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  1. This render bugs are known and even have an entry in Phabicator. No need to discuss the users drivers and hardware her. Its a bug with LOD settings and soem buidlings, walls and Vegetation is Affected. The Lod bug for veggies is old though, very old.
  2. Tanks flipping

    Yes, the whole trackes vehicle physics and controls are about to be changed a lot for the upcoming Tanks DLC.
  3. You are right and that issue is a big annoyance since ArmA II, I dotn think 120 seconds is enough. More like 5 minutes would be suitable.
  4. I would not have posted that when I had not tested it extensivly. I'm quite sure something is wrong with the vehicle monted smoke screen. Neither does it brake a lock, nor does it prevent from locking again after reload.
  5. Smoke does not work at all. You can lock and regain lock through smokecreens all day depite not beeing able to see through wit TI. (1.80, all kinds of Titan AT platforms)
  6. Obviously yes, beacause AI gunner stil refuse to engage with Player in vehicle after switching places.
  7. I think That said "tankiness" is more a problem in regards to shrugging off AA missiles, ad that's an issue in all game modes.
  8. I was under the impression that the low damage effect of AP roudns on soft skinned targets was intended as a way to simulate overpenetration.
  9. No plane has any real armour, the outer skin is always thin metal sheet, mostly aluminium alloy and steel. Ricochets should not happen at all. On the other hand, an AP shell would deal less damage then an explosive one and would only harsm the aircraft if an essential componet is hit. But Modern planes are usualy full of essential componets. Ive read before that Planes take too much cannon fire, but an 120mm main gun hit is too much, albeit I was not able to reproduce that by now. HE should be more lethal anyway to any soft skinned vehicle.
  10. Tanks DLC Feedback

    Not only does it look like a plastic tank, the Brown hex camo is also much to bright for Atis. In fact all CSAT vehicles tend to have a glossy paint that shines from certain angles. But then... NATO uses ivory white assault rifes ;)
  11. An even peripheral hit of a MBT-52 disingrates an Neophon from any range. You can check that yourself in the Editor. If any mission has altered damage values and other things, and that not the problem auf vanilla ArmA III.
  12. All I can see it flares and the effects of rockets. I don't smoke at all.
  13. No fire solution and 900m zeroing... you simply did not hit it. PS: How is that cheat with the black boxes for far away aicraft working?
  14. The obvious difference is, you see the issue from a game aspect alone, while other see it from a realistic aspect. The medical eqipment inside a military vehicles is nothing else then that mandatory for a regular cilvil car. In any case of injury you need the equivalent of an Ambulance with trained medical personel. Additionally, in most Tanks and IFV the driver is in a separate compartment, neither commander nor gunner can get to him. Same goes for the infanrty compartment...they are on their own back there. You just dont repair anfd heal you way out of a situation....you habe to retrat, retreat not respawn, heal or repair. But I know, a growing Number of player like some battle magic rather then standard military procedures. Its the same type of "tactic" thats lets you use repawn as a measure of recon. If this is favored even more, like the umlimited repair and rearm capacity in game, the game is going full arcade at some point. I've already seen the tactic of keeping a repair truck 10m behind a player controlled tank, rollign back with every hit. and taking 10 Titans that way. At least you could be sure you would at some point kill the crew, now put a ambulance next to that repair truck....god mode.