave it another shot these days?
  8. ziiip

    Space genre games

    Thanks for the link.
  9. ziiip

    Name and chat not showing

    I've encountered that on multiple servers/missions. It's a bug. The visibility may change during one session.
  10. ziiip

    Austria closes its ministry of science

    Wow, Austrian intellectuals may have a pita feeling for a while.
  11. ziiip

    Space genre games

    I haven't heard about them, but this one looks pretty and isnt free.
  12. ziiip

    Space genre games

    Have you seen Entropy? http://store.steampowered.com/app/255500/ I was announced a short while back, an MMO space shooter in early access stage. Based on the Steam forums, it's doing well. Here's a gameplay video of it, the players is impressed:
  13. ziiip

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I have tried the new AAF assets and I'm very impressed. ;D
  14. Also, only three Iranian faces is pretty low, they should make some more for them.
  15. ziiip

    Bioshock Infinite

    The game's discounted at 8 GBP on Gamefly right now. http://digital.gamefly.co.uk/?stop_mobi=once&cid=bfp112713#!/promotion/539