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  1. Error 500 on iOS

    Hello Danygo_1! We found a cause of the issue and released a fix. It should not affect your progress in the game in any way. We will solve this issue separately via PM.
  2. Couple of problems.

    Hello kromka! We apologize for inconveniences and thanks for letting us know about the issue. We'll check it right away.
  3. Error 500 on iOS

    Hello Danygo_1! Please send me your in-game nickname in PM and we'll check the data for what is causing the error and we'll fix it.
  4. X35 Jets

    Hello JohnKalo! We are planning more rebalancing of units and introducing a new gameplay for units in future updates. From testing we found that Jets are great in combination with other ground/air units for their fast movement speed they can confuse enemy anti-air defenses and while dealing damage to the base they are also buying more time for other units to attack. However we are open to feedback and suggestions so if you want to share more ideas about this or other units, please feel free to do so.
  5. Couple of problems.

    Hello blade glint! The player base is stable for last few months. We are still working on re-balancing and adjustments to make the game more interesting and some of those new features will be presented in upcoming updates. Can you tell us more about what went unpleasant for you? Do you try new combinations of units and events or is there just one favourite strategy? We are open to feedback and try our best to improve the game with every update so suggestions and ideas from our players are definitely appreciated.
  6. Ps vita version?

    Hello hedelmasalaatti! Unfortunately there are no plans for releasing the game on other platforms than Android and iOS.
  7. Hello Gazuba! If the game is installed on a new device you need to go through (or skip via button in the upper right corner) tutorial and when options menu becomes available you can reconnect to your previous account and choose if you want to play with the new account or have back your previous base and game progression. If you did all steps mentioned above and your account is still unavailable to you, please contact our support on: support@bistudio.com and add as many details about your previous account as possible. They will assist you in retrieving your previous account.
  8. Hello konal! The arrows are showing that the building can be moved around the grid so you can easily adjust the setup of your base. Buildings can't be rotated in any way.
  9. Make a install PC version please ! :D

    Hello ALPHIVE! Currently there are no plans for creating a separate offline PC version of the game because the dev team is now fully focused on updating and improving the mobile version. We will let you all know about new plans for Mini DayZ in future updates and here on forums so stay tuned. If you'd like to share more of your feedback and suggestions we'll be happy if you do. :-)
  10. Hello realzoro! Unfortunately we support only the official distribution ways for our game on selected platforms which means Google Play store for Android and iTunes for Apple iOS.
  11. [Numbers] Players

    Hello helicopterenthusiast! Players can use numbers in their nicknames in combination with letter or numbers only. So far we don't have any evidence that such players are more inclined to violate rules of the game than players using only letters. So there should be no fear from having players with nicknames including numbers in our game.
  12. Alliance name

    Hello helicopterenthusiast! We surely don't ignore your request but the issue with blacklisting vulgarisms is more problematic to solve. We can't say how other companies are solving this issue but we are currently working on a solution that will enable players to use names they wish and at the same time it will identify and block use of vulgarisms.
  13. Alliance name

    Hello helicopterenthusiast! We checked the proposed name and it was not allowed based on the blacklist. We are working on how to detect words better asap so you can use the name. Thanks for your patience!
  14. Suggestion

    Hello helicopterenthusiast! Thanks for sharing your ideas about alliances. We have plans for adding more content focused on alliances but we can't share any details yet. However we are open to ideas from our players so please feel free to share them here.
  15. Im enjoying this game! (kinda addicted to it)

    Hello Myrone Honorio! We are really happy that you and other players are enjoying our game. We are working hard to make sure that every update will make the game better and more enjoyable. You can definitely help us by saying your friends about our game and what you like about it. We are also open for feedback so if you have any ideas, suggestions or questions, please feel free to share them here or on Mini DayZ official Facebook page. We want to knwo what our players like and what they would like to see improved.