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  1. BetweenBeta

    Mini DayZ Stories

    Lol Warden of the North, its ironic how I love the series and yet see the beginning of the game being written out in a Mini DayZ "stories" thread. XD Very original.
  2. BetweenBeta

    Mini DayZ Stories

    Hi there! I am new to the community and am currently having loading issues with Mini DayZ, so in the meantime I wanted to create a topic for everyone to share there own weird, enticing lore on the Mini DayZ series so far. Feel free to... • Name your opinion on the events that take place in Mini DayZ or on the events of a fictional character created by YOU. • Go as detailed as possible on a back story And for those of you who are able to play I encourage you to take on the challenge of playing the game as if u had the chance to play as or in your fictional character/setting I'll play along with you guys as well: I am a traumatizdo,19 year old male. I wake up to discover my apartment complex has almost been completely destroyed to rubble and the surrounding area looks like its been abandoned for months. I quickly take my dads old hunting rifle from its case and grab his military bag that barely got ruined, considering the apartments conditioning had little affect on it. I grab whatever else I could find left in search of remembering how it all went down. As I make my way down the fire exit stairway I see the door to the exit has been left open, blood smeared all over the side of the walls and floor. I assume the worst; that someone was severely injured by the complex degree all over the place.. After walking into the cold frosted snowy plains of the west wing I see a strange figure leaned over what looks to be a dog, blood splattered everywhere. Only time can tell what happened next...
  3. BetweenBeta

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    @Thales • I just got a reply back and sent all my device information to help fix the error, and I can take a screenshot but its not much to see, it just transition from a white screen to black screen then gets stuck. :/
  4. BetweenBeta

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    Hi there, recently I just updated today to the new 1.0.8 MDZ for android...It STILL didn't fix the black screen issue. I've been dying to play the game but this problem has prevented me from doing so. Someone please help. Running android version 6.0.1
  5. BetweenBeta

    Black Screen Fix

    Is there a fix for android devices. I'm running android version 6.0.1 and when I load up the game I always get a white screen that flashes to a black screen. The most recent update said it was fixed, but I am still having these problems. Please help!