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  1. Hello! Please contact our support on: support@bistudio.com and add description of the problem. They will help you with the process of recovering your account.
  2. Hello Paperoflord! Web browser version of the game is no longer supported nor available in our Bohemia Interactive store. Unfortunately part of the technology the game was built on is generally no longer supported by latest versions of web browsers and we can't guarantee the game will work properly in both singleplayer and multiplayer. At this moment we are focused on the mobile version of the game available on Android and iOS platforms.
  3. Thales

    Has this game been abandoned?

    Hello MadHadder! This May we released the update 1.4.0 which was the last content update for the game. Now the development team is fully focused on the development of successor of the game. You can find more information in our blog here: https://minidayz.com/blog/mini-dayz-future-and-further-development If you want to check the latest news about the development, be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter! We apologize for inconveineces with the game. If the issue is still happening please contact our support on: support@bistudio.com and add description of the issue. They will provide assistance and solution.
  4. Thales


    Hello Ethan! While our company support modders and other players in creating their own content in our games it is harder to do on mobile platform because modding games is not common nor widely supported. But we are looking into options we have in this matter.
  5. Hello NiceRal! Unfortunately we focus on mobile platforms only and there is no support for Android/iOS emulators for PC or Mac. Therefore we can't provide proper support in this case. Recovery of an account is not an issue on mobile platform.
  6. Thales


    Thanks for your feedback and suggestions! While the update 1.4.0 was the last content update for the game we are still gathering ideas from our community for the next game. For more information check our blog on: https://minidayz.com/ and follow our social sites on Facebook and Twitter.
  7. Thales


    Hello Ethan! Friendly survivors can't move to another island with you unfortunately. But they can ride in car with you! If the player cahracter sits in the car friendly survivor will start to chase the car and if he can get next to it he'll sit inside. If player character leaves later the survivor will join him and leaves the car as well.
  8. Hello! If situation like this occurs, please contact our support on: support@bistudio.com and add description of your original account and name used for the newly created. After checking the data they will assist you with linking back with the original account.
  9. Thales

    Can't unlock new characters

    Those should be unlocked while playing on any difficulty option when the unlock requirement is done during one run. Please check if you achieved them during a single playthrough - killing 5 zombies with any type of a shotgun (Billy "Red"), stopping bleeding 6 times with bandages or rags (Emilio "Doc") and killing 10 zombies with bare hands (Dave "Boxer"). If you achieved them this way characters should be available. We'll check the possible cause of the issue.
  10. Thales

    Can't unlock new characters

    Hello Poppins! Sorry to hear about the issue. Can you please add more details about what happened and which characters were not unlocked even though they should be now? Can you also please add description of how you unlocked them so we can check it?
  11. Thales

    Arma Mobile Ops on Facebook Gameroom

    Hello FataMorgan! Thanks for your feedback! We know about Gameroom service and were considering implementation but at the moment Arma Mobile Ops is limited to Android and iOS platforms only.
  12. Thales

    Error 500 on iOS

    Hello Danygo_1! We found a cause of the issue and released a fix. It should not affect your progress in the game in any way. We will solve this issue separately via PM.
  13. Thales

    Couple of problems.

    Hello kromka! We apologize for inconveniences and thanks for letting us know about the issue. We'll check it right away.
  14. Thales

    Error 500 on iOS

    Hello Danygo_1! Please send me your in-game nickname in PM and we'll check the data for what is causing the error and we'll fix it.
  15. Thales

    X35 Jets

    Hello JohnKalo! We are planning more rebalancing of units and introducing a new gameplay for units in future updates. From testing we found that Jets are great in combination with other ground/air units for their fast movement speed they can confuse enemy anti-air defenses and while dealing damage to the base they are also buying more time for other units to attack. However we are open to feedback and suggestions so if you want to share more ideas about this or other units, please feel free to do so.