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  1. In regards to that post - if you were to put a Slammer up against a T-55 - lets say in a scenario where US/ British Special Forces clear a path for Israeli tanks to advance on Rebell positions and these Rebells happened to command T-55 tanks, Glob Mob reskins, in thiscase a reskin from this excellent piece of art: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1737435871 If one were to do this.. my finding was, that what ensues is indeed quite an "uneven match", for a single T-55 may well completely obliterate any number of Slammer/ Merkavas - while with the exception perhaps(?) the T140 Angara - Vanilla vehicles don't stand a chance against Glob Mob tanks. A Slammer for instance needs approx. 4 to 8 shots to where the T-55's ammunition should be stored, till the T-55's crew will decide to leave the vehicle, whereas the T-55 either takes one shot (especially the AMB variant with the Bastion ATGM) or at most four to blow up any enemy tank, with the exception of the T140, maybe, depending on the distance. In line with those experiences, one can imagine, that mixing Glob Mob tanks with RHS vehicles results in. . even more uneven matches.. is maybe something off on my end? Or have other people witnessed a similar behaviour? Does anyone, with probably more insight into the topic, have any ideas as to why I might have had such experiences? I had hoped that the approach Glob Mob and RHS took in regards to armoured vehicles would be similar enough, that I could use Glob Mob vehicles in RHS assisted scenarios or vice versa. What I noticed was, that in general certain types of armour "work better" - or worse against Glob Mob tanks - for example an RHS T-72B(1/ obrig. 1985) was nigh invincible for either Leopard or T-55, while an T-72B3M or T-80/T-90 would be killed almost instantly. An M1A1 AIM on the other hand would burst into flames after a single AP round from the T-55, maybe two from the Leopard 1A3 (isn't the Leopard 1A3 supposed to have a better main gun than the T-55?), while an M1A2 TUSK might prove more resilient, depending on where shots land (except for the bastion missile, which will kill anything in a single shot, apart from the Angara of all tanks). I would love to use Glob Mob vehicles in conjunction with others (mainly RHS), because they're just so beautiful and immersing with their attention to detail. Any insight or share of experiences much appreciated! Best regards as always 🙂
  2. alessiomoreno

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi everybody! Our group wondered whether people here have made experiences which Mods do not work well in conjunction with RHS? Anyone garnered a list of mods that interfere with/ break/ or ''are broken by'' RHS? Best regards!
  3. Very impressive update! Great work 🙂
  4. Just wanted to point out that I am incredibly excited and unimaginably grateful for your expansion of the T-55 family of tanks! This is awesome news - think I'm gonna purchase half a dozen copies of GM - such goodness!! On top of the variety of tanks, I actually am glad you didn't (yet) include versions with ERA, so that if you or anyone chooses to add those - it's possible to choose between liveries with and without ERA. Will the new vehicles also be incorporated into you Takistan faction modification? And last but not least: Do you plan on enhancing the night time combat experience with e.g. functioning IR-(flood)lights and IR sights? Stoked to see you continue in this manner either way!
  5. alessiomoreno

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    Hi folks! I'm definitely looking forward to your next release! Static weapons are clearly important and as far as I know there's none out there so far in regards to the MG3 (except perhaps for that Bundeswehr 2025 Mod). I wondered though, since you said you have no knowledge/ experience with primary weapons, whether you ever considered hitting up some one like @toadie2k if there was interest in limited cooperation. This might just be fantasizing and fan-boying a tad too hard, but if it was possible to put one's MG3 primary weapon on a Tripod and vice versa take a Tripod's MG with you (instead of the whole Tripod with it) - that would be really useful! And Toadie's MG3s are amazing, certainly on BI level quality wise. I reckon that at it's core that would necessitate a Tripod without weapon, which, just for atmospheric purposes already would kinda be a nice touch.
  6. alessiomoreno

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    ^Phenomenal! Bless you folks!
  7. alessiomoreno

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    ^Exactly 🙂 My question in regards to mentioned T90 variants would be whether those bolted on ammo storages will be simulated as such (i.e. different from both T72 and M1)?? I know that I already asked this question a while back, but if I remember correctly, the topic got lost before an answer was given, except for that, at the time none of that had yet been injected (which was/is no surprise, given it's on dev branch).
  8. alessiomoreno

    [APEX SP] Descent Trajectory

    Hi there! This mission looks amazing - and all that way before the "Contact"/ Alien hype. I will definitely give this a shot! On a sidenote though: Do you have any idea whether a player character like the one you play in the mission could possibly be multiplayer compatible? Would make for interesting scenarios for sure.. especially since no additional mod is necessary - players would never see this coming^^
  9. alessiomoreno

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi there! Since I am not running dev branch and hence didn't test so far - will you simulate the T90AM/SM's external ammo storage respectively and will the T14 differ from its predecessors in this regard as well? My question could also be read as: Will complete armour simulation for those new tanks make it into the next (proper) update?
  10. Though I originally didn't want to comment on here anymore, I do feel like I have to one last time, jump to @Groove_C's defense here. Haven't read the article, no intention to do so; but from what he stated (if it's true that is), he's correct and judging by the things I have read over the last couple of years, on this topic as on many others, I have to agree that many so-called news outlets out there, often construe tests which either are decisively flawed or just don't make much sense altogether. Pointing out a flawed testing methodology in an article recommended on this very thread IS actually very useful and, at least in my book, most certainly exactly what this thread needs. I agree that his use of charts and other images is certainly not the best and, to a degree, annoying (perhaps use spoilers,@Groove_C, for your pictures, so that your posts take up less space and feel less intrusive) - nonetheless, one has to recognize, that he at least attempts to underscore/ justify the things he types - a quirk many here should rather learn to adopt than no to! As to the usefulness of his comments on RAM: The vast majority of people out there are completely ignorant on the topic of RAM and it's influence on a computer's overall performance, especially in titles like ArmA. In that light - yes, his comments, in their own way, absolutely do contribute to the overall topic. I would even like to add, that I honestly find it much more helpful and fruitful to discuss the edge of what's possible and could actually improve performance in regards to its upper limits rather than its lower ones. The borders of what is considered "budget-friendly" and what's "top of the line" are always shifting - and what's changing, are not so much the lower corners, but rather what's constantly being added on top of the seemingly infinite line-up of possibilities. Most of the time, the SKUs lower down the ladder, will be nothing new, just reinterpretations of things that came before. Evaluating their respective performance against the background of other tech, which has already been on the market, and as such reviewed - really isn't that hard to do at all. To me, there's no need to try making science out of it. When I researched what components to buy for my system back in the day, I felt truly annoyed, that wherever you go, people were spamming about "what's 'good' and 'cheap' 'enough' for BF:I/V", rather than having real discussions, on actual topics, which could then lead to more broadly applicable and, what at least I would call, actual conclusions 😲
  11. Why does this always happen to me 😔 I'm giving up 🙄!!!
  12. alessiomoreno

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi there! Haven't used dev branch in while, so I'm not up to date, however I wondered, how did you arrive at the sound of the T-14? Besides, is the tank, transmission wise, going to behave any different than T-72/90 or T-80s? Haven't actually gotten around to use it (or play any A3 recently). Just curious.
  13. What do you people think in regards to the Ryzen 3000 processors strong performance over previous gen and even Intel? Is the improved IPC mostly based in the refined architecture (and new lithography) or because of the immensely increased cache size? I wonder to what degree the performance improvement stems from which aspect of Matisse. If the major IPC improvement stemmed primarily from their "game cache", then that would let me to believe that perhaps, if Intel had the guts or was insane enough to go for some sort of i9-9900KSC with a substantial amount of victim cache, it may just be enough to beat even the Ryzen 3950X in certain workloads (as for instance, ArmA). There were such rumours a couple of months ago, I came to believe however that is was just a hoax/ prank - AMDs release however has peaked my interest in such a processor again. Anyone else has thoughts on this? And truely nobody's got any numbers in regards to R5 3600Xs performance in A3? @Groove_C, you got any data on R9 3900X with SMT off? I am curious as to performance of R7+ chips with SMT off. Since ArmA cannot use this many threads anyways and turning SMT off would, at least in theory, substantially improve overclocking headroom/ turbo boost duration due to (much?) lower temps, it might just be worth a try, for A3 specifically that is.
  14. alessiomoreno

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    Awesome work as per usual from you guys 😉 I always wondered - does your MILAN use the 'new' HEAT/ Tandem-HEAT simulation? Looking forward to your next update! And thanks for all the work!
  15. As I said - I'm excited... Need to put some money aside to get me one (or two) - oughtabe worth it though 😉 What I wondered - if they really put the eDRAM on chips without/ deactivated iGPU - could the additional space be used to put even more than the Iris Pro's 128Mbit on the chip? Like maybe 256Mbit? Would that even make much of a difference? Given Intel otherwise seems to have no other way to go, in order to counter Ryzen 3 - esp. since Sunny Cove seems quite far off - I could see that happening.. Though scouring the Internet it seems like most people do not see the benefits (as worthy enough).. You guys think Intel begs to differ? They should know best that the 5xxxC series chips performed (in some applications) really amazing because of their L4 cache.