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  1. virus100

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    tnx for replying! I know it's cheating! but i'm playing with my friends and it's not like a public server! so, could you tell me how to do that? how to solve that error so that I can place units?(>>"placing objects in not available")
  2. virus100

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    hey guys, I have to say it's a great mission! good job! but I have a problem ! my friends and I play this mission and I use mcc sandbox 4 as host my problem is that I can't place any units while i'm zeus! it says "Placing objects is not available " in other missions when I access zeus using mcc 4 , I can place units! why does that happen? I have another problem but it's related to mcc 4 not the mission!(I know this topic is not related to mcc 4 but if you can help...) In spawn section when I select "tracked/static" ,the list is empty under class! there 's nothing to select! is this a bug?? tnx in advance!
  3. hi eyeryone i'm creating a mp mission and at start 5 jets (a-164) are attacking the enemy and i'm playing as pilot! but when the player dies; it'll respawn while the pilot is boarding the plane in the air.so, i can't control the plane and it crashes. but i want it to respawn while it's controlling the plane like the first time that i join the game! how can i make it work?:confused::confused: is this about some trigger work?? any help appreciated,tnx
  4. hi guys why can't i see the mcc in action menu in mp missions? I've hosted a mission and i play alone(i mean i'm not cheating) but the problem is that i can't see it when i'm playing mp missions but it's ok in sp missions!! plz help!!
  5. hi. first thank you for the great work!! but i have a problem here. I host a mp mission(LAN) and only one player (me) is in the game.when I first start the game the mcc will work only by using(ctrl+delete) but when I save the game and resume later, it won't work .but it always works in editor and also I can find it in action menu!!! I have CBA and the mod is enabled in the expansions.any help plz??
  6. virus100

    ARMA 2 Patching FAQ

    Hi. what should I do here? http://uploadpa.com/beta/12/sywu99noxf9w1je6n5ua.png
  7. virus100

    ARMA 2 Patching FAQ

    Hi I get this error when I want to patch arma 2. My current version:1.02.58134 look at this: http://uploadpa.com/beta/12/770dk0f411n8o8p1ko2k.png
  8. I tried 1.5 patch but,I couldn't patch it.Really there isn't any solution for this problem? Here was the last place that I thought I can find a solution.
  9. Thanks for the information I think I will never play it online.It's a very good game!
  10. This patch didn't work,either. operation arrowhead is a dlc for this game?I couldn't download it from the url that you gave me. It's not free,isn't it?
  11. so I should buy it again?you didn't have this problem?I think only I have this problem.any solution?
  12. I got the same error.(patch 1.00 to 1.9) look at this: http://uploadpa.com/beta/12/770dk0f411n8o8p1ko2k.png
  13. This is arma 2.In fact i bought it last year but,I left it.and now i want to play it online.oh, a question:if i just patch it to 1.11,I'll be able to play it online? or I should do sth esle?(I mean deleting the crack,...)
  14. I did.(redownload the patch and reinstall the game) - no go the next patch should be v1.3 yes?(because i thought maybe i downloaded the wrong one) my current version:1.02.58134
  15. hi why do i get this message while Im trying to patch arma 2 ? error found in files ADDONS/air.pbo(00000000!=00000001) game version:1.02.58134