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  1. AI gunner still doesn't relay on FCS, when I as commander order gunner to target a moving enemy, it can directly calculates the ballistic without any hesitate.
  2. msy

    Jets - Hitpoints

    make it different survival rate between sigle engine and twin-engle and more engine!
  3. msy

    USA election 2016

    ha ha,VAULT BOY looks like TRUMP.
  4. msy

    USA election 2016

    It seems Revolution in US is coming.
  5. I guess there will be reflection image on water in ARMA3 now.
  6. BUG report: when using ARMA3 APEX keyboard setting, while changing weapon at the same time pressing mouse fire button, the next weapon can fire though it is still on your back.
  7. msy

    AI - suppress command

    1. How to cease suppress fire? Now I use x-2-1 "no target" to cease fire but AI always waste one mag before cease fire. 2. ai don't care if there is friendly in front of them when suppressing. 3. using this order can TK team members.
  8. msy

    Iron Front in Arma 3

    should I still load @if_other_addons run the whole mod?
  9. in the latest dev branch or even earlier, I find a problem I think it might be a bug: We all know PP2000 or rook 40 is a very less impactive weapon. often it costs 10 bullets to kill a target wearing a carrier special rig. But in my test, one shot on thigh or coxae area may cause critical damage or even death to target in 95% chance. So the problem is: if it is difficult to kill a well equiped target, then shoot his lower body -- Is it reasonable? Or there is something wrong in body part HP?
  10. ARMA3 series always need a steam account to activate. But now I buy game in steam is more convenient and cheaper in my country.
  11. msy

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I always think X-2-1 "cancel target" can really work! Or I don't know how this order works. Plus, I always think there should be a "retreat" order that can make AI run back faster.
  12. I see there is an APEX pre-order in BI store, so I want to know when in steam can I pre-order it? Sorry, if I should post this in ARMA3 Q&A area, please move it.
  13. The most important thing to improve for chopper is that: the chopper shouldn't always explode when crash to ground.
  14. msy

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    WHEN can friendly AI soldier learn to avoid of coming car/tank? I have played Combined Arms showcase many times, and in many times the APC often kills my teamleader by car accident.