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  1. There seems to be some myth developing that GM is incompatible with Arma 3. This is not true. As explained here (and please move any replies for this question into that forum topic): The small/mid arms ammo (5.56mm, 7.62mm and 12.7mm) have been adjusted to work with the engine's simulation in such a way, that they perform with correct penetration power. This is to enable accurately simulated vehicle's armor to (not) stop a given round as expected. Arma 3 Vanilla has these ammo penetration/damage values reduced to make an overall more "bullet-spongy" gameplay, for vehicles in Vanilla Arma 3 this does not matter, as they are either heavily armored, or unarmored. (Again, any further discussion about this relating to GM's supposed incompatibility should be continued in the respective thread.) Edit: Didn't catch drebin's post. He summed it up already. Thanks!
  2. There are no plans to decrypt the files. Also there is no need for this. The texture samples are available here. And the files for terrain editing are available here. If anything else requires legitimate access, please let us know and we will see what we can do to resolve.
  3. mondkalb

    BO 150 Problem

    Try these steps: 1) Place a PAH-1 in the editor. Make sure it has two people in it: One Pilot and one Gunner. Select the pilot as the player. 2) Preview in the editor 3) Fly into position ready to attack 4) Switch to the gunner seat through the action menu. (Now the AI takes over piloting) 5) You can fire and guide the missile In the gunner seat you can also click "Take Controls" and it will let you steer the helicopter right there. Just make sure that you have an AI pilot available on the other seat when you release the control, otherwise the helicopter will crash as said earlier.
  4. mondkalb

    BO 150 Problem

    What you described is a crew of two: 1) The Pilot 2) The Gunner If you switch from one seat to another, and then release helicopter-controls in order to steer the missile, then the helicopter as no active pilot and will crash.
  5. Correct, the update resolved issues and improved content in all areas, ranging from weapons to buildings. The content was added so it can be used in the editor and in multiplayer. Arma 3 is a big sandbox game and the new content is enabled for this.
  6. mondkalb

    BO 150 Problem

    The helicopter is sinking down then because there is no pilot left controlling the vehicle. This is expected. You need a crew of two to efficiently operate the Anti Tank Helicopter: One pilot for flying, and one for gunning.
  7. The campaign only received maintenance fixes, no new missions.
  8. Heya, A dynamic AI Airport Object is included in 1.2 exactly as you described. So that should provide the capability to create airports for AI anywhere. About the 5km -> 3mi, this makes a lot of sense is likely the origin of the confusion. That's a really plausible connection! The overall weapon values are following the same reasoning of using their correct penetration powers. Putting a T-55 up against the Slammer is going to be a very uneven match, no doubt. For context: The design of the Leopard 1 was influenced by the expectation that AT weapons and missiles would continue to become so powerful that further uparmoring tanks is not feasible (ATGMs with penetration powers approaching 1000mm with HOT and TOW missiles). As a result the Leo 1 is a tank that traded armor away to gain speed and agility. It can easily reach 70km/h in cross country drive in Arma 3, same as a T-100. Additioanlly GM includes old period-appropriate ammo as well and modern rounds for the 105mm, so with a Leopard 1A5 (roughly from the 1990s) you can definitely deal serious damage and be effective against the modern assets in CSAT. Also keep in mind that the Vanilla assets are not necessarily geared towards realism, but rather towards gameplay and fair matchups. GM assets seek to recreate the vehicle simulation as closely as possible. About the various weapon values and their behaviour, you can check them even out before a purchase! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1776428269 This allows you to check out the content in the editor with the standard DLC restrictions that mostly only allow passive use. So you can use this to do some target practice and to examine the assets through the config browser, too.
  9. The Global Mobilization 1.2 Update is now available! Find more details here. Check the full changelog.
  10. The upcoming Global Mobilization 1.2 update is now available on the Creator DLC RC branch. Find out here how to access this branch. Note: You may need to restart Steam after activating the code for it to appear in the drop-down as described. Find the latest changelog-notes of this ongoing test in this thread. Thank you!
  11. Glad you could sort it. About the Marder, it's an iconic vehicle that exists on our ToDo list with rather high priority. 🙂
  12. Heya, can you check if you're running any mods, and if so, have a try without any other additional mods. It might be that they somehow interfere with the basic configuration of the weapons/magazines in GM.
  13. There is a low level configuration embedded in objects through Named Properties. This handles the low fidelity simulation required for high object counts of the same type. Typically trees and rocks do not have config classes, hence why you cannot read them.
  14. Heya, we cannot make any statements about future content beyond what is agreed as releasable between us and BI. Otherwise It runs the risk of being taken out of context and carried as "they confirmed XYZ", when in fact that was never the case. The tanks you mention however do exist on our own internal wishlist, meaning that we are interested. 🙂
  15. No terrain changes are planned. Both the Do 28 D-2 and L-410 UVP are STOL capable aircraft and can take off using 500m of any cleared surface. The roads and fields are perfectly suitable for this. Where there are power poles on the side, you can either clear them in the editor using the "Hide Object" module or give players a task to clear them away with the right engineering equipment (either flatten them with a truck/tank or apply explosive charges.) The highway is wide enough to comfortably accommodate either aircraft. So far I have not had troubles landing these birds in the countryside and taking off again. That was exactly their design purpose and why they are still today popular with emergency relief organizations. Regarding the terrain: We did indeed choose to keep the terrain as historically accurate as possible. Two reasons led us to make this decision: - The Inner German Border has never been accurately depicted in any game before. - We do not miss airports/runways, since the aircraft that would require them are - in our opinion - misplaced in Arma, since the game does not provide the necessary scale to give them meaningful purpose. The nearest West German jets that would reach Weferlingen at that time were F-104G. These were stationed just 8 minutes travel time away in the West. At Mach 2 (which they were capable of) it would take them 29.85 seconds to cross the map entirely from west to east. The trusty old prop planes here zoom along at about 300km/h. 🙂 Regarding other military installations: Mariental-Horst was in fact an Airfield, but only in WW2 and afterwards disbanded early on. The remaining military structures there were then converted into public housing. There is a small installation south of Volkmarsdorf that was occupied by the mobile early warning system of the Luftwaffe, and a listening post at Bahrdorf that was at the time operated by the French. Further, the Bundeswehr was prohibited from approaching the border any closer than 5km. (Some sources claim 3km, but my source who served with the West German Bundesgrenzschutz said it was 5km). The closest combat unit to that area was stationed in Braunschweig at the time, some 30 kilometres West of Weferlingen. I hope this provides some context and insight into the route and decisions we took.