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  1. Iroquois Pliskin

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    Look, pal, you can't quantify your bullshit blur effect and "your bodyeh will force you down", when bullets start flying around. But as always - Good luck!!
  2. Iroquois Pliskin

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    Subjective opinions again. I used the guide to define what suppression is, which, more likely than not, was pulled from some military SOP manual with him being ex-Army AFAIR. Carry on.
  3. http://media.pcgamer.com/files/2013/02/Arma_III-image.jpg Qaz, you prefer this brown filter over the current palette? :D You've been playing too much ArmA II. As always, weather greatly impacts on the lightning of the scene in ArmA.
  4. Iroquois Pliskin

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    Yeah, no shit, but it's a game, SHOCKER. ACE2 does it right, but it isn't bullet suppression effect of any kind, At 0:44 onward, they get hit by 30 mm high explosive rounds from a BMP-2, resulting in wounds, bleeding, hearing loss, mild concussion and some other "features". That is what is needed to remind the player of his own mortality in the game, not some FLASH-bullet goes by-FLASH screen blur. That and sharper bullet cracks like in ACE 2 SM - even vanilla ArmA II had more threatening sounds, than we currently have in Alpha.
  5. Iroquois Pliskin

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    You speak for yourself, alright? If they're "flying past me", I'll be the Judge whether that warrants taking cover or not, alright? I agree, hilarious thread. ++DoublePlusGood++ Would read again.
  6. Iroquois Pliskin

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    ROFL, what is this bullshit again - "body will react and put you down in cover" & "Suppressive fire do not has to be that accurate"? Have you missed the definition of what suppression actually is? "As noted elsewhere, suppression is only effective if the enemy truly believes that they will be shot or killed if they don't take cover from the incoming enemy fire." If YOU are not hitting anywhere near my loc, you think I'll hunker down & start crying so you could relocate to a better vantage point & finish me off? Dream on. GREAT THREAD!
  7. Iroquois Pliskin

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    scrim, this ain't about TvT, because not once has this come up in proper PVP circles, rather, this is AI bot commanders crying that it ain't difficult enough. BF3 doesn't have bo@ts, so that's a no-go. LOL ---------- Post added at 10:47 ---------- Previous post was at 10:45 ---------- Look at the God-damn definition above. Suppression is already in the game. If you peeps are talking about AI ONLY, then name your threads accordingly, so we wouldn't have to shift thru bullshit that is aiming to impose some REALISTIX tactic00l style on us, when we've been fine & dandy for a decade.
  8. Iroquois Pliskin

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    Yep. ACE2 SM supersonic bullet cracks instill more fear in the target, than any subjective schizo-blur screen effect could. Re: thread, http://ttp2.dslyecxi.com/basic_rifleman.html http://ttp2.dslyecxi.com/tactics.html Thread won't die? I guess, this is not the definition that the bot-commanders want to see, since, apparently, bots don't provide enough of a challenge to them, hence the cries for some forced "effect" that would provide EPIC, REALISTIX, GAEMPLAY. Oh, well.
  9. They couldn't source 4-5 inch 1080p screens, so the dev version got 720p. Weapon floating point in TF2 - GabeN is winning the Game. FUCKING AWESOME. The tracker is already better than my TrackIR5 - precise, true 6-DOF, 1:1 ratio of head to in-game movement - set it to 0.7-0.9 for long playthroughs and it will do great.
  10. Launch a game in 720p resolution, then enable Stereoscopic 3D - you'll have the same performance with this headset.
  11. Iroquois Pliskin

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    That's it? That's what this BS thread, and the 90-page one months ago, is all about? Looks like tunnel vision, induced by an (earlier) adrenalin rush - this could be another misc effect, not something central to the gameplay, and it isn't incapacitating in any way, unlike BF3 that YOU guys first mentioned in this thread. Either find a better example, or I'll keep ROFL'ing.
  12. Iroquois Pliskin

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    You know what I implied: diverting dev attention & manpower from things that are objective, and that apply to every human being equally: fire that doesn't burn, tailrotors that don't kill, explosions/.50+ caliber gunfire that don't deafen, MBT fire/AT backblast/any kind of overpressure that doesn't apply a knockback & a lasting concussion. ---------- Post added at 03:10 ---------- Previous post was at 03:08 ---------- VBS 2.0 has many other things, like gore & dismemberment - can we have that as well? Btw, share an example in footage of this in VBS. The way I see it, they'd be lucky to reach this level of immersion that ACE 2 provides in ArmA II, As always, this video marks a /thread for me.
  13. Iroquois Pliskin

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    I'd say that would be everyone, who is in favour of this topic, seeing as we don't even have a proper medical system, nor any of the tangible stuff that ACE 2 had, which reminded the player of his own mortality at every single step. Oh, wait, there's death from burning wrecks - that's a start. I agree that ArmA II/III feels sterile without the above, but adding subjective, emotional schizo effects isn't the God damn priority.
  14. Iroquois Pliskin

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    We've had this discussion. They want their schizo effects, before any objective stuff that is very real & reproducible on every human being. I'll wait for ACE 3, if anything.
  15. Iroquois Pliskin

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    Cool demagogy, bro. Enjoy superior tactical positioning. LOL The clowns aren't even getting hit, yet they suffer from the schizo effects. So real.