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  1. The quilin has the right texture gamma value abs actualy blends in into the terrain colour. It 's all the older textures that are wrong after the "visual upgrade" in 1.64. All old CSAT hex vehicles are way to bright, almost like winter camo.
  2. Beagle


    it's an old story!
  3. Beagle

    Armor Mechnics

    It takes into consideration materials and impact/armour angles as well as tzhe kind of Ammunition fired (KE or HE or HEAT) and types or armor. And it works quite well so far, it was a massivce change to armoured warfare in ArmA. Be aware, Armoured vehiclers are now more vulnerabel at the right spot while they seem "invicible2 from other ascpects. These changes do apply to other vehicles classes as well.
  4. I don't think the sound has changes, that would be a major change and thats ot happening anymore at this satege of the game. I though somethign had chaged when i tikerd aroudn with setings of my sound chip, particularly virtuel suround etc. A lot can go wrong if you enable 7.1 on a headphone, for example suond cuting sharp off in directions and behind, and overall strange effects with loudness in vehicles. Keep in mind, ArmA sets default sounds to 5 now, but VoN to 10. It helps to revert sounds and speech to 10 and reduce VoN to 4 or less since everybody seems to put their mic on max and scream all day to be louder then anybody else on the server.
  5. The action menu comes in very handy if you use a HOTAS that includes a virtual mouse....all these functions dont have to be on the HOTAS and you can still fly without touching the keyboard at all.
  6. Yes, but, ifrared flares are still pyrotechnics a d simply "burn" to emit a light that is in case of a IR flare closer to IR. So it should be a dark red visible one btw.
  7. Any news about the "Luchs" armoured recon vehicle? The Panzeraufklärerer already close to perfection depicted in GM wait for their ride 😉. Also some camo "sooty" faces would fit well since both sides used the most available kind of face camo... sooth, The combat equipped soldiers in summer field gear should also wear the thin "summer" leather gloves.
  8. Add to that the missing fading of colours at night. If you look closely the green is still green, not blue grey and white, red and blue objets or parts tend to slightly glow at night. The night lighting was no improvement at all with the new lighting update. The only remedy is to constantly change the post fx settings over a day in ArmA..
  9. the lighting is even more problematic, even compared to older, dx10 titles.
  10. Livonia uses DayZ terrain assets and buildings. So, what was your question again?
  11. Beagle


    One major problem is the lack of any "Laser Designator Discipline", You can see a lot of player lasing anything anytime, flying aroudn with laser on permanently lasing themselfs or the ground under them. It is also used as distraction. Unfortunately ArmA does n ot know about Batterie lifetime and Laser burn out. (see DCS, where laser will overheat by permanent use)
  12. Beagle


    ...and.... captured vehicles provoke friendly fire inccidents.
  13. Beagle

    Tab targeting for AI tank gunners

    Tanks don't have the "radar" anymore, so you need to reproduce the steps a real commander would. Find the target, designate it with T and oder the gunner to attack designated target.
  14. yes... he has grown a long white beard by now!
  15. Beagle

    You've played to much Arma when:

    You played to much ArmA in the last 18 years if you have developed a thrombosis in your left leg from all that sitting your as flat in front of a screen. Thats when you stop, because you can't sit still for more then 1 hour without pain in the extremities. "Warlords" can really kill peoples 😉 Now suddently I really appreciate games that limit MP sessions to single 15 min. matches.