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  1. Beagle


    You can not hear a supersonic missile before impact. Und light vehgicles do not give a missiel warning... it also does not trigger if the missile is Homing on a laser designator or is manually guided.
  2. Beagle


    This sounds a lot like the "setdamage player" hack that is still going on a lot, particularly on the US servers at primetime. Just a guess of course. It could be as well an AI controlled Unit. Since my HOTAS is fubar and a new one is quite hard to get right now, I use to give AI attack helos a lot and command them around the map. This would not give a killed by message. It's the same if you man a Rhino with AI and order them to attack your drones target designator target. The possibilities of player trolling while "sitting in your bunker" in warlords are still great, particularly on non-veteran difficulty servers with map markers.
  3. Beagle


    It means you are Admin banned, for "toxic" behavior, It's a permanent ban for all [official] servers and it's not only you. To get that kind of special attention, you must haven been reported a lot of times or been cought hacking.
  4. Beagle


    SAMs where not in warlords for a long time, but the superiority of Jet DLC assets made them a necessity. The Rhino is not a wonder weapon once you understand how it works and what it's limitations are. The Stationary Mid Range SAM is very vulnerable and needs lot of player attention to work properly.
  5. Beagle


    Official servers are locked usually only for testing or updates. That's nothing new or unusual..
  6. Beagle


    Because hiding behind a remote control is not the point in a competetive multi player game. You want to perform kills... show your face. That's the same reason why there is no Artillery.
  7. Beagle


    The small drones are far from useless if you play NATO and have an Rhino MGS next to an Ammo truck. We already have enough Drone Trolling going on in Warlords, since the M-SAM Systems are also basically drones. BTW you get no player record or credit for using a drone, except in the Rhino, where the drone only does the target ilumination. That Target Ilumination works for a variety of air-launched weapons too. Of course removing the need for the releasing plattform to come in fire range of the target. Works well also with LGB dropped from 10.000m vs. SAM. In fact, small drones are a real harassment since they are so hard to shoot down.
  8. I played a lot of Naval sims back before OPF and ArmA, mainly "Dangerous Waters" and "Destroyer Command". ALl I rember isa that Naval sims are rather not appealing for First person shooter players. It's all slow paced and involves klicking a lot throught 2D screens. Manual use of weapon systems is rare. Beginnign with late WW2 basically everything that is launched or fired at you is guided, auto controlled or Radar assisted. Modern Naval warfare is happeningn on computer screens. The biggest problem is, you have to emulate a crew of at least 32+ crewmebers per watch.
  9. As far as I remember, tracked vehicles did never use PhysX SDK in ArmA III,. hence the extreme physics difference in game compared to wheeled vehicles. What i rather noticed is moslty issues with sound resultign in using default BIS engien sounds fpr ther new planes. While the engien sound is good enough for the Do-28, the LET needs a turbine sound. Also both planes go all to silent when the engien is off, no wind, no ground rumble. THe LUchs is missing all wheel steering and the Engine is much to dominant, The real vehicle is almost silent except for full throttle and most of the tiem it was Brakes and tyres you heard way over gearbox noise and engine, at least from outside.
  10. Beagle


    You just want others to adapt for your comfort, thats all I can see here. Why don't you adapt to warlords intead. You are not happy with Aircraft.... operate a long range SAM unit. When ever the long range SAMs are up on strategical places with just a bit of maintenance, the dominace of Planes is over. That's part of the game.
  11. Beagle


    No way you can simply change a gamestyle that has itself established for such a long time in such a drastic way without detroying the fanbase. Remove airplanes, and Warlords is over. What you want is simply not warlords.
  12. Beagle


    Problem is. ArmA AI can not handle aircraft in any half decent way when it comes to combat.
  13. I found my way back to my gaming roots with DiRT Rally 2.0. Full Driving wheel and pedal setup, driving primarily 60's-90's cars in manual transmission H-shifter mode witch clutch. I really like it to drive my first own car in that game again, a 1986 VW Golf GTI.
  14. Beagle


    CaptainDawson is spot on. Some mechanics and settings in Warlords make it a farce to even try to play it as a serious battlefield environment. It's all down to spawn and rearm exploits and camping it out in different ways, be it Defender/Rhea campign that I have done for hours....which of course did not stop the wave of aircraft that shows up when both sides have agreed to not go past Anthrakia to play primarily airquake for 2 days instead. They hate you on both sides when you set up a long range SAM.
  15. to be honest, 1983 and 1993 did not look much different in die Bundeswehr. The real change did not come before KFOR in 1999. Even the modern Flecktarn Uniforms and Protective Gear like Vests and Kevlar Helmet was not fully introduced before 1997. I served with the Panzeraufklärer in a KRK support Batalion from 1993-1995, and we never saw all the "advanced" stuff that was in the making at that time. WE had posters for the Leopard II A5 and the proposed but never build new Scout vehicle Zobel. None of them showed up. The Zobel became the Fenek, and the Leopard II A5 became the Leopard II A6, but at that time all heavy Panzerauflärungszüge were decommisioned. The only out of area Assignement of that times was UNOSOM II, and that was a luckily rather short one, since tropical gear was not provided because it did not exist.