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    What happened to Warfare?

    Hi guys I got Apex for xmas and being an online player since Arma 1 I wanted to jump straight into my favourite mode to checkout Tanoa, but I cannot find one single Tanoa Warfare server :O. What happened to this once staple popular mode??? It use to be the best way to introduce people to ArmA and to checkout new gear, maps etc
  2. For me it struck me while watching a youtube vlog, country America, with little towns and thick forests. Because for me at the moment Tanoa is the greatest ArmA map ever released. Its gonna be very hard for the next original map (non remakes) to top the thrill of Tanoa.
  3. I just tried setting up the controller for flight and have set the right stick to look around, it seems o work fine but keeps snapping to the right. So if i touch it to look up it'll do that but then the view will snap to the right. Its so frustrating anyone have a fix?
  4. Man that guy makes epic pvp missions! I'd love to see an official version of Camel Wars or Vodka in ArmA 3. I hope we see some of his wacky pvp's to show off how big a sand box game ArmA is!
  5. I downloaded the ACR DLC at my mates via Sprocket, now i saved it to his desktop n copied it to my USB in a hurry, i have an application file, an MD5 file and a Sprocket txt file. Am i missing anything? Because when it extracts it gets to 99% and says an error :O I'll get the name of the error after tea. Cheers *UPDATE* weird now works :/ yayyy tho :D
  6. aussieterry84

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    PLEASE FIX IT so ai pilots can b instructed to land! Choppers could b like the move command have a dot then line of the ai location. Planes could just b auto land at the airports.
  7. aussieterry84

    the Dirty Dozen - 12 Community questions fired @ BIS

    My only question is will Celery be allowed to do his classic style MP missions from ArmA 1/2 some zany stuff? Would make it very fun to play Camel Wars
  8. aussieterry84

    E3 2012 LimnosRadio ArmA3 interview

    Just OT but i would bang that blonde chick senseless!!!!
  9. I'm a big fan and like 90% of people on here im happy throwing my money at you guys (I spent $150 on getting ArmA 2 the german digital copy then a physical copy like the majority of players here :) ). My question is will the BIS Store be selling physical copies of ArmA 3 or will it be digital only? I dont mind digital games but when it comes to ArmA I like having a physical copy because its my fav game series so i like to show it off :). Collectors Editions would be sweet also :D i'd def throw cash at that!
  10. aussieterry84

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    Day Z make it official get it in ArmA 3 on release ????? Profit
  11. aussieterry84

    ANZAC Day - Lest We Forget

    Photo from the Shrine http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-04-25/people-at-shrine-of-remembrance-on-anzac-day/3971470
  12. aussieterry84

    ANZAC Day - Lest We Forget

    This is the Shrine, paid off by locals during a recession within 6 months and opened to a crowd of 300,000!! http://www.shrine.org.au/Home
  13. aussieterry84

    ANZAC Day - Lest We Forget

    Currently on the 4:56am Special tram freezing my tits off on the way to the Shrine of Remembrance! Tram is packed all for the dawn service! I'll let other Aussies contribute more detail on our as im posting via my phone. Lest We Forget
  14. Apart from double tapping ctrl can we actually turn mouse steering with the arrow off?