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  1. Hello, I am experiancing an issue with the v2 signiture check. most of the time its ok, but occasionally when i want to add a mod and test the server it will say "server doesnt require any mods" i put the key in the key folder and everything?? but if i load another preset on TADST it works (well it worked 1 of my presets and not my main one) any ideas?
  2. ADV - ACE CPR

    no of course not mate, i wouldn't expect you too. but thank you for the help i appreciate it
  3. ADV - ACE CPR

    ok looks like it overrides the instant death bit whatever setting i choose its impossible to die instantly i just feel its a bit arcade like thats all being hit by a tank and going to sleep lol
  4. ADV - ACE CPR

    so are you saying i should change the value from my edited 1.8 to 1? sorry im not that script smart i just know the cba screen
  5. ADV - ACE CPR

    riiiight ok will have a mess around with it, i thought it was the players health in general so its at 1.8 at the moment lol
  6. ADV - ACE CPR

    just tested, a shotgun to the face the player went unconcious he didnt die. the revive setting stops them from dying for some reason.
  7. ADV - ACE CPR

    copy that will test that with prevent insta death turned off, and see if the unit can still die with the obvious and if the unit takes light/medium he gets unconcious then so on, will report back
  8. ADV - ACE CPR

    im guessing 2 is "advanced"
  9. ADV - ACE CPR

    ok mate could you tell me what cba setting that is in game? is it the revive timer? im wanting to make sure the unit can still die if lets say hit by a tank/rpg or something however if injured badly and unconcious can use defib etc
  10. ADV - ACE CPR

    So i cant use the defib when i have prevention of instadeath off? does the revive timer module have to be placed? if so wouldnt that stop people dying from insane amounts of damage and just make them go to sleep?
  11. Ravage Mod

    the only gripe i have with this is that zombies die in 1 shot from almost any weapon and any limb i.e. leg. can we chuck in an option on the ambient zombie module for zombie health? or headshot only etc :)
  12. fixed: was using the older respawn method with a marker named respawn_west and did not have select respawn position enabled. found that if the zeus player respawned then it would work. so i have now edited the mission to the respawn module and select position and now it works everytime. JUST INCASE SOMEONE ELSE HAS THIS ISSUE
  13. Hello right ive been able to do the zeus for #AdminLogged however i also want to try and get a slot active for a member of the public without admin rights. ive tried the classic variable name job but that actually doesn't work. I know there is the GUID but im not going to know a random member of the public's UID. it works on the editor and local host but not dedicated. any ideas? thanks in advance ps. I am using TADST tool and the arma 3 server tool. and the curator mod is ticked
  14. any update to this? very interested
  15. just to inform people, we now use RHS addons no longer 3CB BAF