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  1. Couple of problems.

    Hello blade glint! The player base is stable for last few months. We are still working on re-balancing and adjustments to make the game more interesting and some of those new features will be presented in upcoming updates. Can you tell us more about what went unpleasant for you? Do you try new combinations of units and events or is there just one favourite strategy? We are open to feedback and try our best to improve the game with every update so suggestions and ideas from our players are definitely appreciated.
  2. Ps vita version?

    Hello hedelmasalaatti! Unfortunately there are no plans for releasing the game on other platforms than Android and iOS.
  3. Hello Gazuba! If the game is installed on a new device you need to go through (or skip via button in the upper right corner) tutorial and when options menu becomes available you can reconnect to your previous account and choose if you want to play with the new account or have back your previous base and game progression. If you did all steps mentioned above and your account is still unavailable to you, please contact our support on: support@bistudio.com and add as many details about your previous account as possible. They will assist you in retrieving your previous account.
  4. Hello konal! The arrows are showing that the building can be moved around the grid so you can easily adjust the setup of your base. Buildings can't be rotated in any way.
  5. Make a install PC version please ! :D

    Hello ALPHIVE! Currently there are no plans for creating a separate offline PC version of the game because the dev team is now fully focused on updating and improving the mobile version. We will let you all know about new plans for Mini DayZ in future updates and here on forums so stay tuned. If you'd like to share more of your feedback and suggestions we'll be happy if you do. :-)
  6. Daytime in base editor

    Hello vondes! We are not aware of such interaction between our game and mentioned 3rd party software.
  7. Hello realzoro! Unfortunately we support only the official distribution ways for our game on selected platforms which means Google Play store for Android and iTunes for Apple iOS.
  8. [Numbers] Players

    Hello helicopterenthusiast! Players can use numbers in their nicknames in combination with letter or numbers only. So far we don't have any evidence that such players are more inclined to violate rules of the game than players using only letters. So there should be no fear from having players with nicknames including numbers in our game.
  9. Alliance name

    Hello helicopterenthusiast! We surely don't ignore your request but the issue with blacklisting vulgarisms is more problematic to solve. We can't say how other companies are solving this issue but we are currently working on a solution that will enable players to use names they wish and at the same time it will identify and block use of vulgarisms.
  10. Alliance name

    Hello helicopterenthusiast! We checked the proposed name and it was not allowed based on the blacklist. We are working on how to detect words better asap so you can use the name. Thanks for your patience!
  11. Suggestion

    Hello helicopterenthusiast! Thanks for sharing your ideas about alliances. We have plans for adding more content focused on alliances but we can't share any details yet. However we are open to ideas from our players so please feel free to share them here.
  12. Im enjoying this game! (kinda addicted to it)

    Hello Myrone Honorio! We are really happy that you and other players are enjoying our game. We are working hard to make sure that every update will make the game better and more enjoyable. You can definitely help us by saying your friends about our game and what you like about it. We are also open for feedback so if you have any ideas, suggestions or questions, please feel free to share them here or on Mini DayZ official Facebook page. We want to knwo what our players like and what they would like to see improved.
  13. Hello fluppi00! In order to set the base as active you need to place all structures. So even by not placing just few walls the base you created cannot be activated.
  14. Daytime in base editor

    Hello AgentRev! We noticed this suggestion and it will be included in the next update.
  15. Hello,


    Brand new Mini DayZ player here, [less than a week] and I am loving it! My boyfriend was playing for a while then after hearing all the excitement, I asked about it and he showed me. It takes me back to my PC game days of Krush, Kill, & Destroy but more hands on. After playing the game and lots of dying, I now have a ton of questions [and a suggestion or 2] that I can't seem to find the answers to. Hopefully you can answer them.


    ***What clothing items [besides T-shirt] can be torn into rags? I have searched so many places online and I cannot seem to find the answer to this. I know in the original game DayZ, there was a decent list of clothing that could be torn into rags, some even torn into more than 1 rag. Please help!
    ***How many times can you harvest a plant before it "dies" ? Do the plants die, become unable to be used? I know you get like 2-5 crop from most plants. What I'm wondering is if it keeps growing new crop on it's own or do you have to plant new things each harvest? [note: this is in reference to farming in the game. I am not asking about berry bushes.]
    *** How long do items survive when dropped on the ground? Does the map referesh every X amount of hours?
    *** Can your character get attacked while inside a civilian tent?
    *** Why can bear traps hurt our characters but not barbed wire? Wouldn't it make sense to make bear traps and other similiar things only harm the enemies? Seems to give them even more of an unfair advantage than what they already have.
    *** What is the purpose of the fuel can?
    *** Why can certain enemies enter certain buildings? How do we know which enemies can enter buildings or which buildings they can enter? Do enemies change per island you visit? 
    *** What is the secret place? How would we know we have found the secret place?
    1. Thales


      Hello sdawn00!


      We're glad you like our game and if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to discuss it with us and other players on the forums here. We are always trying to improve our game and we're listening to your feedback. But back to your questions:


      You can tear tshirt, shirt and bandana to get rags.

      All plants are one-use only. That means when you harvest a plant it dies immediately and you can't use it again.

      The game erases all items that are not placed in the civilian tent and are not in a close distance to the player every 10 game hours.

      If an enemy is very close he could hit your while you're inside the civilian tent.

      We discussed the fact that barb wire has different effect than a bear trap and we are considering changes. Thanks for letting us know about this!

      At the moment fuel can has no real purpose but that will change with future updates where it could be used with boat and possibly vehicles as in web browser version. But we don't have exact dates for that yet.

      Entering buildings is not limited to a certain type of enemy. Any enemy can enter a building if door is left opened. So don't forget to close them to stay safe and sound!

      If you want to know more about secret places and maybe learn some more on how the game works visit our blog with guides here: https://minidayz.com/blog You can also check our Facebook page where we post more tips and tricks.


      Have a nice day!