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  1. Any news about the "Luchs" armoured recon vehicle? The Panzeraufklärerer already close to perfection depicted in GM wait for their ride 😉. Also some camo "sooty" faces would fit well since both sides used the most available kind of face camo... sooth, The combat equipped soldiers in summer field gear should also wear the thin "summer" leather gloves.
  2. Add to that the missing fading of colours at night. If you look closely the green is still green, not blue grey and white, red and blue objets or parts tend to slightly glow at night. The night lighting was no improvement at all with the new lighting update. The only remedy is to constantly change the post fx settings over a day in ArmA..
  3. the lighting is even more problematic, even compared to older, dx10 titles.
  4. Livonia uses DayZ terrain assets and buildings. So, what was your question again?
  5. Beagle


    One major problem is the lack of any "Laser Designator Discipline", You can see a lot of player lasing anything anytime, flying aroudn with laser on permanently lasing themselfs or the ground under them. It is also used as distraction. Unfortunately ArmA does n ot know about Batterie lifetime and Laser burn out. (see DCS, where laser will overheat by permanent use)
  6. Beagle


    ...and.... captured vehicles provoke friendly fire inccidents.
  7. Beagle

    Tab targeting for AI tank gunners

    Tanks don't have the "radar" anymore, so you need to reproduce the steps a real commander would. Find the target, designate it with T and oder the gunner to attack designated target.
  8. yes... he has grown a long white beard by now!
  9. Beagle

    You've played to much Arma when:

    You played to much ArmA in the last 18 years if you have developed a thrombosis in your left leg from all that sitting your as flat in front of a screen. Thats when you stop, because you can't sit still for more then 1 hour without pain in the extremities. "Warlords" can really kill peoples 😉 Now suddently I really appreciate games that limit MP sessions to single 15 min. matches.
  10. Beagle


    I would not change the main way warlords is played in such severe ways. some restriction in "behind the lines" freedom yes, cooldown time for repair and rearm, yes, but removing the arsenal, big no. Crates, Infantry and vehicles only in owned zones is restriction enough. Restricting a lot of the stuff now that made the mission worth playing can't be the right way to make it any better. Albeit, i think the original rendering range of 2500 was a lot better, t was just annyoing fpr fixed wings aircraft pilots who now profit the most of it due to long lock on and lasing distancs. I for myself always considered 3000 a good alround view distance for both terrain and objects.
  11. it is a cost and weigt factor. Since i Refuse to play on servers with Fatigue disabled, the pistol and 4 magazines make a difference...if you leave them behind there are more usefull things you can carry. That's the point also RL... why carry around 2.5 pounds you will rarely need.
  12. Beagle


    Warlords is most often played against players... AI will hardly engage anything beyond 2000m on its own initiative. Regarding the Titan AA from SPAA, it will rarky hit somethign at maximum range, the best change to score a hit on a Manouvering target is 1000-3000m with head on shots beeing the most effetiv against players since the reation tiem is the shortest Missiles fired on the beam on a plane miss practically all the time.
  13. Addendum: all official servers are still on 145903, while client is 145977. The changes in enoch.ebo makes it uncompatible with older version. All servers need an update and a restart.
  14. 14:12 CEST, situation remains unchanged. But at least the severs are empty now ;) And since I assume that the official servers should be up to date, that's a sign that something is wrong with "enoch.ebo" We need a hotfix for the hotfix