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  1. Beagle


    @Jezuro it must be said, there is obviously an Virtual War going on against your mission and the BIS official servers. That#sd the only conclusion for all the attacks on Servcers on this weekend. Someone finally found as way to crash the servers, leadign to a System freeze only resolvable with a hard reboot for the clients. Someone is wandering from server to sever to crash it, it alsways starts with script infusion. The regular player base is startingn to call out nicknames, but that's it, we can no nothing but avoid official serves for now. Btw. some players need artillery that badly, they do everything to get it... maybe better give it to them by default 😉
  2. Beagle


    Here is the most recent AAN World News report from the warlords comedy front: A lot of good AI lost their lives to bring this picture evidence to us. All this assets, and more, spawned at the NATO base. Server: Official Warlords (US)#1w but it happens on any populated server, sooner or later.
  3. Beagle


    Adera is not a usable runway for most aircraft in the game, its just to short. But a shift of BLufor start base would be good anyway since the position on foot of a hill makes any last stand defense futile, so to speak. A higher price tag for the aircraft and long range SAM will do, and that's already planned fpr the next version. With the long range radar SAM radar and launcher and a ammo truck you can establish a no fly zone over your area, until that SAM is taken out by ground forces, because airpower, especially fixed wing, won't be able to reach it. But currenly the real problem is not balance, but script injections and deliberate teamkills and trolling by friendly asset destruction.
  4. Beagle


    Well at least the hacker changes the injected script from time to time, so at least it is somewhat amusing. But you can count on it, it will happen in every 2nd match. The only timeframe that seems secure is around noon CET time.
  5. Beagle


    My Suspicion is, that "Warlords" simply can't handle the speed and amount of TK this particular player is accumulating. I've seen him respawn without gear though a few times but then it seems to stop to have any repercussion. But, at the same time there is also a lot of Script injection going on...
  6. Beagle


    I have investigated the case of the greatest Teamkiller of all times in ArmA, "Big Nup" aka "Gravatron 3000" etc. for a while. As it seems, the TK script for black sceen works, but that guy is so persitent, he stil does it for hours every night and day on different servers. It's a problem with that players attitude and no way to ban him on the official servers, not a problem with the mission script itself. He racks about 200 TKs every day now, not counting destroyed friendly vehicles. He is also always switching sides so that everyone can embrace his love. He once mentioned that's the only way he can have fun in this game. @ Jezuro, keep in mind, such trolls exist. Maybe think about more drastic measures regarding deliberate and high number teamkills.
  7. Beagle


    Do you mean really uniforms, as fatigues, or helmets and vests. As for that, it's their fault to use the other sides equipment, like ghillies they get you killed in close quarters. Freedom to fail must be provided 😉 The sides uniform can't be changed. Whenever you try it reverts back to fraction standard fatigues in the default missions. NATO side has a lot of civil and rebel clothing in the list. Im missing the same for CSAT. Addendum: It is a bit sad to see that the Tanoa Warlords servrs are empty or near empty all the time. Had a match with another solo random dude yesterday for a while, and despite its the same mission it is truely another game. Unfortunately the Tanoe warlords server refused to draw more players,
  8. Beagle


    A hotfix for 1.90 is in the works, so it will be in that hotfix, I guess.
  9. Beagle


    Hello Jezuro, just a little hint to delight the "roleplay" crowd in warfare. Please add fitting air- and armor- Crewmen and Copilot/Gunner AI sets to the Infantry list in the default mission. I hate to have AI rifleman in my Gunner/crew seats. 😉
  10. Beagle


    Since I use to play only on official servers, my reports come from there, of course. Regarding hacking, its not actually hacks but infusion of the standard scripts one would also use in mission creating, most of them very standard ones like the HALO.sqs etc.
  11. Beagle


    Yes, currently there is not a single afternoon without it. I gave Warlords a rest now, maybe later if this is fixed in an update. Add to this that there is currenlty no working repercussion for teamkill sprees....see screenshot: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1684141112
  12. Beagle


    Tonight there is a lot of script abuse again in Warlords on official servers. Mainly standard init commands like forcing HALO parachute, setdamage, setpos, delete gear, etc. on players. These script attacks last for hours now on different EU servers.
  13. This was evaluated in preparation of the Tanks DLC that improved Tracked Vehicle physics and handling a lot, but it never made it into the game because it was far from easy to implement. Tracked is another class and does not use the same physics as wheeled vehicles.
  14. Beagle


    I watched you getting teamkilled at spawn by the same guy 20 times or more in a row and was wondering how that is actually possible without the guy getting kicked or "Blackscreened". well, now that at least the hacks are at bay in 1.90 we still have enough problems now in Warlords, now the main gripe is teamstacking and the following air rape on the smaller team. The LGB and Laser Designator is taking its toll onto the few short range Air Defense Systems we can use in the mission. Now i can see why Anti-Radiation missiles would ne a horror, when To-199 and buddy lasing is already enough. Air defense AI (both as ADV and Infanrty) is utterly ineffective aginst player Airplanes, als also player controlled ADV has a hard time since Contermeasures are so damned effective. Hardy every 4th missile is a close enough hit that will eventually force the pilot to at least retreat Again, the low AI team membver count makes Warlords now fail for the dedicated light or mechanized infantry player. Warlords has finally turned into airquake with some thrown in hard and soft targets. Keep in mind that CSAT will always be first in the air, since they can get Molos Airfield fast as 3rd capture zone. NATO is very often just busy with Therisa when the first CSAT aircraft show up. Once over AAC even a Neophron can force an no fly zone over AAC for quite a while wreaking havoc among the defenseless AI delivereded aircraft there. in BECTI the problem was solved with the advancec Air Defense Systems the ArmA already features. They could come at a price as high as a To-201
  15. Reminder... the issue is still persistent in 1.90.