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  1. ok i checked and u are right about the killfeed. But I still feel like the Ai responses should be in capitals by default. It has been like that since flashpoint and mission devs can still change whatever kind of killfeed to whatever size they want. But warfare mission aside, if players play the game with ai and players in group in whatever mission, now the ai callouts are in small capitals, and players that type in group chat are also in small capitals (unless u expect them to type in allcaps wich would be rediculous).
  2. what u are showing me now has always been like that in warfare mission, they were never capitalized (unit kill notifications), im talking about the AI responses and info
  3. Bug report as of EOL update 7/11/2019: AI reports/Messages are no longer shown in capital letters Please adjust the Messages back to capital letters, these small letters cause for a hard read. Also when playing in combination of ai and players within a group or just in general it loses its general structural oversight. Not sure if this was intended or just a minor bug, but theres several people that have complained on our server so i thought i'd adress it. Edit: added pic Before after
  4. opftafel007

    in store?

    thanks for the many reply's and clarifications, ive just seen that theres an arma 3 limited edition disc (with manuel and all) in stores and im getting it on saturday. call me old fashioned but i still like having a disc, a case to put in my collection, and offcourse the fresh smell of a newly bought game ;)
  5. opftafel007

    in store?

    any idea what the date shall be for the retail versions?
  6. opftafel007

    in store?

    probably u had this question alot of times but here goes: Will there be a disc version (u know: disc, box, book the whole thing) in stores or will this be a strict steam only product (now or in the future) and will there be a big difference in price if there is a disc version? also: are there any downside to having a copy on steam in comparrison to a copy on disc?
  7. opftafel007

    Crime Life Roleplay Mission

    how to run a server (credits to sparcdr) http://www.arma-rp.com/index.php?topic=69.msg257;topicseen#new quote from Sparcdr: "Our code and community has no relation to City Life (2) RPG / RP-Mods / HUSued.de" that includes crimeliferpg.com
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    Crime Life Roleplay Mission

    as much as city life might be a great mod i still have to ask u this: Can u back up what u are accusing these people off?
  9. opftafel007

    Crime Life Roleplay Mission

    i've played and tested it a few times and it's a very promising mission, nothing like the ancient CLR/Tlr/Zlr missions! keep up the good work!
  10. since i downloaded the patch v1.55 (you know the new one) my ai have bein speaking in slomotion for some reason? how does this come? and how can i fix it?
  11. opftafel007

    ew campgain credits question

    thank you xd, mystery solved.
  12. hi, when i finished the ew campgain and i was looking in the titles i saw at the end of the credits: cummunity thanks to: opftafel007. im flatterd to be in the credits but i cant remember what i have done to help in that campgain. did i inspire, give ideas, (script):confused: