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  1. Edit: Fixed a weird versioning mismatch with my download
  2. liquidtracer

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi all, first of all, I am part of a community that has been using RHS since its release and I would very much like to thank all your combined work as I haven't reached out personally before. You bring a lot of joy that I don't think you often don't get to know about so Thank You. I have a question regarding your DEV releases, Is there a plan to work towards some form of 'stable' release derived from your DEV updates? (or as stable as arma traditionally allows, lets not get carried away!) I have enjoyed seeing much of the content released across your updates on the DEV branches and I have personally tried and tested some releases too. but when it comes to rolling out patches officially to our community I feel that you are right to tag them as test versions and warn people accordingly. I neither found any answers nor remember reading any from my various lurking over the years, but forgive me if I missed them somewhere. I would also assume that some of the releases to DEV are stable anyway but from an outside perspective, it's very hard to know which and when to commit, stable is approaching a year old and I'm sure there are some 'patch shy' communities lurking wondering too. Thanks for all the Great content! L.T
  3. liquidtracer

    Werthles' Headless Module

    Yup confirmed i am getting this on dedicated as well, most noticeable when keeping AI in playable slots at the lobby, loading in and waiting for the balance hit. They will start walking off in the same direction. Also effects all editor units groups including vehicles that are balanced, but as alex stated not units that are spawned onto a HC directly
  4. liquidtracer

    Werthles' Headless Module

    Just tried both a completely new mission with 2 HC slots, setup module and some test ai groups, without binarised mission files and I am getting the same outcome as before. Both clients connect and slot themselves in the lobby but seem to fail loading into them on the briefing screen (as in they have the egg timer like a player still attempting to connect). Once pressing ok they load in and appear to catch up but do not receive any AI groups same thing being reported as you pablo. This is the same outcome as the previous module release version using 3den but when loading a 2d editor scenario with the same setup all functions as it should. This was tested using 1.5 available on Armaholic as of 25/2 12:15GMT, although someone using Six might want to investigate the 1.5.3 version released there could be a fix?
  5. liquidtracer

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Hey, so i wonder if anyone has encountered a similar problem.. I decided to jump back into trying Acre2 from using TFAR for an extended period with our community and encountered a size issue with the radio GUI on my monitor. At first I suspected it may be to do with my custom FOV settings or resolution as I play on a 2560*1080 superwide 21:9, but after restarting and fiddling with settings and config combinations for a few hours I kept coming up with the same broken result. https://img42.com/K4B6D The screenshot is a bit rough due to me messing around with settings but it shows the general idea. The 148's channel select and volume knobs are off screen and as seen here and are scaled off the screen, the buttons are responsive however at least the ones that are visible. The 343 is smaller and therefore fits on screen but the interaction sections are misaligned slightly. So I was about to give up until I decided to run arma in a window and that caused the radios to realign perfectly in all resolutions I tried. After searching around for a while i couldn't find any reference to this so decided to pass my findings along in the hopes that I may eventually find a solution other than going into windowed mode to change the channel on my radio or turn the volume down :D Other than that I was impressed with the quality of Acre and wanted to give my thumbs up even if it is with a little frustration! Any one able to help out? Cheers LT
  6. liquidtracer

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    same versions, same issue. Both ingame with a mission loaded and on the main menu. once clicking to configure addons there are no entry's listed in the drop down box.