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Found 29 results

  1. Hello guys, I am VERY new to servers but have some experience building PCs. Just wondering if I could just get an old tray server from eBay and stick an OS on it to run a dedicated server from. The server would be for co-op missions (PvE with AI) for up to around 32 players. I've been looking at an old Dell PowerEdge R710 server with 2 x Intel Xeon X5680s, 2 x 300GB SAS HDDs, 12 x 4GB DDR3 1600MHz memory cards. Would the old machine be enough or am I missing something? Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. This mod gives you the ability to place static objects in any mission -Added short animations Requires ACE RHSUSAF and RHSAFRF are needed for some objects - To use, open Ace Self interaction Menus and select Build Menu, select an option and from there use the action menu to start placement. **Must Have an ACE Entrenching Tool in your inventory** **Go to MISC>AMMO CRATE this does not require an Entrenching tool but contains some, place an ammocrate, and grab one to START. - Placing a FOB and selecting "Toggle map marker" at the flag will create a respawn point, if respawn is enabled in the mission settings. You can hit toggle again for a different phonetic name. - The repair station after selecting "Toggle map marker", will engage when your are driving a vehicle in its area of influence, fully rearming and repairing after a moment. - They a.i. is able to use all the emplacements, so you can have them man your Mortars/Artillery/HMG/AA. *** You can delete a placed object by looking at it and selecting "delete object" *** *** You can remove error actions by selecting "RemoveAllActions" *** List of Current Objects: FOB , Repair Station , Hesco barriers , Sandbags Ammobox with Arsenal , Bunker , Razorwire Mortar , HMG¹ , AA¹ , AT² , and Artillery² emplacments Traffic stop: Gates, Cones, barriers and More ... ¹Requires RHSUSAF http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843577117 ²Requires RHSAFRF http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843425103 ADDED ability for Servers /Missions to disable all or partial functions. Take a look at the read me for this code. I will make a separate post about this. Known Issues: Only some objects can be placed above ground (In buildings/roofs), small things like the HMG, AT, Single Hesco and Sandbags are fine. If you have any issues with actions go to delete object in the build menu and select "RemoveAllActions" to clear errors. **** To use the FOB and Repair Station you will need to select "Toggle map marker" action . It is located right at the flag(must be within 2m) They must be toggled before they function, and they must be removed via addaction at front. Only the player who placed them has access to the actions. This is my first script addon, made for a mission I developed in Arma 3's alpha days and after years I decided to update and release, It is a real nice addition to Arma 3, as it will work flawlessly with most missions. This mod is not realistic, it adds a fun aspect to change your surroundings or to build fortifications on the fly during a mission / firefight. Credits and thanks go to Xeno for his Vehicle Rearm Script that is in my addon. thanks to the Ace mod team and Bohemia Interactive, and of course everyone who ever posted a lesson on scripting Download link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/8n7jm8lbzq0ibdt/%40justbuildV0.98.rar?dl=0 Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1162098941
  3. Hi, is there any chance or way to activate Arma3Legacy166? Apparently it's not available anymore after releasing 1.70. It was very surprising for our community and now our schedule is facing some nasty issues. Mods, you know ;-) Was it announced somehow? Because then we missed it completely and we just need to pay attention more.
  4. build 1.63.130810 has just been released on Steam in Beta branch for Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead Engine: Data: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?191811 note: this is newer than released 'stable' 1.63 ! warning: as data differs to stable 1.63 it might cause issues on some servers / mods - please tell mission authors/mod creators/server owners to work on support new data before it become new stable
  5. In modules, I'm trying to use Set Position/Rotation, however the module will not let me change "Rotation" from Yes to No for some reason. I have all the objects pointed in their own directions and I was wondering if there was a reason why this module won't let me change it to not force rotation. http://i.imgur.com/xFPFEnR.jpg (147 kB)
  6. build 125402 has just been released on Steam in Beta branch. this is newer than today released 'stable' 1.63 !
  7. This thread will serve to keep an update on when new version of the development branch are released, detailing their changes. Version 0.8.0205: 17th September 2013: - Changed Timer Event to support infinite repetitions - Added more rocks and details to Deimos 16th September 2013: - Added list selection/removal of instruments when editing Analyze targes - Added indication of budget increase for science target and mission completion - Added WIP Mission generator 15th September 2013: - Added scenario Asteroid E5651 for the Zero-G Probe in the Asteroid Belt location - Added On Scenario Start type Trigger - Added Reset button for Trigger properties in the Editor - Added Space sky preset - Added 2 more spawn options for objects to the Editor - Completed Gravity Vector Align for Zero-G Probe - Fixed Scenario image not reloading when new image created - Fixed minor issue of scenario menu being open over object spawn menu - Fixed minor issue of Script Event being callable only after reload in Editor - Fixed issue related to thrusters on the Zero-G Probe being inverted after load 14th September 2013: - Added robotic arms to Zero-G Probe - Added 2 presets for the Zero-G Probe - Completed controls for the Zero-G Probe 13th September 2013: - Added asteroid generator script to Asteroid Generator scenario - Added more rocks to Deimos - Improved addons system loading - Fixed serialization of Timer Event 12th September 2013: - Added Scenario properties menu, where date, time, description can be defined - Added button to take current render and save it to the currently opened scenario - Added dynamic asteroids to spawnable Dynamic Objects - Added Unassign Mission to vehicles and the map - Added/Adjusted preview and logout images for vehicles in the map - Added info to mission targets in map (such as zone number, required instruments, etc) 0000208 - Added type to instrument list in vehicle details in map - Added correct preview pictures of each vehicle type (in the map) - Added support for position and angle offsets to vehicles displayed in the Rover Lab - Added restart dialog when an addon has been downloaded and loaded - Allowed re-assigning of vehicles to other missions even if their's is incomplete - Increased max vehicle name length to 22 characters 0000063 - Improved appearance of the Rover Lab - Improved addon packing/unpacking system 11th September 2013: - Added Asteroid Belt location - Added Zero-G Probe WIP controls - Added rocks to Deimos 10th September 2013: - Improved Skip Time duration selection list (now drop-down) 0000032 - Improved gamepad support in Mission Control - Fixed bug where after analyzing the orange frame and visible zone would stay - Fixed bug where the +/- zoom buttons would sometimes show for cameras without zoom 0000295 - Fixed bug where CTR or LOG tabs (if open) were empty upon logging into the vehicle 0000092 - Fixed bug where Arcade style GUI was not persistent with the option setting 0000094 - Fixed bug where using Test Vehicle spawned it beneath the location 0000314 9th September 2013: - Fixed globe zoom issue in the main menu - Fixed shadow issue of Crater models on Deimos - Improved shadowing by sun on Deimos 6th September 2013: - Added the external Workbench editing suite - Added instrument info (power generation, range, etc) - Updated instrument descriptions in the Rover Lab 4th September 2013: - Added instrument descriptions to the Rover Lab (no longer WIP) - Increased resolution scale of Terrain Imager cameras 3rd September 2013: - Added support for custom content via addons, including locations, vehicles and so on - Added night time lighting to the Mars Yard - Removed several obsolete files 2nd September 2013: - Added WIP Deimos location - Added WIP Zero-G Probe 30th August 2013: - Fixed science target in Victoria Crater mission ref. 5540 0000300 - Fixed APXS bounding box in mission Ancient River Bed 0000288 - Adjusted the science target priorities and task order in Kaiser Crater mission ref. 6983 29th August 2013: - Fixed gripping to floor while trying to thrust in Lander - Fixed EAS flashing READY while in use 28th August 2013: - Added Flight Mode activation for Landers, enabling the player to move a landed Lander - Adjusted analyze target in Victoria Crater mission ref. 1967 0000270 26th August 2013: - Added more rocks to Victoria Crater 23rd August 2013: - Fixed analyze target in Victoria Crater mission ref. 5871 0000286 - Adjusted analyze target in Victoria Crater mission ref. 6275 0000285 - Added more rocks to Victoria Crater 22nd August 2013: - Fixed photo target in Kaiser Crater mission ref. 2824 0000281 - Victoria Crater campaign adjusted - New mission added to Victoria Crater campaign - Added more stones on Victoria Crater map 21st August 2013: - Fixed noticeable texture repeating on Kaiser Crater dark dune, adjusted corresponding mission 0000069 20th August 2013: - Added 4 large Tech 9+ side mission to Kaiser Crater campaign 19th August 2013: - Added more stones to Victoria Crater - Added Picture-In-Picture update rate setting to options menu - Increased thruster strength for small lander - Increased max vehicles per location from 32 to 64 - Increased max locations from 128 to 256 - Removed old part failure system - Fixed snap-to-place free-fly cam issue when leaving a vehicle - Fixed Picture-In-Picture camera 1 not disabling when broken - Fixed Picture-In-Picture resolutions not being scaled by camera type - Fixed noise-grain effect related out-of-memory freeze on very low-end systems - Fixed APXS science target in Kaiser Crater side mission 6983 0000225 - Fixed analyze targets in Vicotria Crater mission ref. 7123 0000221 - Fixed floating stones in Victoria Crater 17th August 2013: - Fixed E3 Gale Crater scenario problem where the Sky Crane had no fuel 16th August 2013: - Added limited fuel to landing systems (Lander thrusters, Retro Stage thrusters, Sky Crane thrusters) 0000046 - Added fuel tank level indicators to the landing HUD - Added indication of emergency landing mode to landing HUD - Added hint to Gravon overlay for its menu (P) - Fixed Invert Vertical Axis toggle in options menu 0000172 - Fixed issue where HUD grid showed up in 3rd person view during landing - Fixed APXS and Drill targets in Large rover mission on Victoria Crater 0000227 - Fixed APXS target in mission Group of impact craters on Victoria Crater 0000253 - Fixed APXS target in mission Two impact craters on Victoria Crater 0000018 - Fixed Drill target in mission Three depressions on Gale Crater 0000244 - Fixed photo target in Kaiser Crater mission 3, Dark Dunes 06 0000266 - Changed default thrust button to left shift 15th August 2013: - Added uploading of photos to Steam via the vehicle's photo viewer on the map - Reduced opacity of landing HUD grid - Removed HUD modes from the Radial Menu (to be used for dynamic actions) 14th August 2013: - Added manual landing of vehicles (Landers and Rovers) 0000070 - Added T5 Small rover - Adjusted descent cam rotation by 90 degrees - Adjusted landers thrusters to keep straight while thrusting - Adjusted priorities etc in several Kaiser Crater missions 13th August 2013: - Fixed DAN science target in mission 4681 0000248 - Fixed Floating rocks near Kaiser Crater 0000250 - Fixed floating/clipped rock near ancient river in Kaiser Crater 0000243 - Fixed floating rock in Kaiser Crater map 0000140 12th August 2013: - Added map zoom to cursor instead of center 0000050 - Fixed non-scanable rocks in Kaiser Crater misson 5044 0000213 - Fixed photograph rock bug in Kraiser Crater plateu 0000214 - Fixed photo targets in 2nd mission on Kaiser Crater - Adjusted cameras on T5 Large lander (NAV cam replaced by TELE) - Optimized calling of sky preset change 9th August 2013: - Added WIP landing HUD to Landers, currently not fully functional - Added more rocks to Victoria Crater - Removed noise in 3rd person cam, even if no cams are present - Fixed Gale Crater Impact Crater mission photo targets 0000198 - Fixed issue where turning off GUI elements did not work for landing HUD - Fixed Landers not switching between landing and ground HUD 8th August 2013: - Added versioning/synching of objects such as static objects to allow addition of more objects to locations - Added clearing of duplicate ID objects, such as rocks and static objects - Added more rocks to Victoria Crater - Increased range for APXS slightly, making it easier to reach targets - Reduced random part failure to make landings less error-prone - Fixed an analyze target in Kaiser Crater not being completable - Fixed duplicate IDs on 2 science targets in Kaiser, causing hell - Fixed several side missions where the material was set to STONE, not ATMOSPHERE - Fixed problem with Gravon not being unpacked on the Steam build, causing a crash 0000143 7th August 2013: - Added versioning/synching of Space Program Science Targets to allow addition of more missions to locations - Added more small side missions to Victoria Crater - Fixed the further issues with Gravon - Fixed the issues with the photo targets in Kaiser Crater 0000087 - Fixed several levitating rocks in Victoria Crater - Changed one of the scientists in the lab to be kneeling 6th August 2013: - Added TextListboxWidget functionality to script to edit contents of each column using SetItem() - Added Feedback Tracker ID to issues in the Change Log - Added more people to the Mission Control room - Added scientists in white overalls to the Rover Lab - Added several small side missions to Victoria Crater - Fixed the issue where the variable Hotspot_CurHi could go below 0, causing a crash - Fixed the issue where airbags deflated while still bouncing, damaging the rover 0000138 - Fixed the physics detail issue where small or medium rovers would not land 0000035 - Fixed the issue where switching from Space Program to Editor left you with a static camera 0000009 - Fixed a crash in the CTR tab when pressing SELECT and no items were present 0000016 - Fixed the terrain not meeting up with the rock walls in Gale Crater 0000023 - Fixed several levitating rocks in Gale Crater - Optimized several shaders 5th August 2013: - Added the Change Log viewer to the main menu - Added 'Never freeze on alt+tab' launch parameter to Steam - Fixed an issue with the Night Owl achievement, where an Editor-spawned vehicle could not complete it - Fixed several issues with the Gravon arcade console - Fixed the issue where the low resolution camera effect was carried over to the main menu 0000019 - Fixed an issue with the main and menu renders not filtering on resolution scales of greater than 1x - Fixed levitating rocks in Kaiser Crater 2nd August 2013: - Enabled the Gravon game console in the Mission Control room - Fixed a crash with Index out of range (-4 >= 256) in scripts/Entities/VehicleWidgetHandler.h:108 0000029 - Hid 3 achievements by default 1st August 2013: - EARLY ACCESS RELEASED
  8. fixed: https://dev.withsix.com/issues/74473 https://dev.withsix.com/issues/72574 to report any regression in 1.63 please see: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?177393-List-of-regressions-between-1-62-and-1-63-betas edit: Small reminder - this beta is published as Beta branch of stable version. Not separated beta product.
  9. Beta build 125402 has just been released on Steam. Change log: - fixed Steam command line parameters parsing - PlayerID is now SteamID - improved BattlEye implementation (Steam Launch options updated)
  10. As some of you may have noticed new Beta was released yesterday. Same as before use "beta" branch under Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead to access this version. How-to-change-Arma-branches-between-STABLE-amp-DEVELOPMENT Changelog: - GS lobby removed - EXE signature fixed
  11. It really would be great to have an official BIS-released vanilla addon or DLC of Chernarus for Arma 3. I know, there are methods to implement Chernarus and even Chernarus+ into Arma 3. But it is always connected with issues, flaws and error messages (before game start, in menu, in editor, in preview, script errors). I would even PAY for an A3 Chernarus DLC (though I own the preorder supporter editon of A3). Just the pure landscape, A2 weapons and vehicles don't have to be included (though it would be great). Nothing would have to be improved ('old' textures and such). Chernarus is one of the most beautiful and amazing landscapes ever created. It should be taken over and made be playable without any errors. No, I am not beating down on Karts, but imho most players should be happier about a flawless and inherently supported vanilla Chernarus (and Utes) than about those Karts.
  12. basically has anyone acomplished the task of interupting the MoveTo command in a FSM? our group cannot figure out why we cant interupt it. is there any other commands that we could look into? basically our AI is following the players path a bit too much its quite funny but annoying at the same time
  13. Patch contains MP steam lobby and is distributed only for steam version of game (Arma2: Operation Arrowhead Beta) To be to able to use Steam lobby you must - run game from Steam client, so proper application ID is used - to start public server you must not be hidden behind NAT - to start DS, steam_appid.txt must be present (so DS knows product ID) - steam dlls must be present For more details please read http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?175463-End-of-Gamespy
  14. Hi! :) I have a problem with mlod and lod textures. I trying to edit buildings in 3ds max, but these textures are buggy. How i can fix it? (Sorry for my bad english. :D)
  15. ARMA 2 OPERATION ARROWHEAD Hello, I've got a problem. I've recently downloaded Alimag's Briefing Manager. I started to create mission. OK. Started to create tasks and notes. OK. Then took a look at the files to set when task could end. Here's the problem. I saved the files then turned on the game again. Nothing even appears! I deleted the files, and created it again without editing the files by myself - still nothing, but was working previously! Created second mission, created tasks, notes with the briefing manager... NOTHING! I've created third mission - Somehow... It worked! Any idea what can be wrong with my first and second missions? P.S - I created files called "Briefing.sqf" and "init.sqf", so what could be wrong? I'll post down my briefing.sqf, got original copy of Arma 2 OA (Bought from Steam) // A2BM W 110 // DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE waitUntil {!(isNull player)}; waitUntil {player==player}; switch (side player) do { case WEST: { player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Backup","Your only's backup is Bravo team."]]; player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Briefing","You, sgt. Patrick Scott with your team callsing "Bullethole" are being put in operation "Armed Deal". Check documents for your tasks.<br/>After Alpha team's fail, Russia has over-taken the Chernarus. We must capture it by any means possible. You're cleared to engage, all civilians have moved to another country till operation ends."]]; MAG_tskObj8=player createSimpleTask ["Move to FOB New York"]; MAG_tskObj8 setSimpleTaskDescription ["","Move to FOB New York","Move to FOB New York"]; MAG_tskObj7=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Novy Sobor"]; MAG_tskObj7 setSimpleTaskDescription ["","Clear Novy Sobor","Clear Novy Sobor"]; MAG_tskObj6=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Stary Sobor"]; MAG_tskObj6 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear Stary Sobor","Clear Stary Sobor","Clear Stary Sobor"]; MAG_tskObj5=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Rogovo"]; MAG_tskObj5 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear Rogovo","Clear Rogovo","Clear Rogovo"]; MAG_tskObj4=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Pogorevka"]; MAG_tskObj4 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear Pogorevka","Clear Pogorevka","Clear Pogorevka"]; MAG_tskObj3=player createSimpleTask ["Regroup with Bravo"]; MAG_tskObj3 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Regroup with Bravo<br/>","Regroup with Bravo","Regroup with Bravo"]; MAG_tskObj2=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Pustoshka"]; MAG_tskObj2 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear Pustoshka","Clear Pustoshka","Clear Pustoshka"]; MAG_tskObj1=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Vybor"]; MAG_tskObj1 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear Vybor","Clear Vybor","Clear Vybor"]; MAG_tskObj0=player createSimpleTask ["Clear Lopatino"]; MAG_tskObj0 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear Lopatino","Clear Lopatino","Clear Lopatino"]; }; case EAST: { }; case RESISTANCE: { }; case CIVILIAN: { }; };
  16. http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php WARNING: this build is major build 1.63.x thus not compatible backward with 1.62 clients ! both client and server must have this beta build the build contain quite some of crash fixes (if you still get any crashes, it's very important for us to get server's mdmp,bidmp,rpt files (compressed e.g. to my email (which is my BIForum nickname @ bistudio.com)with subject CRASH) BattlEye compatibility: ... SUPPORTED, enjoy ! ... note: also not yet deployed on STEAM! (inside "test" branch, default beta is 103419) +++ Data fixes and improvements by the Community Config Project (CCP) Changelog: https://dev-heaven.net/versions/1391 More info: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?141732-ARMA-2-Community-Configuration-Project-(A2CCP)
  17. Hey Folks, I'm experimenting with an Sphere, to make it grow after player input. Is there any possebility to manage this? And: how can I spawn this sphere from an BAckpack? Greets, Biwi P.S: I've already posted the same topic in the ArmA2 Section, but accidentally...
  18. I ask this question for others. If I have ARMA2+OA STEAM edition, or ARMA X STEAM edition, can I purchase the dlc(s) in BISTORE and play in STEAM?
  19. http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php mirror : the build contain quite some of crash fixes I mentioned last two weeks (if you still get any crashes, it's very important for us to get server's mdmp,bidmp,rpt files (compressed e.g. to my email (which is my BIForum nickname @ bistudio.com)with subject CRASH) BattlEye compatibility: ... SUPPORTED, enjoy ! ... note: also deployed on STEAM! (inside "test" branch, default beta is 103419) +++ Data fixes and improvements by the Community Config Project (CCP) Changelog: https://dev-heaven.net/versions/1391 More info: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?141732-ARMA-2-Community-Configuration-Project-(A2CCP)
  20. Hello! In order to complement the release of StalkerGB's British Infantry I'm pleased to release Da12thMonkey's Retexture of the Arma 3 CH-49 to represent a Royal Air Force Merlin HC3a. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/09yqd5w9mzsq7cq/SDC_MerlinHC3.zip
  21. Good day, soldiers! Arma Tactics THD (build 1.1912) has been released and can be bought at Google Play Store. This version is compatible with following Tegra 3 / Tegra 4 devices only: Iconia A110 Iconia A210 or A211 Iconia Tab A510 Iconia Tab A700 or A701 Transformer Infinity Transformer Prime Transformer Pad 300 Arrows X F-02E Arrows V F-04E Arrows X F-10D Arrows Z ISW13F Fujitsu Stylistic M532 Fujitsu Arrows Tab F-05E Nexus 7 One X+ One X Idea Tab A2109 Optimus 4X HD Optimus Vu Pegatron Chagall Pegatron Olipad Xperia Tablet S Excite 10 SE Excite 10 Excite 7 Excite 13 V985 Nvidia SHIELD If you're interested in other platforms, please stay tuned and check again in two months. If, on the other hand, you own one of these devices, you can enter the action right away. That's all for today, soldiers and remember: No one gets left behind. Dismissed.
  22. hello, i remember i read somewhere that you could put satchels on walls, vehicles, and stuff like that. but i am not able to do anything of that. when i try to put them on vehicles they just happen to be put on the ground instead.. is this a planned feature?
  23. http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php mirror : the build contain quite some of crash fixes I mentioned last two weeks (if you still get any crashes, it's very important for us to get server's mdmp,bidmp,rpt files (compressed e.g. to my email (which is my BIForum nickname @ bistudio.com)with subject CRASH) BattlEye compatibility: ... SUPPORTED, enjoy ! ... note: also deployed on STEAM! (inside "test" branch, default beta is 103419) +++ Data fixes and improvements by the Community Config Project (CCP) Changelog: https://dev-heaven.net/versions/1391 More info: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?141732-ARMA-2-Community-Configuration-Project-(A2CCP)
  24. The smoke grenades are so ineffective. They should spread more smoke, which is also more 'leakproof'/heavy and more sustained. Take a look on smoke grenades on internet or in the BF 2 Mod 'Project Reality'. The smoke grenades must be tweaked.
  25. http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php mirror : the build contain quite some of crash fixes I mentioned last two weeks (if you still get any crashes, it's very important for us to get server's mdmp,bidmp,rpt files (compressed e.g. to my email (which is my BIForum nickname @ bistudio.com)with subject CRASH) BattlEye compatibility: ... SUPPORTED, enjoy ! ... note: also deployed on STEAM! (inside "test" branch, default beta is 103419) +++ Data fixes and improvements by the Community Config Project (CCP) Changelog: https://dev-heaven.net/versions/1391 More info: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?141732-ARMA-2-Community-Configuration-Project-(A2CCP)