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  1. To make the launcher raise the missile and assume a ready-to-fire position, use the lookAt script command: gunner LaunchVehicle lookAt getPos targetHelper; LaunchVehicle being the variable name assigned to the the 2P16 vehicle, and targetHelper being the variable name assigned to a helper object like a helper-sphere or some other small object. Place that in the air high above the ground in front of the vehicle. 50m in front and 50m up for example. The LaunchVehicle will then raise the missile and aim at it. Don't forget to make that sphere object invisible to hide it. 🙂 To actually fire it you can use doArtilleryFire script command: LaunchVehicle doArtilleryFire [getPos realTarget, "gm_1Rnd_luna_he_3r9", 1] realTarget being the variable name assigned to a helper object that is located where the missile shall hit. Also, if you want to equip the bigger missile instead of the HE-FRAG one that is loaded by default, you can run this code: LaunchVehicle removeMagazinesTurret ["gm_1Rnd_luna_he_3r9",[0]]; LaunchVehicle removeWeaponTurret ["gm_luna_launcher",[0]]; LaunchVehicle addMagazineTurret ["gm_1Rnd_luna_nuc_3r10",[0]]; LaunchVehicle addWeaponTurret ["gm_luna_launcher",[0]];
  2. They still do have loader seats. The KPz 1's Loader seat can only be accessed from the outside. The T-55 I just checked and it is indeed something unusual that the T-55's loader now can also only be accessed from the outside. We streamlined the setup a bit and this probably happened by accident for the T-55. For the KPz1 it is correct that it can only be entered from the outside and not switched to from an inner seat. Thanks!
  3. mondkalb

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Some news! Check out the new OPREP about the upcoming release of the 1.4 Update for GM and what new content this update will bring. Right now we are still in the RC phase but a release of this update is quite close. Another big item today is the AMA (Ask Me/Us Anything). In July we asked our community to submit questions for us about anything GM related. We have selected about 30 of them that give a good look behind the scenes of GM and the work we do (and have done), including some scrapped projects and content for GM. You can find the one-hour long video here: Cheers!
  4. There appears to be a rather ugly crash with Zeus in latest Devbranch's arma3diag_x64.exe related to simply spawning in vehicles. Try the following in A3 without any mods or CDLC: Start Arma 3 via the arma3diag_x64.exe Load Stratis in the Editor Place a player unit Place a Game Master module (Zeus) Edit the attributes of this module to list "#adminLogged" in the "Owner" field Preview Enter the Zeus interface Place a IFV-6a Cheetah Place an AMV-7 Marshall ❌(The Game crashes at this point in most cases) Place a CRV-6e Bobcat ❌(The Game crashes at this point in most other cases) We've found that this is not related to the type of asset. It can happen with any unit and vehicle and the crash becomes more likely the more different units are created via the Zeus interface. The .rpt only has this to say before it crashes: Forced crash (Set): array access out of range: 1 index: 1 We've been able to repro this on two different systems so far. It only happens with the arma3diag_x64.exe.
  5. Hello! For the Mi-2R Turn on: [this, false, 'gm_spray_water_dummy',[0,-2.4,-0.95],false] call gm_countermeasures_fnc_engine_smoke_toggle Turn off: [this, true] call gm_countermeasures_fnc_engine_smoke_toggle For the Mi-2CH it is doable via: Turn On: [this] call gm_countermeasures_fnc_engine_smoke_toggle Turn Off: [this, true] call gm_countermeasures_fnc_engine_smoke_toggle I hope this helps! 🙂
  6. Hello! The smoke generator on the Mi-2Ch can be activated via script this way: Turn On: [this] call gm_countermeasures_fnc_engine_smoke_toggle Turn Off: [this, true] call gm_countermeasures_fnc_engine_smoke_toggle For the Mi-2R's sprayer it works similarly: Activate: [this, false, 'gm_spray_water_dummy',[0,-2.4,-0.95],false] call gm_countermeasures_fnc_engine_smoke_toggle Deactivate: [this, true] call gm_countermeasures_fnc_engine_smoke_toggle
  7. Heya, yes this is known. We assumed it was an engine limitation that a given turret can only have a single optics memory point that all vision modes share. However there is a hidden engine technology that allows to specify optics memory-points per vision mode. We were made aware of this only yesterday. So it's known and fixable, yes.
  8. Thanks! For context: The 1.3 update is now released. Find the OPREP here.
  9. I cannot confirm this finding. The following test environment: 4x M2A1 Slammer vs 1x T-55 (Player) at ~1000m. All shots done using the AP ammo, not HEAT. What happens is that the AI M2A1 generally miss their first shot and overshoot (Might be my AI settings), but the second shot directly takes me out. Meanwhile I as the Gunner in the T-55 know the distance and can exactly range and land a first hit. I can hit the M2A1's main gun and damage it so that the enemy cannot aim anymore. This is absolutely possible for a 100mm shell at 1.0km distance. So from here on I'll disregard the claim about "any number of M2A1 vs T-55" and that the T-55 will emerge victorious. I cannot find any proof for this in my testing. 1v1 T-55 In a 1v1 where I purposefully not shoot to disable the gun but instead try to hit the turret of the M2A1 I am able to inflict 14% of damage to the enemy tank after 4 rounds to the turret. When I do nothing and just sit for the Slammer to shoot me, it had finally hit me with the second shot and destroyed my tank's engine via a frontal penetration shot that went all the way through the tank. This happens around 60% of the cases (I tried 10 times). In the other cases the 120mm does damage but ricochets off the front glacis. You can see here the first shot completely went over, and the second went through the hull and destroyed the engine, inflicting a mobility kill of the vehicle. The Diag message there (part of diag_toggle "shot" in the devbranch) tells us that the slammer's projectile travelled a 721cm distance from first entry until full stop within the engine block. 1v1 T-55AM2(B) Pairing it up against the T-55AM2 the scenario changes the outcome slightly for me, in that the AI M2A1 needs to hit my tank's turret three times to cause a catastrophic kill. (As a player I can one-shot the T-55AM2 with a center hit to the turret) For me to kill the M2A1 it took 7 damage-dealing hits to the turret/front. I am not able to cause the M2A1 to explode with two frontal hits by using the Bastion ATGM. When I play as the M2A1 and shoot the T-55AM2, I am able to cause a catastrophic kill with two hits to the turret, and force the crew out with one hit through the lower tank hull. 1v1 Leopard 1A3 vs RHS T-72B ('85) Indeed I am not able to deal damage to the front of the T-72. This is as expected. The same happens when engaging a T-90 ('92) and T-80B. 1v1 Leopard 1A5 vs RHS T-72B ('85) I am able to deal damage to the T-72 in such a way that the crew disembarks after one shot. This is expected (the Leo1's DM63 is quite powerful and can penetrate the T-72s center turret and hull sections) The same happens when engaging a T-80B. The T-90 ('92) does not appear to take any damage and the crew cannot be forced out. The Main Gun can be destroyed though. PT-76B vs M2A1 The HEAT ammo deals most often no damage (Expected) except for the occasional turret-top hit. This can happen due to the strong arching trajectory of the 76mm at 1000m. The HVAP ammo deals more reliably damage, but in very small amounts of 4-5% per hit. ------------------- According to my tests just now (And also some early day feedback from RHS members) it can be said that GM and RHS tanks/weapons interact with each other as expected. This means that there is an appropriate reaction to the armor protection values and ammo penetration power of vehicles and weapons on both sides. Have you checked that you are not unknowingly running any mods that modify ammo and armor values? Perhaps some addon that you are not aware of is located in the Arma3\Addons folder so it always is loaded. Perhaps ACE mod? We repeatedly hear that the ACE mod seems to change how GM ammo deals damage, but that is (I hope understandably) beyond our control.
  10. Poolpunk asked me to take a quick look at the issue and he kindly provided the data to look into. The issue is a fairly tricky bug that's (afaik) undocumented. Multimaterial will only work when the reference UV (texgen4) is strictly within 0,0-1,1 bounds. In the sample here it was not working because the individual UV groups were offset from that center frame. Moving them back to it fixes the issue. There is no easy straightforward way to see which of these tiles is 0,0-1,1. One has to either check tex coordinates directly, or simply create a plane, select it, then have it highlighted in the UV editor in O2. The plane is created with the exact same 0,0-1,1 coordinates. If you're using DCCT like Blender or 3DSMax then it should be a lot easier to see the UV's origin and staying within bounds.
  11. mondkalb

    New rented server with creator DLC

    Hello, Install GM dedicated server via steamCMD (if you have access): +app_update 233780 -beta creatordlc " validate +quit Alternative way to install (adjust the steamcmd path): C:\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe +login YourSteamUser YourSteamPW +force_install_dir YourInstallationDirectory +app_update 233780 -beta creatordlc validate +quit Another option, if there is only the option to download from the steam workshop and no other means of accessing steamcmd, is to download the Compatibility Data to the server directly: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1776428269 It contains all necessary files to run a GM server. In all cases, launch it then via: Launch it via -mod=gm;
  12. mondkalb

    Key for the rangefinder

    Heya, the Fat Cats MP mission has you deploy in the Kpz 1A1A2, which does not feature the 1A5's modern ammo and fire control systems. It simply does not have the Laser Range Finder. Thats why you cannot lase for distance in this MP Mission.
  13. mondkalb

    Key for the rangefinder

    Heya, the 1A5's Laser Range Finder is only available to the Gunner and when then the main gun is selected. It does not work when the coaxial machinegun is selected. T is the default keybind and should work in this case if it has not be reassigned in the game's Keyboard settings. I hope this clears it up for you. 🙂
  14. mondkalb

    GM air vehicles texture templetes

    Hello, the samples have been updated just now to contain these files. Changelog: 8th October 2020: Added 1.2 Vehicle and Character Templates (VBH/PAH-1, Do-28D2, CH-53G, Mi-2, L-410; BDU, Pilot suits, Pilot Vest, Combat Vest, new helmets, hats and berets) Thanks!