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  1. As if the Tanoa experience was just about the campaing.
  2. I can't believe they didn't even bother to retexture the NATO vehicles... :rolleyes:
  3. The settings are a mix of very high/ultra.
  4. Anyone else found the inside of the jungle to be graphically very underwhelming? It's generally true that stuff which is not directly illuminated by the sun looks not as impressive, but I felt like the game is 10 years older when I enter a jungle and everything lies in shade.
  5. ziiip

    E3 (June 16-19)

    What happened to that moving live camera team from Gamespot?
  6. I just want to stop by and say thank you for your efforts!
  7. ziiip

    X: Rebirth

    I've just looked at the steam page of the game and there seem to be a number of positive reviews saying the game's as good as it should have been at release. Has anyone here gave it another shot these days?
  8. ziiip

    Space genre games

    Thanks for the link.
  9. ziiip

    Name and chat not showing

    I've encountered that on multiple servers/missions. It's a bug. The visibility may change during one session.
  10. ziiip

    Austria closes its ministry of science

    Wow, Austrian intellectuals may have a pita feeling for a while.
  11. ziiip

    Space genre games

    I haven't heard about them, but this one looks pretty and isnt free.
  12. ziiip

    Space genre games

    Have you seen Entropy? http://store.steampowered.com/app/255500/ I was announced a short while back, an MMO space shooter in early access stage. Based on the Steam forums, it's doing well. Here's a gameplay video of it, the players is impressed:
  13. ziiip

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I have tried the new AAF assets and I'm very impressed. ;D
  14. Also, only three Iranian faces is pretty low, they should make some more for them.
  15. ziiip

    Bioshock Infinite

    The game's discounted at 8 GBP on Gamefly right now. http://digital.gamefly.co.uk/?stop_mobi=once&cid=bfp112713#!/promotion/539
  16. ziiip

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Hint: the people complain about x are not necessarily the same who complain about y. I personally like the ArmA2 recycled stuff. They look great so why not use them? Besides, the balance between old and new assets is good now.
  17. ziiip

    Need for Speed: Rivals

    Kinda offtopic, but anyone else thinks TB was irritatingly whiny in that video? The point of it, the FPS problem is legit, but he was whining too much about small things before. I couldnt even watch till the end.
  18. ziiip

    PhysX Discussion (dev branch)

    Kinda offtopic, but have you tried thes fluid physix demo? It's really a lot of fun. physxinfo.com/news/7678/physx-3-fluid-simulation-demo-evolves-to-fluid-sandbox/
  19. ziiip

    Battlefield 4

    What are the new features compared to Bf3?
  20. ziiip

    X: Rebirth

    Hopefully they'll fix it by xmas.
  21. Excellent mod, thanks for your work. Btw, I think you should release the stuff thats been completed so far.
  22. ziiip

    X: Rebirth

    I'll wait for the reviews, just to be sure. Edit: based on the feedback on Steam, it's advisable to wait until a few days of patching.
  23. This is a major pita. Is it possible that the devs change the waypoint indexes to remain static? The current system is really bad, because, say, I want to delete a few particular waypoints in my mission if some conditions are met, but the time when those are met varies and I can't possibly know how many waypoints the unit has already passed. Another issue: deleting a waypoint does not affect the synchronisation of waypoints. Say, I have two tanks that are not in the same group. I give them a couple of waypoint, and I synchronise, say, waypoint "A" with waypoint "B". Even if I delete waypoint "A", the tank with waypoint "B" will NOT proceed and wait infinitely! Fix please!
  24. ziiip


    I've just spotted this early access game on Steam called Nether: http://store.steampowered.com/app/247730/ It seems like a pretty good MMO-ish survival FPS, like DayZ. Any thoughts?