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  1. 1.4.2??????

    I've been waiting for the update, I'm already missing the same thing. I'm looking for a dealer, too. I also want to see the game revolunction.
  2. injustice???

    because in my google play store (my case is brazilian) only has the version 1.0.8 of the minidayz in when I see on youtube or another video site the other ones are already version 1.0.9,1.1.1, etc. ?????
  3. When on average is the next update ???

    thanks, Valbunny This information for me was very useful, have a good day.
  4. When on average is the next update ???

    Hi, I wanted to know when the next update could come out, I know that the uptade has great relevance to the community that may be suggesting that this uptade may have a better and better chance with the addition of maybe transports, multiplayer, among others.