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  1. Hello, Brand new Mini DayZ player here, [less than a week] and I am loving it! My boyfriend was playing for a while then after hearing all the excitement, I asked about it and he showed me. I am now happily a fan. It takes me back to my PC game days of Krush, Kill, & Destroy but more hands on. After playing the game and lots of dying, I now have a ton of questions [and a suggestion or 2] that I can't seem to find the answers to. Hopefully you can answer them. ***What clothing items [besides T-shirt] can be torn into rags? I have searched so many places online and I cannot seem to find the answer to this. I know in the original game DayZ, there was a decent list of clothing that could be torn into rags, some even torn into more than 1 rag. Please help! ***How many times can you harvest a plant before it "dies" ? Do the plants die, become unable to be used? I know you get like 2-5 crop from most plants. What I'm wondering is if it keeps growing new crop on it's own or do you have to plant new things each harvest? [note: this is in reference to farming in the game. I am not asking about berry bushes.] *** How long do items survive when dropped on the ground? Does the map referesh every X amount of hours? *** Can your character get attacked while inside a civilian tent? *** Why can bear traps hurt our characters but not barbed wire? Wouldn't it make sense to make bear traps and other similiar things only harm the enemies? Seems to give them even more of an unfair advantage than what they already have. *** What is the purpose of the fuel can? *** Why can certain enemies enter certain buildings? How do we know which enemies can enter buildings or which buildings they can enter? Do enemies change per island you visit? *** What is the secret place? How would we know we have found the secret place?