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  1. ok i got you now. its very strange. may be try sarogahtyp soultion see that helps.
  2. how did you connect your ssd?sata or its is external docking?ssd keeps showing up and vanishing might be sign of either bad ssd or cable itself. try diff sata cable and see if that helps.
  3. KrazyBee

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    hi im new to this, is there anyone who can make me a backpack if i provide you with the 3d model? this is the model im willing to buy if someone can make it for me https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/military/other/tactical-cargo-backpack thanks
  4. just to let you know ur mobo needs bios update to run 3000 ryzen and right now asus bios is total shit
  5. here are the list of mobo that u can flash bios without 1st and 2nd ryzen this is the info i copied form amd subreddit.... I made a list of (B350, B450, X370, and X470) motherboards with USB BIOS Flashback This feature allows your to update the BIOS without a processor, memory, or video card. USB BIOS Flashback comes in handy if you are, for example, going to use 3rd gen Ryzen and the motherboard doesn't have the updated BIOS to support the processor. These information was obtain from the motherboard manufacturers' websites and may be incomplete or inaccurate. Leave comment below if want to report corrections. ASRock (BIOS Flashback) None! ASUS (USB BIOS Flashback) ASUS Crosshair VI Extreme ASUS Crosshair VI Hero ASUS Crosshair VI Hero (Wi-Fi AC) ASUS Crosshair VII Hero ASUS Crosshair VII Hero (Wi-Fi) Gigabyte (Q-Flash Plus) None! MSI (Flash BIOS Button) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTkXunUAriE] MSI B450 Gaming Plus MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC MSI B450 Tomahawk MSI B450-A Pro MSI B450M Bazooka Plus MSI B450M Gaming Plus MSI B450M Mortar MSI B450M Mortar Titanium MSI X370 Gaming M7 ACK MSI X370 XPower Gaming Titanium MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC
  6. so tell me which ram is better so i can try go grab the best one
  7. maybe you are getting better than mine cuz of ur clock speed.what ram is better in ur opinion cuz people in reddit are recommending the one i have for good ram for ryzen.
  8. so here is my specs BTW ARMA is running on SSD and only arma is stored on it the game setting is only for the KOTH vid Infantry showcase is all ultra the coop mission is mostly ultra with 2500 view YABM=standard setting ------------------------------------------------------ ryzen 3600 stock(but it never boosted to 4.2 as advertised cuz of bios bug or something) motherboard-gigabyte b450 aorus elite bios f40 amd chipset version 1.07.07 gtx 1070 super clocked Ram=Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 16GB 2 x 8GB DDR4-3200 PC4-25600 CL16 Dual Channel Desktop Memory Kit BLS2K8G4D32AESB ------------------------------------------------ Recording Shadowplay max setting=1080p 60fps MSI afterburner for the overlay of stats and had firefox open with steam,origin,uplay ----------------------------------------------------- game settings Everything ULTRA setting besides Texture/Object/Terrain=All High Visibility Overall=2500 Object=2000 AA=4x Post processing is all OFF Resolution=1920X1080(16:10) ratio Vsync=75hz since my monitor refresh rate is 75
  9. KrazyBee

    Ryzen 3rd Gen

    here are some of my videos of arma with ryzen 3600 mobo-b450 gigabyte aorus elite
  10. KrazyBee

    Texturing skins - FREE

    hello can you help me with the re texturing?
  11. KrazyBee

    US 75th Rangers

    thanks for the update bro
  12. KrazyBee

    US 75th Rangers

    damn my buddy is dropping the shit lol..hot white shit lol
  13. KrazyBee

    US 75th Rangers

    awesome mod and now ready to go kik some ISIS ass lol