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  1. If anyone wants's to know how I created the working cargoturrets within my LAV6, just let me know, I'll share the model.cfg and config.cpp content Cheers! SM
  2. Thank you again Nightintruder, the vehicle works well and ready for Beta testing. I wish there was a get-in/get-out animation that would keep the soldier crouching, the only one I found was getin_low, which is ok but still a little high. Here are pics of the vehicle: https://imgur.com/OLxBW19 https://imgur.com/XsA9XZF https://imgur.com/VBfDiHi https://imgur.com/0zCjdvm https://imgur.com/LYcmK6M https://imgur.com/DkEu2RV https://imgur.com/kZx1v1A https://imgur.com/cQ0kgmo https://imgur.com/a7COHss https://imgur.com/5zja1IR Thank you again! Steph
  3. You're right, not easy to configure and sooo many people out there with similar issues and different solutions... Anyhow, so far, all cargo turret work and two of them are sentry (they can turn out), so for immersion, the inside view is amazing. Now I will build a walkable inside by fixing both "roadway and Geometry", looking forward to the result 🙂 BTW, the vehicle I'm working on is a Canadian LAV6 that I purchased, it looks amazing and will be released on workshop within the Task Force Canada (TFC) Canadian Armed Forces mod pack.
  4. Thank you for the well-explained reply, I have already created all 8 APC Cargo to FFV, so I will test the rest of your recommendations and get back to you... again, thank you very much for this! SM
  5. Hello, scripting is not my strong point, is there a simple script I can use with my config to enable players to enter/exit the cargo space of my APC "only" when vehicle ramp is open. here's some model.cfg info: I also have an animation used by players to open/close Ramp (Config.cpp): Thank you! Steph
  6. smorency44

    Mikeros Tools Makepbo Error

    I have a similar problem, tried the above path, error still there.Can someone help?
  7. smorency44

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    You have Modding experience Drift? We can always use some help ;) - 7cmbg.com (website) or, ts.7cmbg.com (Teamspeak).
  8. smorency44

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    Thank you! I believe O'hally is giving his expertise to another mode, I have not heard from him in a while. ONS Arma 3 is in the works, we've been working on a full new suite and got permissions for some of the old stuff. More-to-follow...
  9. smorency44

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    Hot-Fix is essential to answer the ARMA 2 to ARMA 3 unapproved conversion permissions from a few long time ONS contributors, a thing we did not anticipate (as well as two unapproved mistakes on textures we have dealt with) but I might add a thing or two...We'll see how ready the models are. We currently have a few variants of the CH-146 Griffon (TOH template model with BI permissions), an RG-31 (ABS), a LAV-R Coyote (Arma 2 import, slightly modified), a Leopard2A4/6 (see note below) almost ready to go, a LAV 3 upgrade (ABS/Chuck) is also in the works (see pics here: http://7cmbg.com/forum/development/progress-lav-1) to name a few, the majority of these models we play with during our unit operations (7cmbg), but we want to release models that are as error free as we can make them, as well as compatible with other mods. For example, right now I'm trying to better understand the ACE compatibility aspect. Chuck as also given us a Canadian City Class Frigate (CPF), this one will be a longer project for release some time in the fall/winter, if all goes well. Of note: 1. John Spartan gave us permission to create a Canadian CF18 Hornet texture to work with what I think is the best Hornet Addon of Arma3 (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22594&highlight=JOHN%2BSPARTAN); 2. bionic (also known as "Skullworks") gave us permission to continue using his Leopard 2, the one we used in Arma 2 (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=3916&highlight=BIONIC) I'm currently on a family vacation, but I will get back to it ASAP... Cheers!
  10. smorency44

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    For Hot-Fix: Soldiers, M3CG have been updated, M72 and Rifles are almost done.
  11. smorency44

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    Working on it!
  12. smorency44

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    Working on a hot-fix first, then we'll definitely look at making compatible with the good stuff ;) ---------- Post added at 22:30 ---------- Previous post was at 22:18 ---------- it is possible "CAF" used residual "ONS" classnames, I'll have a look. Part of the current ONS team was involved with the CAF addon (although, it's O'Hally's perseverance, before Arma 3 was even made public, that got Canadians within the Arma 3 arsenal so quickly). Hot-fix in the works to take care of a few permission issues, then you'll see the addon grow...:)
  13. smorency44

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    Hello Arctic06, We kitted the soldiers with the beret for our gaming community, the soldier should have a helmet in its inventory ready to put on. We are currently working on a fix to update some of the concerns on permissions you saw in this tread. Should be ready soon, working around the clock with a few helpers. Basically Edward and Chuck are working on new weapons (C7 & C8), maybe a new vest and Helmet, new M72A6 (free model we found online - but looks great) and the Arma 2 MAAWS for the Carl-G. Chuck is also working on a LAV3 upgrade, he's been at it for well over a month now. More-to-follow! Steph
  14. smorency44

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    Thank you razool. Still in somewhat of a "BETA" version, but we have been playing with it at 7CMBG for a while and though it was time to share with others. working on a hot-fix to come out soon...
  15. smorency44

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    Thank you C.T., we'll add them very soon in the next hot-release.