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  1. spooky lynx

    My RC Shilka model

    Old good OFP days:) Was it a full kit or you used separate plastic model and engine with drives? BTW what scale it has?
  2. spooky lynx

    Russia General

    Only one crew member survived, three died (one instantly, two others died in the hospital from injuries).
  3. spooky lynx

    France General

    After several months of sexual abstinence every woman will be like a Miss Universe The same goes to Poland: its wild capitalism like in late 18th - early 19th centuries and corruption does not make western European system socialist. That's just a contrast between the bad and the worst. And all that benefits and support in EU - they aren't constant and may be reduced or even removed. Just because now the government and business may say "Workers in Laos or Bangladesh are ready to work hard just for a couple of cents and a glass of soup, why should we pay you more? Migrants are ready to work for smaller payment because they have to feed their families left in their poor countries, why should we give a job to you instead of them or pay more than them?". And several decades earlier they thought "Damn, the workers in USSR get a descent payment, have payed vacations and other benefits, law protection, we have to introduce something equal too to reduce the socialism popularity here". Feel the difference?
  4. spooky lynx

    France General

    Again you are wrong. It is not socialist but purely capitalist government. The thing is that now capitalism and big business are getting rid of expensive (for it) social benefits for people that had been introduced due to competition with socialist system. Sooner or later all that nice modern things as adequate job payments, payed vacations, 8-hour working day and other company obligations will be reduced. The capitalism without necessity of competition with other system returns to its usual condition. Strange. From what I've checked - prices in Russia are higher because of nightmare customs fees. Models that are cheaper than in EU are usually locally produced and often have reduced list of available engines and options. And the price may be lower because of RUR exchange rate - it is very low to Euro and USD because of our central bank. Oh and don't forget that car here may be a surprise because of poor maintenance and use of cheapest spare parts, oil and shitty fuel. Forget about Dacia - it's a nightmare in case of safety and repairment. For example Dacia Logan, I have them on my work. After about 250K km mileage they become a trash can with everything broken. Hell, the gearbox in my Audi which has 485K km mileage (and I bet it had been reduced several times since its arrival in Russia in 1998, real mileage is 600K+) works 10 times better than in that Logans or Sandero. Pff... If I bring the same Audi I have now from Germany, with the price of the car itself about 2300 EUR I have to pay about 6100 EUR of customs fee. So next car I will buy will be registered in Abhasia. They have fixed 380 EUR customs fee and no taxes. If you take a dedicated car credit while buying new car from dealer - you have 5-11% rate. But your car remains as a bail and you can't sell it until you pay the whole credit. So in case of serious accident you have both debt and a pile of junk that had been your car earlier. And if you want to get usual cash credit - the rate is 19-40%. Such things are not only because of greed of local bankers but also because of higher unreturned credit amounts in our countries than in Germany. Like it or not, but all unreturned credits that are written off are compensated by higher rates.
  5. spooky lynx

    Happy New Year wishes

    Happy new year, comrades. I wish you to leave all the bad in this year and take all good in the next. Peace to you.
  6. spooky lynx

    France General

    So-called lego cars may be distinguished from cars with untouched hulls with ease. They often have wrong geometry, rust or different painting on the welds. Don't know about Poland but here the sellers often honestly tell that the car is a "constructor" and reduce price. Especially it goes to JDM cars. My car had been in accidents some years ago (metal plate under left headlight was touched with the rust - this means it is not original part covered with zync, a putty is visible on some places under the paint). Moreover I had been struck by new Nissan Quashqai in the front left door. This accident resulted in 3 hours of polishing the door of my car and broken front-right headlight, bumper and front-right hull panel and spar of Nissan. Since that time I don't like new cars because it seems that they are made of foil... And after the accident you need to replace the whole element instead of repairing it. And that costs way more.
  7. spooky lynx

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Another victims of Assad's curse...
  8. spooky lynx

    France General

    From what I know socialism in Poland ended in 1990-1991, and shops with used clothes were about a year later, right? So it was already a democracy when you had to buy a used clothes.
  9. spooky lynx

    France General

    I would not agree with you that buying second hand things looks like a slap. For example, "Butan" camo used by Soviet VDV, Naval infantry isn't produced since early 90's. So I had to buy second-hand one. But it's okay because now I have one of the rarest camo suits. The same goes to the car - I just like Audi C4 design most of all, and despite that cars aren't produced since 1997, I bought one. Because all others are just a waste of money for me. I'd rather spend 30-40K euros for tuning and building 900+ hp sleeper than buying some new Audi.
  10. spooky lynx

    France General

    Wise decision. Cars developed and produced until 2000-s will serve you 10-15 years and bring you a little amount of problems. While modern ones will become a trash can after 3-4 years of usage. BTW my car is 26 years old. And it's still a big, comfortable, fast and safe one. You could have all this in capitalist system only when it had to compete with socialist one. Now big business has no reasons to sponsor a 'welfare state' that had been since 50's.
  11. spooky lynx

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    They did not do this until 1991 too. Being combined in rather wealthy country that was among the leading ones in the third world. Intervening in the well-working regime is the worst idea. You can't make people of tribal society live in the united stable country without some elements of dictatorship. Arab society is still based on clan or tribe structure. And you can't form a stable and well-functioning state there with current European methods. They simply don't work there.
  12. spooky lynx

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Sure thing, the large black hole that accomodates hijacked cars from all over Europe and is a save heaven for drug dealers and illegal human limbs traders is a good example. Violation of international laws stating the inviolability of the states' borders is a good example too. You know, Russian authorities point at the Kosovo when someone talks about supporting separatism in Abhasia and Southern Osetia and recognizing them as a sovereign states. Crimean affair is largerly based on Kosovo case too. Well, did the invasion help in Libya in 2011? Maybe Kremlin's propaganda hides something from me, but as far as I know Libya is still a ruined failed state teared apart by civil war, being the constant source of refugees for seven years already. BTW Kosovo may be also an example of failed state unable to survive a couple of years without EU and US donations. Iraq cannot be named a prosperous state too, even 15 years after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime. So I suppose the best solution is not invade but avoid of throwing shit on the fan (supporting different jihadists in case of Syria).
  13. spooky lynx

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Install Syrian civil war mod for ArmA2 (IMHO it's the most accurate) and play against each other.
  14. spooky lynx

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    What you call "good old Europe" had been constructed due to competition with socialist state USSR and socialist system. WIthout such competition capitalist system just returns to its natural condition - late XIX - early XX century. All this strongly resembles a "Wishmaster" movie to me. "We want USSR and socialism to collapse!!! We want the freedom!!!" - "As you wish". So it's not about NWO or someone's mental disorder. It's just a return of usual capitalism that had been modified to withstand its socialist rival.
  15. Unfortunately there's no manual in 2.6 archive that is hosted at Armaholic. Maybe there were some in the earlier versions of mod downloads, but they are not available.