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  1. alessiomoreno

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    Awesome work as per usual from you guys 😉 I always wondered - does your MILAN use the 'new' HEAT/ Tandem-HEAT simulation? Looking forward to your next update! And thanks for all the work!
  2. As I said - I'm excited... Need to put some money aside to get me one (or two) - oughtabe worth it though 😉 What I wondered - if they really put the eDRAM on chips without/ deactivated iGPU - could the additional space be used to put even more than the Iris Pro's 128Mbit on the chip? Like maybe 256Mbit? Would that even make much of a difference? Given Intel otherwise seems to have no other way to go, in order to counter Ryzen 3 - esp. since Sunny Cove seems quite far off - I could see that happening.. Though scouring the Internet it seems like most people do not see the benefits (as worthy enough).. You guys think Intel begs to differ? They should know best that the 5xxxC series chips performed (in some applications) really amazing because of their L4 cache.
  3. Hello everyone 🙂 Just wanted to throw in this article and ask you guys what you think of the news. When I stumbled over it, I must confess I was very exited. Could this be a true successor to the 5775C? Curious to hear everyone's thoughts!
  4. alessiomoreno

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thank you everyone for the insight - very much appreciated! In regards to the ammunition storage of T-90Ms - is the "turret bustle" just a marketing ploy or what purpose does it really serve? I would imagine that perhaps less ammunition is stored inside the vehicle; though I would argue that this makes reloading the carousel even more awkward and when that external ammunition storage is hit, not only is it gone, but the ensuing fire would pose a threat to the vehicle, especially since burning material might drip into the engine compartment. Are there any measure to prevent this? And last but not least - how will the storage compartment be implemented in-game? Do the new tanks come with new ammunition types?
  5. alessiomoreno

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks for your response, Damian! So to recap: AM, SM carry the same 2A46M-5 gun? The SA obr. 2016 for instance does so as well, i reckon? Has there been any new development in respect to the autoloader on T-90M variants, and what is to think of the new turret bustle? How well is it implemented in comparison for instance to Abrams tanks and is it any advantage in terms of e.g. crew survivability vs tanks like the Leo2? Speaking of new features - does the SA variant use any new (i.e. updated) sensor/ sighting/ FCS equipment? In case of the M models - how did you implement the new sighting system, how will it differ from the regular A model?
  6. alessiomoreno

    2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.2.1)

    Hello everyone! I wondered, since vanilla ArmA3 now has an Armata all on its own whether you are considering to make a retextured version that would fit in with your mod. I must admit that this 30mm RCWS is just to neat a feature (absent in other tanks) not to play around with.. Besides, one day I had the idea, that most certainly in 2035 Russian AF wouldn't be using obsolete T-14 tanks from 2015, but rather something like a T14A or T-14M/AM version by that time. Figured this could be an avenue for you to leverage some creative freedom to make your model stand out from the vanilla livery.
  7. alessiomoreno

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks a bunch! Much appreciated information, as well as additions to the game! I did read on the wiki though, that the AM version would use the T-14's main gun while the export version 2M46-5 - what implications does this have both real world and in-game? Is integrated night vision for the driver in the latter variant possible in ArmA? Last but not least: The T-90SA (also beautiful looking model!!) will be the exact same version as the in-game T-90A or will there be slight deviations apart from the obvious one (missing Dazzlers)? I wonder since it specified that the SA Version was obr. 2016 while the current model is obr. 2006. Has there been any other modernisation of Vladimir tanks since 2006 other than the Proryv versions?
  8. alessiomoreno

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Might seem a bit late to the party, but one can't commend enough the craftsmanship that went into these beautiful new assets! Congratulations on really stellar looking models 🙂 Since there is rather little info on these upgrade projects perhaps somebody knowledgable can enlighten me on the (real and simulated) differences of T-90AM and SM variants? And will both be available with Kord and PKT-M RCWS versions?
  9. alessiomoreno

    PRACS: SLA Faction 2017

    Hi there and merry Christmas everyone! Very curious in respect to the general theme of the question above. Would be truely lovely to be able to use your SLA/ PRACS Units alongside RHS material, especially since that has become my standard game experience.
  10. alessiomoreno

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Merry Christmas to everyone! Thanks a thousand times for your generosity to share those wonderful results of your hard, hard work with us - it is appreciated a lot! Who is working on those new tanks? His name slipt my tongue! Gorgeous T-90M!! And gorgeous shot! Hope everybody's having a relaxing winter holidays, one way or another!
  11. alessiomoreno

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    @reyhard this is awweeesoomme.. - w o w . I am stunned beyond imagination - I did not even anticipate that something like this was possible. Does that feature also apply to russian Tanks? I cannot remember you ever disclosed such a feature in any of the changelogs - or did I miss something? Regardless, tanks a lot!!
  12. @Groove_C - now you're making much more sense! (After reading your post above.) Though in regards to your other post(s), I think it would've helped to distinguish between threads and cores, since that might quicker to grasp. Anyways. All nice and well, but this doesn't really answer my question as to whether a hexa would be better than an octa core - looking at the last chart you posted (on the i7-8700K) for the nth-time, I'm really starting to get the feeling I should perhaps get one of those newer Ryzen octa cores, in case I really want one, since they seem to blow the Intel ones out of the water with ease when OC'd. Now I am not really familiar with how stable and secure running AMD processors at their max. clock is - would be running a server from such cpu be sensible? (given decent cooling) This might be somewhat off topic, but can anyone share any experience with HCs and how much AI/ script load they can support, given certain clock speeds, or are those nigh irrelevant for HCs? (HCs being the reason, why I thought of rather getting an octa over a hexa core, in the first place - given I wouldn't loose much performance in regards to our server, i.e. clock speed.) ~
  13. Ahh.. and @Tankbuster - in terms of missions, as I already mentioned, since I/ we'll be mostly concentrating on creating our own ones - I really don't see many issues in regards to script density - we'll be able to regulate everything according to our given hardware.. As for mods, apart from ACE3 and ASR_AI, I am not aware, that any of the mods I mentioned in my first post here would decrease performance significantly; and those two aren't really debatable..
  14. @Groove_C lucky #?'&!/% you 😉 Seriously, good for you! May I ask, how much you paid? As with the i7-7820X you have me almost convinced, that there are better options out there.. it's just that it still seems to me, that if raw clock speed really was the most important factor, the i7-7820X should beat the i7-6xxxx with ease (given much higher RAM speeds are supported) - problem remains, benchmarks in other titles won't really help all that much, since ArmA has fairly special needs.. and a dedicated server only adds to that. I could also get an i7-6900K - it's just ~300 bucks more expensive - would that cpu be better? How far would I have to overclock it and how far would that get me? @Oldbear -- thank you for your (though measured) response - the thread you linked me, unfortunately doesn't provide any viable information really, I guess just one post gives any useful information at all, and even that is purely speculative, besides, I already read it couple times over. To simplify my question in the context of a dedicated server: In terms of maximum performance, partly achieved through heavy use of HCs - is an octa core superior to a hexa core or is it really no different/ irrelevant (since one can "easily" stack HCs on top of one another)? As far as I am informed Hyperthreading really shouldn't influence the .exe at all - as far as I am aware, games, and the RV Engine in particular, are not written in such a way, that they could meaningfully take advantage from HT/ SMT. As long as some one has pointed me to the opposite in data/ articles - I'll continue to be sceptical about that. So.. Hexa or Octa core - which one a (home) server for A3 would benefit more from? Somewhat higher clocks or ~ same clock speed, but +2 cores? (I would, maybe, even get myself an i7-5775C, I couldn't find any local reseller though really - besides, it's "only" a quad core anyway - and as far as I am informed, more cores might seriously be worth it.) ~
  15. alessiomoreno

    Recommended Server Specs

    Hi there! I seem to have a question though, to which I couldn't for the life of me find an appropriate answer; hope you can help! My group is coming together now to invest in a home server; one of our 'members' has glass fibre connection and no real issues in regards to electricity costs ;) Soo.. The main question I have and which nobody could answer me; what would be the best CPU for that Server? Player numbers would regularly be between 10-32 players, with our own server however, we planned to perhaps, use it for events with other clans, depending on mission, maybe even "public" - with many more players then. Missions would be rather common, proprietary MilSim(-Style) CoOp scenarios, sometimes adversarial. Modsets would be either Vanilla; Vanilla + ACE; RHS + ACE and of course ACRE and ASR_AI; from time to time, depending on mission, also toadie2k's fabulous weapon packs! That being said: I was thinking about either an i7-7820X (@4,8Ghz) or an i7-8700K (@4,8Ghz). RAM will be 32GB (4x8gb), GSkill 4266Mhz CL19; CPU will get decent AIO cooling regardless of choice (either 280 or 360mm Rad, Corsair). Our goal would be to populate our server with a lot of AI to create an immersive, dynamic AO, without sacrificing much performance in the way, i.e. as few scripts as possible. Since we have strict rules on RoE, civilians and partisans are essential to many of our missions. To achieve all of this, we want to wrap our heads around Headless Clients; and want our machine to be able to make use of as many as sensible. I imagined, according to my "research", that the i7-8700K could easily manage 2 HCs, while the i7-7820X might easily run 4 HCs, while offering all the different instances better access to RAM; SK-X cash-mesh might even be beneficial here? Anyways. What do you guys think? TL;DR - Up to 32 player home server - money not that much of a concern: i7-7820X or i7-8700K, both @4;8Ghz, decent cooling will be provided. Best regards, ~