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  1. The performance issues, low fps in mp + memory leaks(degrading fps in mp), and the general lack of obvious content and features (mostly in Arma3) got me to leave this game series (and BIS!) which I bought and played since OFP . It's just too unsatisfying and I consider it disrespectful attitude and behavior from BIS towards the players cause by maybe a lack of (human + financial) resources on many levels. Also my interests chanced with age in a more in non-gaming and real life direction so I can't allocate so much time and tolerance(!) to a game in this state of functioning as before. I like the non-troublesome functioning and high fps of BF3+4, which I play occasionally with great fun although it's arcade style world sometimes annoys me great :D
  2. Rubber Grunt.dk

    FPS degrades after time

    it's like in Arma2 mp where client fps would drop and the game had to be restarted to restore fps and this had to be repeated (forever)...it has never been adressed in patches...
  3. Rubber Grunt.dk

    Multiplayer - What is going on???

    I agree with your "concerns": Especially the horrible multiplayer performance regarding low gpu fps on high end systems, lack of player movement responsiveness (better than A2), lack of game content & features, stuttering, slow object drawing and low fps even in empty editor again on high end system and how the developers ignore player feedback and deny the quite reasonable suggestions/demands (e.g. bipod use) and bug reports ( http://feedback.arma3.com/plugin.php?page=Vote/list_bugs ). I have played this series from OFP to now A3, and it has been a story of giga bugs/crashes/low fps/lag and yet we kept playing and waiting for patches because we love the game's vastness and freedom, but I must say that A3 is pushing my patience further yet again and I don't play much anymore (also getting other RL interests as one gets older, so my gaming has to be more problem free and smooth when I do it, enter BF4), A3 just feels so 'empty' and as a paying customer it feels even less good. This game series is a story of problems and lack of the obvious and it will never end(12+ years), because I begin to doubt that the proper resources(talent/funding) are allocated to this project anyway. Arma2 still suffers from degrading client (gpu) fps as a function of joined server time, which a game restart/rejoin or alt-tab will "fix" for a period of time, as an example of the (many) problems plaguing A2 mulitiplayer and patching never fundamentally addresses many of these issues, because they are connected to the game engine itself :( Yet I look forward to patching and DLC to see where it will bring the game :) but from more distance in the future.
  4. I agree :D as time goes by it will be completely replaced by physics and psychology :]
  5. Rubber Grunt.dk

    ArmA2 / OA (low) performance issues

    try using -malloc=system it helps me on performance and memory leak issues... i7 3820 @ 3.6GHz 16 Gb RAM gtx 670 2048 Mb
  6. Any others experiencing radar ghosting in mp cti with the 3 latest betas?
  7. Targets are ghosting on radar after being destroyed...
  8. Time to work on the Hellfire missile in the next beta? which could be https://dev-heaven.net/issues/70439 - needs better flight profile, better targeting and more HE damage... @Targeting maybe add this permanently to the Apache: this addWeapon "laserdesignator_mounted"; this addMagazine "Laserbatteries"
  9. Rubber Grunt.dk

    Super low GPU usage on MP only???

    yes, I use the latest beta, and I should probably use -exthreads=3 and no -winxp, since I get a lot of hdd swapping in cherno(mp) still. it's old parameters from my testing maybe, but -malloc=system fixed the fps-issue I had in multiplayer still. thnx. Edit: Last post from me on this topic: I tried -exthreads=3 and no -winxp and got even better performance in Cherno mp now: so at last the performance is acceptable on my specs(win7@Core2DuoE8400@3GHz@4GbRAM@GTX570) and very playable in mp even with 40 players online and 4.5k view distance :o -exthreads=3 & -malloc=system fixed my fps and slow graphics loading.
  10. Rubber Grunt.dk

    Super low GPU usage on MP only???

    I basically solved my fps issue: the problem was in part having to alt-tab(flush didnt work) to reset back to normal fps from very low fps, unfinished drawn graphics and low gpu usage, the fps would then fast decline again and the "fix" had to be repeated, if it worked at all: In win7,32bit(Core2DuoE8400@3GHz@4GbRAM) I now use the startup parameters: -cpucount=2 exthreads=0 -winxp -malloc=system ----what solved my fps issues here was setting -malloc=system instead of the Arma 2 default memory allocator (-malloc=tbb4malloc_bi) hope this help others with the same bad fps issue.
  11. on the WASP-server I observe massive server lags/desyncs/player drops/yellow chain with windows 1.62-server, in fact it is unplayable. Does any1 else experience poor 1.62-server performance?
  12. Rubber Grunt.dk

    Super low GPU usage on MP only???

    What seems to help on my fps is: alt+tab to windows and back to game or 1) alt+tab to windows 2) start another instance of arma2 wait until it loads to main menu 3) alt+tab back to first instance 4) alt+tab back to 2nd instance and exit it 5) return to the first instance now with better fps (but still depends on server fps, scene complexity) In mp warfare on Chernorus in late game where client fps drops to unplayable level, this might have to be repeated several times during the game to "clear" the fps back to a higher level. It seems like the client fps is clogging up with time...dunno if it's some memory leak, engine limitation or "lazy" programming. I hope this problem is not ported to Arma3...
  13. Rubber Grunt.dk

    Arma 2 OA beta build 87967

    "Optimized: Reduced memory footprint in complex missions." sounds good!
  14. Sorry. We were discussing if direct fire mlrs-type existed (not in arma2) and I had read about this TOS-1 some time ago and remembered it because it was quite unique and not very well known.