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  1. Beagle


    The problem here by is, there is no real strategy. It is near impossible to get randons player follow a plan more then say: till respawn. You are lucky if you find 2 guys to help you in your "plan". And then when you're there, someone hits "reset sector" because it's more important to capture airbase before Lakka military hill. No, most of the time you see lonewolf Rambos that onyl look like a team because they spawn at the same location. I noticed that particularly on NATO side, any cooperation and battle plannig is poor, very much on EU servers. US servers are a bit better on that part. But i also noticed I now rely a lot on teleprt tactics.... teleport with Stealth suit and a Bergen full of Titan AT (5) to AO or a high terrain point, teleport back to rearm, rinse and repeat till tankers leave the game, capture. I think the teleport thingie is too easy andarcade for a battlefield simulation, it should really have a cooldown of a few minutes as long as you're alive and don't have to respawn. Because right now, Teleport itself is a weapon. You litterally wear of an defender witch respawn waves, not with actual combat tactics or conceted actions. What dos he do? He retreats 20 meters out of the border, digs in, waits and recaps when the circus has left the town. Ben there, done that, ad nauseum till the CP counter shows 13500. Oh and by the way... it's really much easier to win on OFOPR side. Better armour, better airpower, better positions on the map from the Start. The mission could really use some randomization!. Why not switch or simply mirror starting positions randomly. Also, the Altis north west hill area rarely sees PvP ground combat depite the fact that those hills make things really different. And last but not least a feature request, would it be possible to use the garage, to customize vehicles the way it is done for the arsenal? Mainly asking for camo nets, slat cages and alternate paint.
  2. Beagle


    Warlords tends to come to a stall more and more often. More and more often it becomes "whack a mole" around the center towns. Yesterday the mission on US#01e went on for 18 hours, without any progress on both sides until server restart. it was the first time I saw the sun go down and set again, when im rejoined hours later, in warlords. Which brings up a problem....the whack a mole recapturing gameplay.... it's not original nor very interesting. Sector scan, look for the one player and its automated MG, spawn crew and MBT, capture, MBT gets killed by a CAS on its way back to base... repeat!
  3. Beagle


    Observation from Saturday 18th May. Server EU#01 58 Players Altis regular setting; Game starts with good performance, is fluid but gets significantly slower after just 2 hours, all client report fps aroudn 18-20. no LR radras used Server EU#11 42 Players Altis regular setting; Game already running for a while, at join is a bit choppy but playable (fps around 30) starts to degrade after another 1 hour. One LR radras used Server EU#03 21 Players Altis veteran setting; Game is running smooth with fps in the range above 36, 2 Hours played, groudn and air units used, left server still runnign good frames. Two LR radars used lots of SAM missile spam. Server US#01e 42 Players, Altis recruit setting: Game is lagging at join, fps already down to 26, Mission is already runnign for 8 hours. No LR radars used Conclusion The high player count on official servers is the main reason for low sever and client fps. With low sever ans client fps bad things begin to happen MIssiles dont track right or are rubberbanding, Automatic weapons get "Hickups" and have low fire rates. Rubberbanding collisions resulting in exploding vehicles. Somethimes tanks just blow up when you drive a Car into them, whiel the car takes no damage. Helicopters tend to roll over or explode on landings, particularly with AFM. I also noticed that shutting down arma after playing Warlords on a sever with low fps takes a lot of time, PC is reacting very slow until arma is finaly shut down. The process often takes 2 minutes. I think returning to 16 vs.16 Player on Altis or something like would resolve the performance problems. Adendum: spend the rest of the night on US#01e, it was still the same mission, we saw the sun set again. Player count was down to 20-30. a lot of towns competely detroyed and in rubbles, but performance was good again. .
  4. Beagle


    Well the biggest issue so far is: when you have enough CP for a radar, the server frames are already so low that the mission is unberable anywaywhen the server is full. Thats just another sing that 64 players is too much for the server.
  5. Beagle


    Whats up with GlobMob content in warlords? I deactivated GlobMob recently after the campaign because it's of no real MP value. Now whenever I join a Warlords server I get GlobMob missing objects and texture popups... and... quite a few players players running around in underwear and invisible gear and weapons unsing rifle grenades from invisible rifles and invisible LATGMs from invisible lauchers. Why is GlobMob content available in Warlords?
  6. Well, the point is, anything that has a good chance of defeating an aircraft is used. That starts with simple Medium Machineguns from a bipod, goes on für autocannons on IFVs to MBTs and of course Anti Air Artillery. It is simply a factum in military training since World War One. The "Red Baron" was brought down that way in 1918. He felt to secure and underestimated ground fire. A video from the 1970's showing that you train to basically shoot everything against air targets.
  7. Beagle


    To add to that, as I wrote weeks ago.... the 32 Player Altis version had a noticable better performance. 64 Player is obviously too much for such a unrestricted gamemode.
  8. Beagle


    Get your facts straight. Jets of al kinds can operate from unprepared strips if the necessity is there. A carrier based plane even more. Soem of the airframes in ArmA III even have unprepared runway equipmwnt build into the model, and working, like the air intake shields fpr the Neophron. Landing ans taking off and landing on grass strips is even modeled in DCS. You can do it with the Su-25, and SU-27 quite well. All you need is a reduced payload. I personally would not bother any more to play warlords at all without the chance to have an dogfight from time to time. Now with better viewdistance it is even enjoyable finally. Your frustration is more due to the fact that you exspect coordinated efforts from a team...well...forget it, it won't happen, and if it does it won's survive the first contact with the opposing team. Join, have some fun, tank around, grind AI, crash a few planes and leave. Thats the best way to habe fun. Anything longer then 2 hours will just give you headaches, (due to frames getting low, anyway) I've never seen the end of a match in months. Warlords. thats just foolign around a bit, looking tacticool. If you're look for indepth strategic gameplay, try the milsim groups or BECTI servers. Warlords uses fast travel, unrestricted gear and unlimited respawn. What do you exspect, apart from a fast paced fun mode and airquake? Regarding crashes. there is somethign fishy about 1.92, I rarely had crashes and freezes in 1.90, but now with 1.92 I have it a lot, also in SP.
  9. it works well in default ArmA III because vehicles don't use manual reload.
  10. No, it's an optional DLC, not integral part of ArmA III. It works just like a mod, including all the imcompatibilities and missing file messages that will occur for those without. If you use the GM content through the arsenal in MP nothing will shown to the players without. That produced quite a lot of funny situation in warlords, runnig around in NVA gear on the Blufor side... or in underwear and invisible weapons, respectivly. it is a bit of a pitty though, the the GM content servers are meinly...empty. A supposed 40 Player mission does not really kick off with just 2-5 players. It is alos a bit strange that you can see the position of the enemy spawn vehicle moving over the map. No matter how well they try to hide it.
  11. Yes The compass is bugged buts it's a german compass 😉 Im still very impressed with the custom animations, especially the two stage reoad of the LePzst 44 and general detail of uniforms (ranks, branch colours) and gear in general, albeit the straps and pouches of Bundeswehr load carrier gear is too bright in the DLC. The color of the soft plastic ammo pouches and folding shovel bag was not bright green but plain olive like a new set of fatigues. same for the belt satchels, since you would not wash them, they tended to be darker then the fatigues. Also a combat appearal is not complate without the multiuse "Dreickstuch" neckerchief around the neck, and unlined dark grey leather gloves. Both were mandatory personal equipment. Face camoflage, mainly black from soot was also the norm in the 80', until forbidden in 1998. There is working trip meter in sone vehicles. Still. the functionalities of soem vehicles, mainly the MBT needs soem work. The commander periscope is annoying. Since the A2 version there was not only a machanically stabilized gum, but also a stablized Peri for the commander. Night vision for gunners and mounted "MILAN" launchers still needs a solution. Daysight only in a war condition is a no go, the supplies of night vision gear was there in the 80's, you onyl did not get enough of it in basic training. The expensive stuff was stored for special training and"out of area deployment, not to be worn out in training. (first in 1993, when parts of my unit went to Somalia and we began training for the next contigent, that never happened, that was when suddently the doors of the storage opened and all the equipment we only heard from in "myths" came to appearance) The DLC feels more like both factions are stuck with peacetime equipment. The Weferlinge map feels a bit to clean in a lot of parts, even for germany. Especially the ground textures in towns that has no clutter looks too sterile. Some buildings like the Local town Pubs (with different names, nice touch) and churches should have at least some interior. The sound: Most sounds are from ArmA III and some simply dotn fit the vehicle type very well. The M113 is very prominent since it sounds like a KAMAZ truck, not like the tracked vehicle with a rough sounding two stroke detroit diesel engine and squeaking steel tracks. Somevehicles like the "Fuchs" TPZ would be o.k. with a higher pitch, and the VW Iltis 0,5t gl sounded realy that asthmatic if it was the oldest vrsion with the caburator petrol engine. The MTW and Fuchs command vehicles where both my "office" back then. The SEM25 inside was a familiar sight. all it needs is a glowing red "bereiebsbereit" lightbulb to indicated that the electron tube are warm. And it needs a KP-7 encryption unit.
  12. Beagle


    Looks like the lobby idle kick to me. Happens quite often when you join via the launcher menu, simply because it takes too much time to load but you already occupy the slot. Sicne the player count is akready shrinking and only one server is populated at a time you're in trouble for half a day then, but it goes away by its own.
  13. Yes, I always statet that for a wargame, the analogue times are better suited. particularly with multiplayer in mind. Though, GM does not deliver enough content to "replace" the 2035 ArmA III. It is very limited, even for its timeframe. Which lead over to multiplayer. the ´GM Sector Control missions seem broken. On the official servers, quite often, the mission does not end when one team is down to 0 Points. From that point the mission wilo get stuck and the frustrating bullshits starts, thats is always going on whan a mission is broken....giving joining players a bad impression of the nature of the mission.
  14. I felt the same about the voice acting. Albeit in most regions near the border there was not much of a different dialect. The people in Eisenach or Gotha spoke in the same way as the people in Eschwege or Kassel back then in 1989... to my surprise, we all though the "sächsisch" that my math teacher in 1987 spoke, who had fled in1985 from Leipzig, was the norm. The Lingo in the DLC also seems very BW centric.
  15. Beagle


    The SAM radars are currently broken. The radar is only active when is playe is connected via drone remote. That kind of gameplay is not attractive to most.,