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  1. dram

    Localized versions

    Hi, Firstly let me begin by apologizing for the long absence. The game has indeed ended and is no longer under development. There are no planned updates as we have had to prioritize other ventures which are critical for our company going into the future. We thank all of our loyal fans and players for taking part in Take On mars and hope that it has at least provided interesting facts and many hours of enjoyment. On that note, I would also like to personally apologize for any bugs and issues still present in the game. I aim to do better in future and hope for your understanding. It was a difficult but passionate learning process and although it pains me that there are likely issues we did not get time to resolve, I do believe it was worth it in the end to try something different, which is what Bohemia Interactive is all about. Kind and sincere regards
  2. dram

    getting started multiplayer

    Yes, this death bug was fixed a while back :)
  3. dram

    Multiplayer, Clients can't join

    Hi mazaraz, do you have TKOM blocked by a firewall by any chance? This sounds like a firewall issue. Make sure both of you do not have it firewall-blocked.
  4. ATM only possible manually - spawn a character and manually place them.
  5. Hi, yes the printer will require resources and the cycle button will soon function too. The Cargo Transport does not yet have slots for methane/oxygen, but it will be in the cabin.
  6. dram

    Build stuff on manned mission

    Hi Sloaner, Not atm but something like that is definitely planned. Yep, you'll have to mine oxygen from the location. That can be in several ways, such as breaking CO2 into C + O2. You then will plug the O2 into the base via storage tanks. The life support module will then use that to pressurize the base. Yeah the algorithm for generating atmospheric zones is a little flawed atm. I am in the process of overhauling it. Yeah this is related to the issue above, where the door checks if there is an atmospheric zone on the other side, and if not it considers you venting to the environment. This won't happen when I finish fixing the algorithm :) Literally in progress right now :) ETA is within a week or two tops. The cycle button is meant to initiate pressurization/depressurization. Once the aforementioned overhaul is complete, you won't be able to open a door which has a dangerous pressure difference, so will need to depressurize/pressurize first. No problem, and thank you for the feedback! Very happy you are enjoying the game :)
  7. dram

    getting started multiplayer

    Hi bwana, there is a new bug which is that when you exit a seat without holding forward, it kills you. We know about it and are fixing it. For now simply hold forward when leaving the seat with E.
  8. Hi tprof1313, It is not possible to attach building pieces together in the editor, but it is planned to be able to spawn entire, functional buildings using it. This is still WIP of course. As for spawning your character, do you mean when you make your own scenario? If so, select CHARACTERS, which opens a list of spawnable characters, then simply aim the cursor somewhere and press T to spawn him there. If you then select him, you can set "Is Start Unit?" to true, which means that when you start the scenario from the scenarios menu you will automatically start as that character.
  9. Hi Irigi, indeed you are very correct, on Mars you would practically hear silence. From a game perspective that could be a bit boring though, so we have in fact added the option "realistic sound simulation". It is default off, so you can hear everything, but you can turn it on in options -> Sound/Game :)
  10. dram

    Dedicated server

    Indeed we should :) Sure, whener you get the chance to post it.
  11. dram

    Dedicated server

    Hey Hyphon, yeah unfortunately I sincerely doubt we'll have Linux support. The port would require too much resources for our small team. As for dedicated servers, that too is large task, though not as bad as a Linux port. I do not want to promise dedicated server support atm, but I do understand it is certainly welcome, so there will be some resources dedicated to at least doing a feasibility study.
  12. dram

    Build stuff on manned mission

    Awesome, glad you found it :) And you are very welcome
  13. Oh don't worry I perfectly understand, cheers!
  14. Hi, it does not do this in windowed mode, and we have plans to address this. It is an annoying occurence which happens due to true fullscreen. We'll likely move to borderless windowed instead.
  15. Hi Scalding, what you mentioned is precisely what we have planned :) Need to fix crashes and the Life Support Module first though.