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  1. 3CB BAF Units

    yep it was just corrupted all works now sorry false alarm! hows the mod coming along anyway :D looking forward to the future updates
  2. 3CB BAF Units

    no wait corrupted again... steams crap
  3. 3CB BAF Units

    ok it works now but are the backpacks missing any textures the DPM ones look a little bland with no detail at all
  4. 3CB BAF Units

    hmm maybe corrupted file, ill report my findings after i try again
  5. 3CB BAF Units

    was yours downloaded via pws or workshop though? confusing im re downloading the mods
  6. 3CB BAF Units

    BUG REPORT - error message when starting game (all 3cb mods active including ACE and ACEX) Addon "UK3CB_BAF_Units_Common" requires addon "UK3CB_BAF_Equipment" BUG REPORT 2 - error message on main menu after starting the game up (all mods active including ACE, ACEX) no entry 'bin\config.bin/cfgvehicles/uk3cb_baf_solder_DDPM_longsleeve_RM_base.scope.' MAJOR BUG 3 - no units found in editor all mods active including ace, ACEX edit - re loaded mods again without ACE still broken this is a massive game breaking bug??? mods downloaded from WORKSHOP
  7. but what im saying is that it should work with the modules really? even with the vanilla USS freedom lol but it doesnt
  8. Hello ive been trying to get my account details to report this bug, however the CAPTCHA robot verify thingy says a problem about a key.. however, can someone please report this issue please. [BUG] - respawn module does not work on carrier(s) [Description] - When respawning, you end up in the water below the carrier(s), ive tried placing a platform on the deck but still start in the water. [Repo steps] - place USS freedom in water place multiplayer respawn module on the deck set up respawning in multiplayer options i.e. "select respawn position" place playable unit preview in MP or LAN you will start under the carrier this also is happening with all the other modded carriers i.e. Nimitz Ive tried teleporting script but no joy. if someone could post a ticket for me as i cant recover my account.
  9. oh can you add the option to "STOP" the music on the helicopters haha they overlap lol oh also song request - WAR by edwin starr
  10. hello i have 3 sectors working and playable units either side. however i placed bleedticket module and i cant get it to work... ive tried multiple sync's but im baffled. there is no help online with this. or no clear answer on how to actually use it.
  11. so im gonna ask... what is the way step by step to make bleed tickets work when taking over a sector please, ive tried what it had in the picture above... but it doesnt work. bleed ticket module > sides logics > sector hmm nothing
  12. would be good to add the little details like the chest compression animation when applying CPR little things like that
  13. whats the shortcut key for remote control?
  14. im absiloutely chuffed guys, you delivered on steam as promised! thank you very much. i would really consider going for the DLC so you guys can get something for all of your outstanding work throughout the arma history