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  1. webbie.


    Hi all, Love the mod. I don't want to flog a dead horse here and I know its been asked a few times but maybe someone has gotten onto a way to do it. Zombies Spawn and Blacklisting works perfect with the exception that the blacklist areas have to be quite large to stop zombies from roaming into a safe zone. I have Safe Zones setup to stop AI from entering the safe areas but regardless of whether its on delete or retreat they still come to the area. My module is setup to no side owns the area because its only for players, Ithink I have that reasoning right. Is anyone else experiencing an issue with them either deleting or retreating? I do see it work from time to time so I suspect the repeatable trigger may need to be on a loop or timer to run every 30 secs or whatever so it resets the trigger. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all, This may or may not have been answered. I did have a good look but couldnt find what I was looking for. Is their a fix or even a reason why the inventory in arma moves around when right clicking to move items around. eg. click an item in backpack to move to crate, click same item and it moves down the list. Thx in advance.
  3. webbie.

    Player Proximity Scan

    Thank You and apologies my thinking was that I didnt want it to be running the checks constantly so I thought this method would be better suited so players could run it as needed. Thank you I do appreciate the time you've given.
  4. webbie.

    Player Proximity Scan

    1 more question Do you think rather than being a toggle it could be an action you actually select and it runs it for say 5 secs and scans once everytime you select it?
  5. webbie.

    Player Proximity Scan

    ah sorry nevermind "player" having a bit of brainfart, thanks again
  6. webbie.

    Player Proximity Scan

    Im obviously doing something wrong, Ive added it to the initplayerlocal, The script is running but its looking for a variable to apply it too eg. GOM_fnc_scan = { params [["_scanObject",objNull],["_scanRadius",15],["_debug",false]]; if (_debug) then {systemChat "Starting to scan!"}; hint "Starting to scan!"; sleep 1; waitUntil { _nearPlayers = _scanObject nearEntities _scanRadius select {isPlayer _x}; hintsilent format ["Players detected:\n%1",count _nearPlayers]; !(_scanObject getVariable ["GOM_fnc_scanActive",true]) }; if (_debug) then {systemChat "Stopped scanning!"}; hint "Stopped scanning!"; }; //add scan action to object ???What goes here??? addAction ["Scan for Players",{ params ["_object","_caller","_ID"]; if (_object getVariable ["GOM_fnc_scanActive",false]) exitWith { _object setUserActionText [_ID,"Scan for Players"]; _object setVariable ["GOM_fnc_scanActive",false,true]; }; _object setUserActionText [_ID,"Stop scanning for Players"]; _object setVariable ["GOM_fnc_scanActive",true,true]; _scan = [_object,15] spawn GOM_fnc_scan; },[],0,true,true,"","_this isEqualTo vehicle _this",5];
  7. webbie.

    Player Proximity Scan

    ah nevermind I see what you've done their, perfect, Thank you so much for your assistance!
  8. webbie.

    Player Proximity Scan

    So I want to add the function to all players, obviously I cant call all of them test so is their a fuction to add that to allplayers globally?
  9. webbie.

    Player Proximity Scan

    so thinking on it I thought maybe it could run all the time but how could I do it so the variable would apply to all players
  10. webbie.

    Player Proximity Scan

    @grumpyoldman is their something I could do here //call function in object init field _scan = [test,15] spawn GOM_fnc_scan; to just allow a addaction? so basically it runs only when selected
  11. webbie.

    Player Proximity Scan

    Fantastic @Grumpy Old Man Ill give it a try now. Much appreciated!
  12. Hi all, Im looking for a way to add a player proximity scan to my pvp server. Similiar thing has been done in exile using an XM8. all i want to ba able to do is see a hint when you activate the scan that counts players in within a given range. Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.
  13. Hi all, so I've been involved in the arma community coming up to 2 years and 2000 hours of which half would be in development and who knows how much scripting. I have run a variety of servers including my current exile server , been apart of clans and units, created and uploaded missions, And would consider myself a moderate to advanced user and developer. My question is now what? I love arma both playing and developing. I've struggled to find an arma community that doesn't have a high and mighty mentality so I just plod along doing my own thing. Any thoughts appreciated. Im an aussie and would really like to join in an aussie community and enjoy milsim games but the whole high mighty thing is a bit shite. I do play with the yanks a fair bit but after quiks server shut down it became less of a thing.
  14. Because I just want this damn thing to work with the direction did you just put _direction = random 360; in place of _direction = [_tempPos, _connectedRoad] call BIS_fnc_DirTo; Also im trying to implement this on malden however all the units are spawning on the roads only this worked really well in tanoa so im unsure of what part needs to be changed.
  15. Credit on the server for you Larrow