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  1. Tyl3r99

    3den Enhanced

    Maybe incase it breaks something or he's used something in dev branch to make the new bits (guessing lol)
  2. Tyl3r99

    3den Enhanced

    Legend!!!! I hate to be this person but... do you know when roughly this arma 3 update is? As that's when your planning to push the update yeah?
  3. Tyl3r99

    3den Enhanced

    Inventory manager.. You sir are a godsend. Does it work with normal crates or boxes that have an inventory?
  4. or do i have to put individual classes in these arrays? https://prnt.sc/uche4w Edit: I am struggling to get this to work the custom way. I have put a simple trigger with a radius area and named it loot in the variable name ive put Inside the exclusive loot However with debug enabled and i teleport myself to a town inside this trigger area, nothing is being spawned in. Any ideas? Does anyone have a customised example? https://prnt.sc/uchn5u here is my debug thing im walking around a big village..
  5. Will try this out thank you! Quick question: the whitelist option if I put all the classnames I want. Will it auto detect which is a launcher which a gun etc and follow the setting for the probability values for each class For example if I list 3 guns, 2 uniform objects, 1 backpack. Will it know which is what
  6. I think i fixed it... I replaced _mag with _mags no error so far...
  7. Im getting this error in my RPT Anyone know a quick fix? Also a lot of my items etc are like 0.2, or 0.1 but still finding loads of loot very quickly
  8. Are the other .side commands "west and east" or is it "blufor and opfor"
  9. thank you so much buddy
  10. Hey guys Im currently using this script inside of a trigger on-act . However i want to know if there is a way to make it only appear for like independent or blufor so the other team does not see it. Edit: We have a GTXgaming gameserver also so it would need to be MP if possible Any help is appreciated 🙂
  11. New version out on workshop Version 3.4.0! Have fun! 😁 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=721359761 Join genesis discord here https://discord.gg/7j4Bka
  12. This is my server arma3.profile. Whenever i join our server, the group indicators (the box) and the friendly tags (green name) still appear and I have no clue why? the server.cfg is set to use custom difficulty also. Anything else anyone can recommend?
  13. GLX Install: ( Script ) DePbo the “GLX_System.pbo”. Copy the dePboed “GLX_System” folder into the mission you like to use GLX with. Create a Init.sqf and use: GLX_Path = "GLX_System\"; execVM (GLX_Path+"GLX_Initialize.sqf"); There is no file or folder called glx_path
  14. Sorry new to this mod. have not yet tried it but scanned across the user config files and i was a little confused on something. what is the [0, 1]; there seems to be 2 values in this box? what does the left value do and what does the right value do? Im guessing the "//" is simply to disable it altogether? It would be a lot easier if it was implemented with CBA 😛 Hmm on this one its got [2, 3]; I really dont get it 😞 it says it is 0 - 30 default is 3 so it should just be 1 value?? Edit: ohhh the first number is like an index thing? so first option is [0, x] second is [1, x] third is [2, x] 4th is [3, x] right? in other words do not change the first number?