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  1. Although I support the idea that a time spent on addon-making can be revarded with money, I suppose that paid DLC should become not just another addon-pack but a product, with significantly better quality, unit quantity and functionality. And the updates and bug fixes should take less time to wait (not usual ASAP or 'when we'll have time') just because we were transformed from a fellow community members into customers, and customers need better support. But my experience with GM CDLC shows that the result I payed for does not significantly differ from free user-made mod, both in terms of unit quality and content quantity. So I'll think a lot next time before buying (or not) another CDLC.
  2. spooky lynx

    OFP Addon request thread

  3. spooky lynx

    OFP Addon request thread

    Does anybody have a working link for this?
  4. spooky lynx

    OFP Addon request thread

    Here you go. http://ofpr.info.paradoxstudio.uk/9581-tsf-redux-fixed-final-released.html
  5. spooky lynx

    Lets talk about the F-35

    Indeed STOVL airframes has to be different from that with usual takeoff/land. Combining this and the fact that STOVL version isn't even planned to be produced in the same quantities as 'land' or 'carrier'-type a question comes: was it really necessary to make a common airframe for all three types? Does it really save any costs? I suppose it would be much cheaper to engineer two types of airframe (one common for land-based and carrier-based and another for STOVL) with some common elements between them than one airframe suitable for all the types of take-off. Especially when there won't be so much STOVL planes produced.
  6. spooky lynx

    USA General

    The more I look at those 'protesters' - the more they seem to be similar to this guys: https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/video/clip-4312724-1980s---mujahideen-resistance-fighters-afghanistan Some people thought just the same way: "We need to get SovietsTrump out! So let's spark this uprising and help that thugsprotesters." But the result may be the same as with the assistance to that bearded folks in the Afghanistan. Now - in the US directly.
  7. spooky lynx

    USA General

    The more I look at this situation in US - the more I think: what the **** is going on??? What the **** is it? How it could happen that almost a half of the country got insane? Just in a few days. Really this year does not stop surprising me.
  8. I second this. The same goes to such vehicle as PT-76. Although it has a thin armor, the large inner space decreases effect both from HEAT charges and AP projectiles. Yes you can easily penetrate such vehicle but you have to hit it only to few zones directly. Otherwise it would have only a hole in the armor and ammo storage or fuel tanks left intact. Also from what I've read from articles about tank warfare in Chechnya the old T-62 appeared to have more chance to survive because of larger interior and less chance for HEAT projectile to damage anything inside the vehicle.
  9. It should be a lucky shot to disable a BMP. Even manned by such dumb crew like Iraqi one😃 Despite the small values of armor of the BMP it's not so easy to hit and disable it with small-caliber projectiles. The guaranteed hit may be only with the static vehicle stationed at the 90 deg. to the shooter. In other cases ricochetes may occur very often. Also don't forget about rather small zones to hit. That's why the most effective projectile to disable such vehicle (and most popular) is HEAT one, not small-caliber KE. Yes, there were some cases during ODS, but let's be honest: many of such stories happened with the already abandoned vehicles. Hitting a BMP that may easily make a move and shoot back to you together with its fellow infantry with anti-material rifle is... an act of heroism and a very good luck, I'd say. The same goes to small caliber auto-cannon.
  10. That's a necessary way to override the ArmA engine limitations. There's no proper damage system like Warthunder's one, for example. So you still have to rely on the hitpoints mostly. Kinetic munitions have to hit directly ammo or fuel/oil/hydraulic fluid tank/pipe to produce a damage and set a vehicle ablaze or produce a significant amount of armor splinters inside the vehicle. But all this is impossible in the ArmA engine due to lack of such modules in the vehicle's model.
  11. spooky lynx

    European Politics Thread.

    As far as I know it's all about the moral barriers rather than scientific or technical ones. Just like with the human cloning. Coding a genome is some kind of eugenics, not a welcomed thing nowdays.
  12. spooky lynx

    OFP Addon request thread

    Greeting. Does anybody know if there was any addon of C-47/DC-3 painted in SEA-style (like that of AC-47) or any other post-WW2 camo? Something like this:
  13. spooky lynx

    Russia General

    Didn't even watch his cool stories. Waste of time.
  14. Maybe not even T-55AM version but an earlier one. Such as this: Damn, they look like a coffins...
  15. Wasn't it an engineer version with PW-LWD and mine plow?