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  1. That's interesting information, but piracy is definitely not the case. We are just really careful with mod/game versions to prevent failures in big events. Anyways, we upgraded and everything seems to work like before. :-)
  2. Thanks! Good to know :-)
  3. Hi, is there any chance or way to activate Arma3Legacy166? Apparently it's not available anymore after releasing 1.70. It was very surprising for our community and now our schedule is facing some nasty issues. Mods, you know ;-) Was it announced somehow? Because then we missed it completely and we just need to pay attention more.
  4. hinkkiz

    Buldozer Tools

    This is truly a time saver. Awesome job! :-)
  5. Looking forward! It looks very interesting ^_^
  6. hinkkiz

    Software for screenshots

    My vote goes to Dxtory. It just works and at the moment I kind of try to stay away from Steam overlay. - It's very light and no bugs. - Full of features and settings (FPS monitor, video recording(PRO))
  7. If I'm correct, both 2D and 3D editor will be running parallel until Apex update, so there is lots of time for testing. I believe that if BI still see 3D editor too buggy, they would keep the 2D editor alive. I really love the 3D editor, but of course I demand functionalities and stability of the 2D editor.
  8. hinkkiz


    Personally I dont mind, if the animations are crappy and doors doesnt have force simulation. Actually it would be better. Much smoother action with less expenses and we would get the basic CQB features(open door, "kick in" and explosives). For sure it would be enjoyable. Alternative routes would be also nice like Matt said. For me Arma2's CQB is pretty good with ACE. Only wished for more rapid movement and that I wouldn't need to "stare" at the door handle while opening it. OR searching for it. Damn it's annoying :D
  9. Sounds very generous from BI! Really awesome. I hope my mail will arrive soon also ;)
  10. I guess I'm the low end :D Showcases work fine with Standard settings on average ;)
  11. Showcases run pretty easily for me. Actually I really believe it runs better than Arma2 ! :D Cheers BI ! ;) - quality settings on standard. - everything else low-standard.
  12. "The more, the better". But like many others have said already, there's a long way till final product and anything can happen. Maybe BI has some plans for this also in some manner ;) Still *Thumbs up*
  13. Some ideas of my own, some which i support: - Benchmark scenarios. - Possibility to use arrow keys to control sliding menus. - Localized clothing and gear customizing. (I believe this is under control though). - Protective stance against artillery. - More faces to make players look unique even in a bigger clan. - Lots of DLC's :rolleyes: - Spectacles! ;)