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  1. Jigsor

    BMR Insurgency

    @TheOneBender, Ah, I see you found the problem.. hehe, user error or misunderstanding. I was just on my dedi trying to reproduce the error as you updated/changed your message and could not reproduce. I was hoping the hint and chat message was enough of a clue for players. Thanks for the kind words and I'm really glad you enjoy it. Welcome to the forums and if you have any other issues i will try to help the best I can.
  2. Jigsor

    BMR Insurgency

    The Heli Crew Helmets on recruited AI is intended and double as Gas Masks. This way if recruited AI inadvertantly wonder into vanilla yellow hand grenade or yellow ugl smoke they will not die. If you turn off poison gas option in lobby then recruits will not have gas masks. Thanks for pointing out the spelling error. I've fired my secretary. I didn't feel a marker on USS Freedom was necessary as the Freedom's outline can be found on the map and can also be discovered through flag pole teleport options. Due to extra code and complications required to global hide it at mission start then player unhide it depending on side and depending if the freedom even exist on the map (on some map versions there is no sea and no carrier). I suppose I will try to create the marker and additional required code on next version which could be helpful and more obvious to new players. Access to admin tools panel is restricted to local server host player or logged in admins on dedicated only and not voted admins by design. This is to avoid trolling and abuse of tools by pubies / non trusted admin.
  3. Jigsor

    BMR Insurgency

    Hello Tyler99, Thank you. The complete mission pack (all versions) is in dropbox and also linked on first page
  4. Jigsor

    BMR Insurgency

    Hello AWACS_Ghost_Eye and welcome to the forums. Yes, Rosche terrain is a good candidate for future port. This is planned as well as a Community Factions Project version for next BMR Insurgency release. I can't say when this will happen just yet as I am currently working on a completely new a different mission project which is mostly finished now.
  5. Jigsor

    BMR Insurgency

    Mission pack updated once again with some very minor changes. Moved objects at base in Lingor versions for changes in Lingor v3.9.5 terrain. Fixes some more spelling errors in Admin Menu. Updated release notes. As these changes are very minor and the code base is the same as previous 1.49 release, the version number stays the same.
  6. Jigsor

    BMR Insurgency

    Thank you. By default there are no restrictions. You are probably playing an edited version. This is where restrictions for pilots is set. To make restrictions add playable unit type class names.
  7. Hi Jigsor!


    I'm curently working with your Naphwinter version, to make it fit 40 players during our cristmas milsim event, December 21'st.

    I wanna make it possible to have the Russian Winter units from Slashbacks "2035: Russian Armed Forces", due they have Winter units.


    We still using RHS and such but just wanna try theese out and see how it works and how they looks.. .Think it will make it more "real".


    Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29725


    Problem is that I really dont know what I'm doing here.. . I've taken one of the existing setups and changed to those units, but it still spawn in RHS units.

    You Think you cluld help out an old fart, making this work?


    In advance,

    Andreas a.k.a 8ody8ag @ Gameaholic.se

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    2. bodybaq


      After last edit, the one I've send the link to this morning, the mission starts up, all Squares goes red but no enemys showing up. Getting this in the logs:


      _unitType=selectRandom _pool;

      _unit = _grp createUnit [_unitTyp>

      8:58:38 Error position: <_pool;

      _unit = _grp createUnit [_unitTyp>

      8:58:38 Error Undefined variable in expression: _pool

      8:58:38 Error in expression <Size step 1 do {


      Funny thing is that I've those enemys from @min_rf in the side missions but not in the red Squares.. .


      Any clue?

    3. Jigsor


      Bodybag, Thanks for your patience.
      Your addition was nearly perfectly done, just missing some "" in INS_definitions.sqf line 641, an extra }; in UnitPools.sqf line 330 and missing a " in line 333.
      I added a case : 18 in scripts/DefOp4Loadout.sqf so opfor players will not spawn naked and I discovered that original version of BMR_Insurgency_v1_49.napfwinter was missing a parameter in the 2 base protection triggers' activation fields ( the two triggers wich surround base ). You will want to fix these because they keep enemy players and AI out of base.
      I have updated the original version with the fix.
      The simple manual fix is below.

          name: trig_alarm1init
              change the activation field code to -
                  alarm1On = true; _nul = [((list trig_alarm1init) select 0),trig_alarm1init] call JIG_base_protection;

          name: trig_alarm2init
              change the activation field code to -
                  alarm1On = true; _nul = [((list trig_alarm2init) select 0),trig_alarm2init] call JIG_base_protection;

      I did not use your mission.sqm because there were many addons added to it so I didn't get to test changes you made in the editor. What ever changes you made there will have no impact on what has changed in the code.
       You should know that in INS_definitions.sqf,
      INS_Op4_fixedWing = ["min_rf_su_34"];
      may not be a good choice of fixed wing airpatrole because I observed it flying aimlessly in a spiral pattern higher and higher. Maybe vanilla classes would be better here?
      Even the Vanilla camo variant of Kajman heli had this same problem a few years ago and was reported on feedbacktracker and the forums by several people. I don't know if it was ever fixed so I don't use that version, only black version..
      The problem is that some aircraft cannot follow waypoints for some unknown reason.
      Overall it was great effort on your part, you should be proud :) Most never make it this far.. Thank you for the interest in BMR Insurgency, the community you server and the cool videos you make.
      I recommend to use Notepad ++ to edit if your not already because it can help reveal by bold or highlighting the opening and closing {} brackets for example the mistakes that were made.
      I admit the formatting/indentation is not so great in Unitpools and DefOp4Loadout mainly to save tab space/file size.
      Just replace these files I am returning with the changes.


      "Really wanted the civilians from Project_OPFOR and some civilan vehicles from Swedish Forces Pack in the civilian spawn due we using this mods on server. But in that case I would need to add those mods to the script too I guess?"


      Yes, the classnames will need to be added to INS_definitions and or Unitpools and the addons they come form will need to be added to detection and activation in init.sqf
      Try this and let me know if you have trouble with anymore changes if you choose to do more.



    4. bodybaq


      Thank you so much Jigsor!

  8. Jigsor

    BMR Insurgency

    I think I understand the question. Yes it is possible to change all text to Spanish. This must be done manually. The most commonly used text already supports Spanish translation in the stringtable.xml such as most scroll actions, objective descriptions and G.U.I. Lobby options have not been translated and probably a few other things such as some notifications. Feel free to translate/edit the mission as you need.
  9. Icebreaker, Thank you for the tremendous work you have done on the update. Its the best jungle map hands down! BMR Insurgency now supports the new Lingor update and Dingor mission version should be good to go hopefully if and when terrain gets updated. Mission pack info and download link
  10. Jigsor

    BMR Insurgency

    Mission pack updated and reuploaded once again. Should be no problems with these. Most versions were unaffected. BMR_Insurgency_v1_49_RHS.pja305 and BMR_Insurgency_v1_49_CUP.zargabad were missing several updates. Corrected one minor spelling mistake in briefing - add_diary.sqf. Changed default lobby options' damage modifiers of players and AI to unmodified in versions BMR_Insurgency_v1_49_OPTRE.Altis and BMR_Insurgency_v1_49.lingor3. Updated mission pack dropbox download link and date in notes.txt/release_notes.txt. Code base remains the same so no version number change.
  11. Yo Jigsor!


    Tonight, Friday, November 30th, we at Gameaholic.se will together with Swedish Gaming Unit, arrange a 40 player milsim event at a edited version of yours BMR Insurgency Malden 2035.


    Link: https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FGameaholic.se%2Fposts%2F1941756525938693


    Just wanna thank you so bloody much for making this possible man, big thanks and keep up the good work!


    In advance, Andreas with crew @ Gameaholic.se

    1. Jigsor


      Thanks, sounds awesome! I would love to attend but I think due to time differences I won't be able to. I just got off from work an hour ago.

  12. Jigsor

    BMR Insurgency

    Mission Pack Updated. Enjoy! 11/24/2018 BMR_Insurgency_v1_49 Added: Three new missions to pack. These are a new fork (Green versions) where main playable side is Independent and opposing playable side is Blufor. These are primarily geared for WWII so far but is expandable for other mods/factions. Thanks to LT.Dang who did the brunt of the conversion. Added: CUP Zargabad version. Added: Tanks DLC content/support Added: Global Message of who killed pilot on Pilot Rescue mission when killer is a player. Added: EOS and side mission generated AI never run out of magazines. Added: Instant deletion of useless deployed sleeping bags and respawn tents. Added: Admin Menu option to clear saved progression combined with end mission. Added: Admin Menu option and functionality to cancel current side mission ->Thanks to Rory! Added: Admin Menu option to force Random Mission Generator in case it stops working on its own. Added: Method to activate Auxiliary addons for detection in zeus/make mod requirements etc. Place content in marker "AuxiliaryContent" located next to server logic. Vehicles and units in this marker will delete at mission start. Added: Initialization of Ace Arsenal. Added: Light Snow Storm. Toggle On/Off in Admin panel. (Will auto terminate if rain is initiated by Random or Real Weather) Added: Dynamic addon activation support for CGR CAT1A2 and MR142 vehicles added in RHS patch 0.4.6 Added: More DLC vehicles to DLC restriction Bypass. Added: Set trait "explosiveSpecialist" to playable unit types listed in Array INS_W_PlayerEOD in INS_definitions.sqf. Added: Friendly map icon to extraction heli. Added: 3D icon (Range 30 meters) for fallen players when ACE_3 activated and no BTC revive systems loaded. Added: Loging of HC JIP and progress restoration details. Added: Few more blacklisted structures with building positions but no enterances for intel/ammo cache spawning to Malden, Mogadishu and Napf/Napf Winter. Added: "I_Plane_Fighter_04_F" to Vanilla Airpatrole. Added: CUP Satchel from CUP and C-7 Explosive Foam from Operation TREBUCHET to allowed ammo wich can destroy Objective Towers and Ammo Caches. Added: Data Terminal will face player upon terminal opening and corresponding player animation added. Added: Data Terminal to zeus editable objects. Added: Distance limitation of actions added to MHQs and main ammo boxes. Added: More options for Lobby option "Playable Opfor". Options now include "Enabled with no Limits", "Enabled if 5 or more blufor players present", "Enabled if 7 or more blufor players present", "Enabled if 9 or more blufor players present", "Enabled if 11 or more blufor players present", "Disabled". This results in End mission for Opfor players if not enough blufor players at mission start and is also polled by server approx every 7 minutes. Added: Ear Plugs button in Y menu now supports ACE_3 earplugs in addition to vanilla. Added: Player corpse removal when scripted revive systems are disabled through lobby and using for ex. ACE_3 mod for revive. Added: Button "Subtitle Chatter" to Y menu for cleaner screen. Enables/disables showing of subtitles in a chat. Only scripted/engine chatter is affected, player manual chat is unaffected. Change: Removed "Land_BagFence_Long_F" from BTC logistics liftable objects. Change: Many functions now compiled with preprocessFileLineNumbers instead of preprocessFile so errors can be loged. Change: Enabled support for custom licence plates. Change: Random objective is skiped and loged if suitable nearby clear position cannot be found due to poor marker placement in editor. Change: Improved performance and handling of 3rd person view in vehicles only option. Change: Improved performance and handling of Pilot Restriction code. Change: Progression saving and loading lobby option default set to disabled. Change: Updated support of OPTRE to v0.19. Change: Updated support of RHS to v0.4.8. Change: Digital Heading replaced with display control for efficiency and cleaner look. No longer blinks and now works with all turrets and screen center. Customize color in Main Menu/options/game/colors/menu/background if you wish. Change: Tons of optimizations applied to existing code by numerous methods. Change: Default lobby option for respawn loadout changed to Reload Magazine to Save Kit. Change: Auxiliary AI caching (zbe) is disabled by default and variable must be set on group to use this caching sytem. Change: DriverLess versioned vehicles are now filtered out of Vehicle Reward list. Change: Earplug volume reduced from 40% to 30%. Change: All lights on Extraction Helicopter are now disabled. Change: Briefing sections updated to reflect version update changes, improved descriptions and corrected some inacurracies. Change: Improved chance reward vehicle will not collide with other objects when created. Change: Improved chance old Arma bug "Error: No unit" will not occur. Change: Improved some exsiting language translations. Change: Updated Lingor/Dingor versions to terrain update v3.9. Change: Manual save and clear progression can survive cold Server restart. Progression restoration is currently ineffective when headless client is present at start. Workaround - headlessclient(s) need to Join after mission start. Change: All progression saving is performed on Server and no longer on HC in parallel. Change: HC can be kicked and will resume properly even if progress saving is not enabled. Note all uncaptured markers/triggers will be rejuvenated/reinforced with AI. Fixed: Clearing saved progression would restore save on mission restart when many players in lobby and HC present at mission start. Fixed: Abandoned vehicles respawned to fast. Fixed: Mission ending did not occurr with updated taskmaster script in v1.48. Fixed: Some briefing spelling errors. Fixed: Rewarded vehicles did not have dedicated destroyed cleanup provisioned. Fixed: Group extration did not globally kick callers group members out of group beyond 500 meters away from pickup marker. It kicked far members from callers group on callers machine only. Fixed: Putdown a carried injured player animation was not global. Fixed: Dynamic loadout and sensor preinit functions runaway loop. Fixed: Very old bug - Occasional missing actions on intel for JIP players. Fixed: Pilot rescue could get recruited as suicide bomber. Fixed: Freezing durring AI HALO again. Fixed: Brighter Nights would activate even if disabled when Random or Real Weather options were eanabled. Fixed: Fallen bush and tree cleanup by base markers silently failed. Fixed: Cancel Evac Action action did not appear on first Evac call. Fixed: Zeus created enemy units of groups containing one unit were not nessesarily aligned/sided with side INS_Op4_side. Fixed: Side mission objectives would not start if slotting took to long at mission start. Fixed: Praetorian on USS_Freedom would freeze when trying to fire by remote control. Fixed: Race condition/MHQs not recognized by player when many players in lobby at mission start. Fixed: Race condition/BTC punishment script error at mission start. Fixed: Script Error in Helmet Cam when in vehicle and when camera feeding AI/group member no longer exists. Fixed: Vehicle Reward action aquired by destroying an Ammo Cache remained after rewarded vehicle spawned until it was clicked again. Fixed: Ambient combat sounds were to overbearing. Fixed: Drag carry was not available while in structures. Fixed: Headless clients would stop spawning AI when local group limiter was reached. Fixed: Useless double action "Place Sandbag" would appear on medics if sand bag was placed then you respawned and removed the sand bag. Fixed: Whitelisted Arsenal interface could reenable load/save preset buttons by right clicking screen. Fixed: MHQs' markers could be seen by opposing players when Mobile MHQs were enabled with exception of BTC Revive's MHQ system. Fixed: Op4 players sometimes would unexpedely teleport once to random area sometime after start/join mission. Fixed: UAVs were inaccessible for players present at mission start (non-JIP). Fixed: Possibility for 1 or more MHQs to be missing Arsenal actions and tracking markers if multiple MHQs were destroyed at nearly same time when using the Stand alone versioned MHQ system. Issue still remains for local hosted server player. Fixed: Possibility for player to get stuck when trying to JIP.
  13. Jigsor

    BMR Insurgency

    Hehe, real job takes lots of my time now, but still working on Insurgency plenty. WWII Green versions fork is complete. Lingor terrain update was released today. No major rework was required to mission only a couple of adjustment. More landmass was added and also potential places for a few more grid zones. Unfortunately the Dingor counterpart was not updated so I'll have to not add more grid zones in order to keep Dingor compatibility for now. I might get a chance to test some of the ACE compatibility features on a friends server this week. Looking to 1.49 release this next weekend hopefully. 1.49beta Altis updated with a few more fixes some are ACE related others not. In bon_recruit_units\init.sqf bon_dynamic_list = true;// Select false if you want to use a a static unit list. You can customize static lists in recruitable_units_static.sqf
  14. Jigsor

    BMR Insurgency

    Sorry for late reply. Worked 65 hours this week.. Project_OPFOR is rebranded and newer supported version of Leight's Opfor Pack. The class names from Project_OPFOR are the same as they were in Leight's Opfor Pack and still contain LOP prefixes. Not sure what is unclear in the howto guide but I'll try to explain in brief again. Create a new blank mission in VR terrain. In editor Place all moded enemy units, civilians emty turrets, empty vehicles that you wish to use in a lobby option " Opposing Army/Mod Initialization". Save the mission as unbinerized and coppy all addons from mission.sqm addons[]= {....}; Some addons may differ in Project_OPFOR from Leight's Opfor Pack but the legacy addons from Leight's Opfor Pack still work with Project_OPFOR. Since this option was originally designed with Leight's before Project_OPFOR was released and it still works just fine/backwards compatible, I have not changed the addons detection/activation in init.sqf Paste all addon into lists _requiredAddons and activateAddons in init.sqf Copy/log class names in editor and paste them into the appropriate corresponding lists in eos\UnitPools.sqf. These are the class types that spawn in the grid system. Copy/log class names in editor and paste all other types that spawn outside of grid system for example civis, civi vehicles, CAS, Airpatrole and Units for objectives typically main military force ie: units, statics and vehicles, in a case option in INS_definitions.sqf. The first case has descriptions at the end of each list. Case values in init.sqf and INS_definitions correspond with lobby option " Opposing Army/Mod Initialization" values Case options in UnitPools.sqf correspond with parameters passed to eos\OpenMe.sqf in init.sqf cases ex. [EAST,14,15]execVM "eos\OpenMe.sqf"; will spawn the major faction CUP Takistan Army (case 14) and minor faction CUP Takistan Militia (case 15). This way the grid system will spawn a majority faction (typically a military army) and a minor faction (typically a guerilla faction). If you only want to fight one faction then [EAST,14,14]execVM "eos\OpenMe.sqf"; would spawn only CUP Takistan Army in the grid system. All vanilla content does not need to be detected and activated but moded content does. You can mix and match anyway you like I believe, but you must create new cases and .hpp options. The howto on first page covers this in depth.
  15. Jigsor

    BMR Insurgency

    Have you had a look at "// How to add mod support to BMR Insurgency." under Guides on first page? There already is a case/option for Project_OPFOR that utilizes civis from it. In this case it is RHS dependent. Have a look at the scripts mentioned in the guide to get some idea of how it works. Are you trying to mix mods with vanilla or other mods for one of the existing lobby options "Opposing Army/Mod Initialization"?