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  1. GoOB

    [SP] For The Life Of A Friend

    One of the best, most original missions I have had the pleasure of playing through. Looking forward to seeing more from you, and preferably with our hero from this mission involved.
  2. This campaign is actually one of the reasons I just bought ARMA2:CO for a second time off of Sprocket (had lost my discs in a move), and I am looking forward to playing it greatly. Are the soldiers in your squad persistant, like in Resistance? I.E they gain skill and you can collect equipment for them as you go along? If so, this is even cooler, makes me wish for a Jagged Alliance type campaign for ARMA 2.
  3. Sorry about that, I am not expecting things to run at flash speeds with the configuration I have, I am hoping to pull off medium settings across the range, some on low naturally. The main thing I am after is being able to have a decent viewdistance, but not expecting to get over 4-5k. The issue I had in the past was mainly LOD's switching too slowly and textures popping in especially when lots of things were happening at the same time, like in the opening missions in the OA campaign. My specs, somewhat upgraded from when last I had it to play OA, upgrades mainly geared towards running ARC GIS and other software critical to my studies better. The older components that I had when I played ARMA 2 last are in parentheses. AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition - 3.4 ghz (older, AMD Phenom II X3 at 2.8 ghz stock and 3.1 overclocked) 12 gigabytes of DDR3 RAM (older, 8 gigabytes of DDR3 RAM) ATI 4870x2 Corsair SSD 60 gb (not sure if I'll be able to fit ARMA2 on this one, got so many assets for ARC GIS on it at the moment that I still want to fiddle with) Two Western Digital Caviar Blue 500 gb harddrives Windows 7
  4. So guys, I just got my gaming computer up and running after having lived in an apartment where I couldn't really fit it for a year or so. I haven't played ARMA 2 in a while and I'm excited to get it started, but I've lost my discs! So before I buy ARMA 2 CO off of Sprocket to get testing all the cool new mods... Has performance optimization improved any further since OA's release?
  5. Both shots taken with a Rolleiflex SL66 and Planar 80mm HFT lens @ f/4 the film: Kodak Portra 400 VC. BRUTAL compression on the last one though, brutal... The 100kb limit is indeed a bit archaic... Who is on 56k these days?
  6. GoOB

    US cable TV bleeds subscribers as online grows

    So Discovery is a qualitative channel? Bullshit, it airs much of the same tripe as all the other channels albeit with a scientific pretence. And the role of the media is not to educate people or to make them think (unless we are talking about public service) it is to entertain them, and it's been that way more or less since the dawn of commercial entertainment media. The fact that some people are entertained by documentaries is seen in the fact that there are several pay channels that air nothing but documentaries, but again, the majority of people do not want documentaries... They want Let's Dance and Survivor. This fact does not make the people who want to watch Survior stupid in in any way. I don't agree with your blanket statement that most people are idiots. Nor do I think that television programming makes people stupid, nor do I agree that reading a classic novel in any way makes you better than anyone else, anyone (who is not analphabetic) can read The Iliad or Dantes' Divine Comedy, it's just that not everyone wants to. And calling people idiots or cretins for watching Let's Dance is hardly the way to lead more people to pursue the finer forms of culture. In fact, it just rather makes people think that everyone who reads, watches art films or enjoys a few paintings now and then is a complete twat. Which to be quite frank, seems to be more correct than the statement that people who watch TV are idiots. If anything, it is the concept of "cultural elitism" that has made serious literature, art and what have you less popular and less of a matter for the people.
  7. GoOB

    US cable TV bleeds subscribers as online grows

    Wow, I'd never thought I'd see so many people express their (perceived) cultural superiority on a PC game forum. I don't understand the constant need that people who don't watch "low quality TV" have to call the people that do watch "low quality TV" dumb, lazy or whatever other derogatory term they can think up. Humans have always and will always look for simple, easily digestible entertainment, some more so than others. In the good old days people read crappy novels (some of these "crappy novels" were written by authors who we today hold in very high regard, like Monsieur Balzac) or watched some contortionist or circus act to escape from the dreary every day life. Today people watch Let's Dance, Biggest Loser, Big Brother or Survivor... Some even waste their precious time critiquing other peoples entertainment habits on the Internet! I don't watch very large amounts of TV, I usually pick out what's good and watch it on the internet services many channels provide today. But every now and then I get home from a boring lecture and watch whatever tripe that is on, sometimes I do not enjoy it, at times I do. My point here is that people entertain themselves in many different ways, not everyone wants to sit down and watch a documentary about some obscure scientific discovery or read Jean Paul Sartres autobiography after a hard day of work. They want something to take their mind off of things. The fact that you read Crime and punishment or La Comédie humaine instead of watching Survivor on fridays does not in any way make you superior or more cultured than any "TV viewing slob" out there. In fact, when I read people professing the fact that they absolutely don't watch TV and think it is below them to do so, my spontaneous reaction is that they are perusing whatever other "higher" cultural utterance for all the wrong reasons.
  8. The only good part about this game was the scene at the end of the credits where we see a few famous world leaders discussing something only to be rudely interrupted by zombies.
  9. GoOB

    New Medal of Honor game trailer

    It doesn't piss me off, but it does confuse me - A lot of the time the games are shipped internationally on the same date, but released on different dates. My friend who works in a games store here in Sweden that shall remain unnamed tells me about this all the time, at times they get stock of games a few days before their US release, but have to hold the sales for a week or so until the EU release. It really makes no sense at all.
  10. GoOB

    Picdrop.net anyone?

    Uploaded via PicDrop I love it! Great idea, and excellent execution. And for your first site? Ambitious is somewhat of an understatement. The only criticism I have is in regards to the visual design of the site - Perhaps a lighter blue would be suitable for the background, and as mentioned before the logo has a bit much going on at the same time. The incorporation of the drop in the logo is however really good, I just feel the site design would benefit from the same application of the KISS-principle that the means of uploading files do. Looking forward to using your site, and seeing it develop. Once again, great work!
  11. GoOB

    New Medal of Honor game trailer

    My friend got the game yesterday from work - He started playing at 8, finished at eleven thirty - He swung by my place at two o'clock, I started playing at three... And I am already finished with the game. The one redeeming quality of both MW1 and MW2 were the quick, but at least somewhat enjoyable campaigns. MOH, though starting out somewhat promising, turns out to be a complete disappointment in this regard. It feels rushed, unpolished, derivative and generally somewhat bland. I applaud the developers for sticking to a realistic, somewhat believable story, but there is no dramaturgy in this game at all. No background information for the part of the operation that you are undertaking, it just rushes from one segment to the next. A rushed game, and that is really too bad - These developers had all the potential to outperform the two most recent CoD games, and at the beginning of the campaign I really thought they had done it... But alas, these are four hours of my time I will never get back.
  12. GoOB

    New Medal of Honor game trailer

    Doesn't it look just a wee bit dated graphically as well? It might just be the resolution and frame-rate of the video, but on a few occasions animations look somewhat jittery and some models look a bit blocky... It really must be the video, mustn't it?
  13. I haven't dismissed the history between BIS and Codemasters... I just think it's time to move on - That doesn't mean that I expect people to start buying Codemasters games or praising them on this forum... It just means I had thought we'd be over rehashing the fact that they made a travesty of the OFP name and that they cheat people, that their forums are full of twelve year old kids and so on and so forth. You're the one who claimed that "defending Codemasters" on this forum felt "awkward" or "perverse" - I simply stated that I find bashing Codemasters habitually similarly awkward, or really, unbecoming of this mostly mature community. I understand that people do not appreciate the business practices Codemeasters have come to embody or the games they produce, but why the need to constantly bring it up? There are two gargantuan 4000 post threads dedicated to more or less immature comments on a game, and a company that none of us appreciate. This I find awkward, and indeed unbecoming of the community, at least as I see it. But look at me, here I am, pouring gasoline on the embers of a thread similar to those I wince at.
  14. Oh I do, and I am not saying threads like these tick all the boxes - Far from it, perhaps. There's just a very irrational need on these forums to cling on to Codemasters and their failures. Rehashing the same arguments over and over. I too was pissed that they drudged the OFP name through the dust, but when threads related to Codemasters continue to be popular, in one instance, more popular than a whole lot of other threads... Well, eh - As said, it's awkward, at least to me.
  15. The same can be said of the fact that Codemasters and their dealings are so popular to discuss here - But I guess fanboyism is cool, as long as you're on the right side :)