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  1. Hi! At first let me say that this amazing mod made me install Arma again. I am still learning how to make missions with it, but everything is very well explained. But today I've encountered strange problem. I wanted to make simple mission with player led RHS Escalation VDV squad to clear town (populated by ALiVE) of enemies represented by BLU_G_F. I used Military AI comander <- Military placement (Civilian objectives) <- CQB module (+ alive required, player options, and virtual AI system). If I chose light infantry composition in military placement I got infinite loading screen. With f. e. motorised composition mission loaded without problems. Same problem occured when I used IND_G_F faction and it occured even when I changed RHS faction to standard OPF_F. Then I loaded arma without RHS mod folder and mission loaded without problems (OPF_F used). After reintroducing RHS modfolder problem occured again (still using OPF_F, no RHS units present). I can upload mission file for recreation purposes if needed. I used only CBA, ALiVE and RHS mods. Thanks for tips and for this amazing mod!
  2. Dear sir, you've made my day! Great quality. Can't wait for release! :bounce3: :bounce3:
  3. Heggendorf

    Czech Air Force addon

    That's great news!
  4. Heggendorf

    Seize zones [Chernarus] (SP)

    Perfect, thank you! Please, update takistan and zargabad versions too.
  5. Really? Please, please do it. I would be like !
  6. Please, please, could some one make addon with CZ 805 Bren. It would be awesome! :bounce3: Manufacturer's web: http://www.czub.cz/en/catalog/86-armed-forces-law-enforcement/OS-AUT/CZ_805_BREN_A1.aspx Videos:
  7. Pure awesomness, can't wait for the release!
  8. Heggendorf

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Just registered to say how much I like this sound mod.