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  1. Warlords

    what about possibly changing the way aircraft are delivered? AI are really slow and landing and make themselves a massive target for AA. Maybe the aircraft hangars could be set as spawn points? i.e. Select A164 select respawn position - Hanger 2 (pos shown on map) maybe a timer 20-30 seconds while checking theres no object or vehicle in the way if there was maybe it could notify you "hangar 2 is not possible at this time"
  2. Warlords

    can you dumb it down for me hahaha what do you mean?
  3. Warlords

    why is it opfor have access to viper and blufor dont have access to CRTG? its a bit OP Also i logged in as admin on an official server hoping to change some parameters, however i was only able to change 1 setting which was view distance. id reccomend adding a viewdistance script into the warlords alltogether.. Like this one. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19751 just put this into description.ext #include "taw_vd\GUI.h" class CfgFunctions { #include "taw_vd\CfgFunctions.hpp" };
  4. Warlords

    look on Page 25 for the default asset list (might be 26 cant remember)
  5. Warlords

    cant seem to read the cpp file just loads of symbols when opening in notepad++. I would much rather the author or someone upload a full example of a asset list on the wiki..
  6. Warlords

    How can i see the default asset list so i can make a copy of it and add to it myself. be a lot easier and i would understand better how its written. maybe a pastebin or something in the wiki? i found your old warlords on workshop and dePBO'd it so i can look at the asset list it looks clearer now i see it complete. i have an idea what to do. ill just include it in my description.ext though
  7. Warlords

    [feature requests] > Ability to swap over the CSAT and AAF so BLUFOR can face AAF > Add the option to maybe parachute a arsenal box (very very expensive? maybe configurable through parameter options) > Add the factions special forces to the infantry drops (maybe higher skill and more expensive) is this changed through asset list? im still a bit confused by this > Add an AI skill setting in the parameter setting menu > Add the option to configure artillery in parameter setting menu [All, Mortars only, None] is this changed through asset list? im still a bit confused by this > Weather option [Random, Tropical, Sunny, Stormy, Windy, Dynamic] I would love to see the mission folder to see how its laid out and what the asset list looks like, I could then tweak it to my liking and make my own. But I cannot find where this would be located unless its a .pbo file in the addons folder
  8. Warlords

    select soldier IE F4 for unit 4. press 6 then there should be a dismiss option.
  9. Warlords

    oh ok, so normal length days and quicker nights. are you trying to create your own warlords mission or trying to make an official mission file change? As far as i know, you cannot change or edit the official mission files. I tried as i wanted to enable a certain mod that required a module to be placed but no luck couldn't find it
  10. Warlords

    you know the best thing to do? go ahead set it up and try it. that way you will know for sure with your own eyes. Im not 100% sure ill tell you the correct info.
  11. Warlords

    not yet, but our group is soon looking into running a server properly with the warlord mode on full time Ive noticed all the official servers near enough empty so its pretty popular Ill have JSRS and blastcore and CHviewdistance enabled on ours though hahaha
  12. Warlords

    check the parameters before starting the mission it has the settings your looking for inside that :)
  13. Warlords

    AI are a bit too stupid for that im afraid. would be good if they thought a little bit but hey they have done us well for over 5 years lol
  14. Warlords

    Ohhhh ok, thank you!! LOVE this game mode. I will be excited to see what you have planned for it in the long haul just a shame we will have to wait a while for patches for this mission file as it has to go through main game. nonetheless well done sir
  15. Warlords

    yepp.. the AI do NOT want to order vehicle drops or anything else. i set it to starting 5000 points with a multiplier of x5 all they do is spawn units. I suggest if AI want to request vehicles. then make it so they are parachuted already occupied. i.e. they requested a pawnee, it would simply spawn way off in distance and fly in itself and follow the AI squad leaders orders. https://imgur.com/a/4CyKRNq