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  1. for me... they were in C:\Users\xxx\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\xxx\Saved\steamMPMission
  2. Tyl3r99

    Splendid Smoke

    ^^ -ServerMods=?
  3. can we have the map in a seperate download :P
  4. can you update main post and steam workshop mod 🙂
  5. Tyl3r99

    [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    Why have i only just heard about this now... wow man Does this also have persistent server saves? I want to donate 😄 please keep at it this looks super cool Yep i gave in lol
  6. hello beautiful people, Im still learning a few things so i would like to ask one main question if I may? Would this work on a dedicated server, run as a server mod? finally would this save everyones player location, inventory and zeus objects put down from previous op? I had the idea that it could help with doing linked missions or a campaign for a milsim group. Or do i need to fiddle around with anything? If i need to do a wipe save how would i do this? Thanks!! and happy 2019 for all.
  7. Tyl3r99

    BMR Insurgency

    Ah okay just to confirm. so we would need to set who ever needs it, to be set as admin through our dedi-box arma 3 server and not set as admin during game (voting) (i love being able to force mission generator) its a good time killer lol Yeah not anything major at all, just noticed the carrier mark on the map can be quite small. I'll live with it ;) Thank you kindly for the detailed replies.
  8. Tyl3r99

    BMR Insurgency

    Found another small tiny issue: The USS Freedom on the altis mission (1.49) theres no marker for it, could you maybe add one? Also a query: Voting as admin does not unlock the admin functions through the map. does the admin(s) have to be white-listed for this to work like set up as admin on the servers control panel? Thanks in advanced.
  9. Tyl3r99

    BMR Insurgency

    Whats the new mission about? ps. sorry about 2 posts I tried to include the quote in my last message but it wouldn't have it
  10. Tyl3r99

    BMR Insurgency

    Hey Jigosr, Just having a mess about on LAN. I noticed when recruiting AI they are appearing with heli pilot or heli crew helmets? Is this intended? Im playing the default altis v1.49 with vanilla units Screenshot Edit: Found a spelling error on the INFO screen shown in the link below. no biggie but thought id share it. http://prntscr.com/maucnk
  11. Tyl3r99

    BMR Insurgency

    amazing stuff look forward to what else you can do with it (if you plan to) Keep it up man good work
  12. Tyl3r99

    BMR Insurgency

    congrats on the successful update :) I noticed that armaholic is still showing the version 1.44 not 1.49 I understand these missions are not on steam workshop either? Sorry if i missed anything Oh wait im blind just spotted the bit on main post.. GITHUB it is then
  13. Tyl3r99


    what about possibly changing the way aircraft are delivered? AI are really slow and landing and make themselves a massive target for AA. Maybe the aircraft hangars could be set as spawn points? i.e. Select A164 select respawn position - Hanger 2 (pos shown on map) maybe a timer 20-30 seconds while checking theres no object or vehicle in the way if there was maybe it could notify you "hangar 2 is not possible at this time"
  14. Tyl3r99


    can you dumb it down for me hahaha what do you mean?
  15. Tyl3r99


    why is it opfor have access to viper and blufor dont have access to CRTG? its a bit OP Also i logged in as admin on an official server hoping to change some parameters, however i was only able to change 1 setting which was view distance. id reccomend adding a viewdistance script into the warlords alltogether.. Like this one. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19751 just put this into description.ext #include "taw_vd\GUI.h" class CfgFunctions { #include "taw_vd\CfgFunctions.hpp" };