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  1. Hey Micky, nice to see you again at the project. Happy to see also some progress at the mod. Greetings from Germany
  2. Pictureclass

    ADV - ACE Splint

    Thanks for your reply. We will see, how we can integrate it, and report back.
  3. Pictureclass

    ADV - ACE Splint

    Hi Belbo, are there any sideeffects, when the player is using the Splint? Like random falling down or continous amount of Pain added? Or have you any plans in this direction? Is the probability, that the Splint falling down higher, when the player is moving or running? Greetings and keep up the great work
  4. Pictureclass

    RMMV (WIP)

    Great News. Keep up your great work. Cant wait to try them ;)
  5. Pictureclass

    German Armed Forces Mod

    I was born and i grew up directly at the Border on the East Side (Check for Schierke on Google Maps). I cant remember much about it, but my parents and gradparents told their experiences they made with respect and fear. I truly can understand your thoughts about these kinds of servers and communitys. And I appeal to everyone, to take the work of mondkalb as an reason to learn something from and about it. Take the possibility to sharpen your mind and use this work with respect to all the people which suffer under the german border.
  6. Pictureclass

    "3FPS Issue" - Call for Help

    @pettka, @dwarden FYI: We also got this error in our unit. 95% (round 20 Players) fixed this issue with Profiling Branch and maxMem=1792
  7. Pictureclass

    Eagle's Addon Studios

    The Boxer would be realy great. Both are different Types of Vehicles, with different possible Applications. The main purpose of the Boxer is to transport soldiers, the purpose of the Puma is to fight together with the Infantery. But i really like your project. Keep up the work and maybe, some screenshots would be really nice :)
  8. Pictureclass

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    In Chrome its possible
  9. Pictureclass

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Thanks for the update of Arma 3 Units. I also would welcome an API. We got anything automated, so as example, if an new member joins, or the rank is updated its automaticly change the squad.xml. One bug i found: The order after the Unit Size is not working. Everytime i refresh the page and reset the Sort, other units are displayed https://units.arma3.com/#?order_field=size&order_direction=desc&limit=9&page=1&layout=list
  10. Pictureclass

    [WIP] TPz Fuchs 1A6 [Arma2 Port]

    Maybe read the topic?
  11. Pictureclass

    Mine Detector

    If you have, in the ACE Settings the Interaction Menu Background activated, the Mine Detector Interface is no longer displayed, when you press one of the Interaction Keys
  12. Pictureclass

    Mine Detector

    In my Tests i find the Display big enough. Two other Points i find: * If I press on of the ACE Action Keys, the Minedetector is gone and had to be restarted * The Player can still wear an Weapon in his hands and can run with the Minedetector. And maybe add the Actions with ACE to an seperated menu under the Equipment Part of the ACE Self Menu. If you put the Source on Git, i will try to help you
  13. Pictureclass

    Mine Detector

    Great job Revo. Finaly an exelent Metalldetector (I try to record the crying of my EOD's) ;)
  14. Maybe this: https://github.com/Austinb/GameQ Dont know for what you need it
  15. Pictureclass

    Server linux 1.56 strange issue

    Hotfix: Host all arma Servers with the same Linux user. Checked it. Updated my first post