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  1. Hello all, Just wanted to share a little script I wrote to automate the placement of BI's Civilian Presence modules. The modules are nice and lightweight, but I do not have the time or patience to go around placing them all myself 😅 Download with included description.ext: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x3e2nhqireqgfhf/LEGS_CPAuto.7z?dl=0 It's a simple script and could definitely be improved, but maybe this will help someone out who is after something similar. Here's the script - along with a better description - so you can have a quick look: This is my first public release of anything, so, feedback and constructive criticism welcome 🙂 P.S. Thanks to the folks in this thread for good examples on how to set up the modules via script.
  2. With handleVehWaypoints and handleVehCache both set to false, distant vehicles are stopped until a player comes near enough. Is this intentional? This is quite an exciting script, but the above mentioned behaviour breaks any mission design that expects certain vehicles to be able to move regardless of where the players are. Additionally, the script seems to mess with drivers that are being handled by Silola's DAC. When a player moves near, it may take a while for the driver to start heading towards its waypoint. Upon reaching the waypoint, the driver won't get out and patrol as it's supposed to, which effectively prevents it from following any more waypoints.
  3. Not sure how I missed this in my first look, but I've since found Shpook's excellent Ambient Lightning script. This script produces pretty much exactly the effect I wanted, and is very versatile while remaining lightweight. I did, however, find a couple of small errors, and have shared my edits on the relevant forum topic. P.S. I did also find someone's Reddit comment saying that ShackTac apparently also used a scripted solution for their lightning. Well there you go; I didn't realise it was possible to get such good results this way.
  4. Really, really awesome script. I was getting a couple bugs, as other users had also found, so here are the edits I made: /* Changed _bolt = createvehicle ["LightningBolt",_strikeCenter,[],0,"can collide"]; (line 109 by default) to _bolt = createvehicle ["LightningBolt",_strikeCenter,[],0,"can_collide"]; "can collide" not valid; must be "can_collide" as per createVehicle wiki description Changed _buildings = nearestObjects [_center, _objectTypes, _radius]; (line 83 by default) to _buildings = nearestObjects [_centerPos, _objectTypes, _radius]; Was throwing an error when I used a marker for _center */ I also moved the loop start after definition of _centerPos, and moved the _buildings array generation to before loop start, as in the mission I'm making the _center stays the same, and the strike frequency is very high, so I figured I would remove these from the loop as it is not necessary for me to repeatedly redefine them. Hope this helps someone 🙂
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to increase the frequency of lightning strikes produced by the weather system. Currently, at max settings, strikes are still fairly infrequent (tested on Altis). I am going for something in the range of a strike every 0.5 to 4 seconds. I noticed ShackTac seems to have been able to achieve this for their Caesar Merlin missions, and from seeing video their lightning looks like the proper weather system lightning and not a scripted solution using Zeus lightning modules or some other custom scripted effect - as far as I can tell. I searched through CfgWorlds and found the class LightningsConfig under CAWorld. Here are the default values: This seemed like what I needed, so I attempted to make a tiny replacement config mod to play with these values. Here's what I have: As you can see, I adjusted all but one of the values quite a bit. I did this one by one, with the aim being to hopefully see some kind of noticeable change of any kind. Unfortunately nothing really worked. Nothing I changed seemed to have any effect whatsoever. I checked the config viewer inside the editor each time to make sure my replacement config was taking effect and propogating to the config for Altis, which it was. Can anyone more experienced with configs see if I've overlooked anything or done something wrong here? Or perhaps if there's anyone out there with experience in terrain modding that has some knowledge of weather configs that could comment? This is all a bit of a stab in the dark as I found barely anything in my searches on lightning, and of course I don't actually know what these config values actually do. At the very least hopefully this information helps someone else out who tries searching for lightning or LightningsConfig.
  6. Hi Zenophon, First of all, I'm absolutely loving this script. Top-notch work, mate 👌 If I used Zen_OccupyHouse on some units and then later wanted to give those units waypoints and move orders (e.g. to flee their town after taking heavy casualties), what would I need to do to kill instances of the script still running? From reading through this thread I was able to gather that I need to use the forceSpeed command to allow the units to be able to move again, and that seems to be all I need to get them moving around. It looks as though, ideally, I'd also have to have a way of interrupting the JBOY_UpDown while-do loop (technically I could just leave this running, but yeah not ideal). Would you have any suggestions as to how to exit that loop? Are there any other parts of the script that remain active after initially garrisoning the units?
  7. luckylegs

    PLP Urban Packs

    I just wanted you to know that your mods about seemingly mundane everyday objects get me disproportionately excited. Awesome Mod, Great Job!
  8. luckylegs

    VanZant's Copy My Stance

    Signature verification doesn't appear to be working with either the Armaholic or Play withSIX versions. Can anyone else repro this?
  9. Damn, man, bloody nice update. Especially liking the new G3s, updates to the PSG-1, and the Soundshaders; same sounds, but somehow so much more nuanced and instantly pleasing to the ear. Thank you for all the work you put in to bring everything up to speed. I will agree with other posters that something feels very funky about some of the ironsights. I think I noticed it on the G3s first. An open question to anyone in the know: is it normal for the new animated ironsight stuff to offset the point-of-aim from the centre of the screen when you ADS? EDIT: PSG-1 got me feelin' like
  10. luckylegs

    ASR AI 3

    I've been testing a mission I'm making with and without ASR AI. I have a few empty vehicles (both military and civilian) placed around a town, with a small garrison of infantry occupying it. All of the assets that I am using are from the CUP mod. When ASR AI is running, I've noticed that, once alerted, any enemy infantry nearby an empty, locked ambulance BMP (no armaments) that I've placed down will 90% of the time jump into it and start moseying around fruitlessly. This is puzzling both because I've set it to be locked in the editor, as mentioned, but also because they don't seem to be interested in any of the other unlocked cars around the town. Would anyone have any ideas about what might be causing this odd little phenomenon, or perhaps how to work around it?
  11. Just watched the new update video and wanted to say what a good job you do of them! Informative and entertaining B) Very exciting update; thanks for sharing your hard work once again!
  12. I'm in the process of soliciting the help of my meme-lord friend in acquiring a spicy meme with which to express my irrational excitement at the potential future inclusion of such a feature. EDIT: after a productive consultation, we have arrived at a clear winner.
  13. luckylegs

    Battle Bus

    Just a heads up: the version on Play withSIX is broken. The files are there, but they're not packaged.
  14. Hi Zenophon, quick question: are units meant to stay stationary when using Zen_OrderInfantryPatrolBuilding?