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  1. On_Sabbatical

    Basic Income, a new human right

    I don't like to agree with PuFu ,but this is completely stupid (anyway ,all those who signed the human right sheet were a bunch of naive guys). Give this to people and they will start proliferating like aunts ... well at least , aunts work hard :D
  2. On_Sabbatical

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    I think that people governing us,don't give a banana about people dying or not !
  3. On_Sabbatical

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Actually guys,we're complicating the subject too much :D Wars and crisis in general are huge money makers for : weaponery companies ,medias and in US, fast food ! - Military companies need to sell their guns to governements and take tax payers money! - Joe must be sitting infront of his TV when CNN and AlJazeera are broadcasting their ads,they should not lose him, and crisis are highly demanded products by the masses addicted to violence and hatred promoted and fomented by medias themselves! (religious conflicts,pseudo politics etc ...). - Hollywood is going to produce more movies about the syrian war,and even prepare the audience to the next conflict by injecting new ideas in them ! It's all about keeping the machine turning,it's all about the powerful exploiting the weak to create profit ... it has been this way for ages (imperialism,colonialism ,enslaving ) ,it's just giving itself some new shape to adapt to the era to keep its legitimity (otherwise,chaos will spread).It's about transforming syrian flesh into green papers,it's about keeping the average Joe in the lowest level of the Maslow Pyramid :D It may not please to everyone,but this is my small truth and it helps me a lot understanding things :D
  4. On_Sabbatical

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Russian will just let the regime face its destiny,they did this before ! and it's goign to happen again !
  5. On_Sabbatical

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Assad lost the mediatic war ! and this is for sure ... When you insist on using CW after being warned by the most powerful country in the world ,then ,either you are an ally to those warning you against doing so (but this is a bit frenetic but still possible) or,you have some suicidary spirit knowing that your army uses oil barrels to bomb ( in this case,bombing israel can be an option too) ... or,and most likely, you were not the one who used chemical weapons,but you don't have enough mediatic power to counter the media armies like CNN and aljazeera !
  6. On_Sabbatical

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Finally, some logical words in this thread ...
  7. On_Sabbatical

    Altis - Info & Discussion

    Good job arma makers,a bit too african for me ,but still beautiful a very well suited to warfare,pvp fights in Kavala are going to be really funny ... too tired to look for bugs today :)
  8. Hello, I hope you guys are looking into this seriously : https://dev-heaven.net/issues/27001 Our server is suffering so hard from this,we get this issue in most of the games !
  9. On_Sabbatical

    Any gamescom footage?

    The funny thing is that people still believe that there will some huge change coming with the final :D I can grant you,that the footage you're looking for is in your steam library :P,maybe with new vehicles models !
  10. On_Sabbatical

    Arma 3 Jet question

    Euuuh,since when ? even though arma still poor also when it comes to infantry (but that's another topic) @LairenyX No,arma is still light-years away from what any flying simulator does !
  11. On_Sabbatical

    Warfare BE

    @Beagle I agree with you that the main problem of warfare BE that benny can fix is the respawn system ... but,most of what you said above is related to the major problems of arma in general,the gameplay mechanism are very poor and allow lone wolfing in most of the cases !
  12. On_Sabbatical

    Arma 3 Benny CTI : How Arma is meant to be played

    You would need a 1000 slots servers to reproduce the same effect ! but ,still, you can change parameters to make it 100 % PVP,but agin you will need a lot of players !
  13. On_Sabbatical

    Game Developer Harassement Article

    I would even call it terrorism ...
  14. Man,thanks for making this thread ! I will add also,we badly need some real network monitoring tool,to allow to evaluate missions' requirements and tune the server's network settings to it !
  15. On_Sabbatical

    Anyone else concerned about ARMA 3 launch September?

    Seriously guys ... alpha,beta or final mean nothing in the world of BI ... i will stick to A2 until A3 becomes playable ! so i really don't worry about that,it has been the tradition for all the previous titles (this is the last time i buy a game before final release ^^)