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  1. This could be interesting for expanding the hellenic army, navy and cg helicopters.. thank you for your mods!
  2. Hello and thank you for this splendid mod! Is there any plan to add a p-8 poseidon variant to the collection?
  3. lucapec

    Aerodrome ICAO signs Mod

    Hello! I'm trying to enhance altis's main airport, but i cannot find the HOLD-TAXI horizontal sign (yellow lines). Is this something peculiar of Tanoa?
  4. HI! I've tried following the instruction on your version but I couldn't make it work.. I think it's in the script.. First it choose randomly a "replacer", then it replaces all the buildings which have the same classname with the same one hence the yellow Kavala
  5. Thank you! The script is working, but it replaces every building with the same randomly chosen color🤣
  6. Hello! I would like to add some variety to the cities on Altis, replacing the original buildings with random colored version (Altis & Malden buildings). Using Salbei's multiple replacement it would look something like case "Land_u_House_Big_01_V1_F" : {[_x, selectRandom ["Land_u_House_Big_01_V1_F", "Land_i_House_Big_01_V1_F", "Land_i_House_Big_01_V2_F", "Land_i_House_Big_01_V3_F", "Land_i_House_Big_01_b_blue_F", "Land_i_House_Big_01_b_pink_F", "Land_i_House_Big_01_b_whiteblue_F", "Land_i_House_Big_01_b_white_F", "Land_i_House_Big_01_b_brown_F", "Land_i_House_Big_01_b_yellow_F"]] call _replaceBuilding;}; etc I am not a coder meaning that I don't understand the first part (_pos, _type, _distance...), could anybody explain it to me and guide me to make this script work? in alternative I don't know how to add random variation to George Floros's script..
  7. Back in arma 2 there was the airfield support by Ozzyt109, it gave me hours of joy, and personally still one of the best! It also introduced me to the world of scripting, because I wanted to give medivac heli an ai gunship support circling around the lz, and pjs disembarking, securing the perimeter and treating the wounded..I have temporarily uninstalled arma, but good luck to you, this project is truly interesting!
  8. Hello! I really enjoyed the realsound mod for the F-18 E/F.. Is there any way to give the new EA-18G the same sound? Also, I personally prefer the 0.2 version of the F-16, but it came before Firewill's F-16D (different classnames I guess) so the twin seat version has the default sound.. any chance I can fix it in codes or something? I'm sorry if it's an old post, but every time a new plane comes to arma, well, it should have your realsounds :)
  9. lucapec

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thank you for the quick reply! But I can't make it work.. I've also tried to save a configuration in the vehicle arsenal and export it to the init, but when mission starts nothing happens..
  10. lucapec

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hello! Thank you as always for the great work! I have a question regarding the MRZR 4: what is the script for folding the roll cage? (I want to start my mission with the car "packed") Editing vehicle appearance in the editor doesn't seem to work..
  11. lucapec

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    buggy but interesting nonetheless
  12. lucapec

    SCmod v1.40

    Hello and thank you for this awesome mod! I was wondering if there's a way to have a chance of starting a fire from explosions (bombs, plane/helicopter crashes, destroyed vehicles etc.) Last dlc inspired me to have a civilian role in a war-torn environment..
  13. Hello! Thank you for this mod! (it really enhances cas missions) I was wondering if there's a way to apply this soundmod to firewill's F-16D..
  14. lucapec


    Hi! thank you so much for this mod! I would like to make a test mission with Alive, is there any simple method to add these "weapons" to the civilian faction in order to spawn angry people (extremely hostile to blufor) with the civilian placement and population modules? (or maybe i should consider a new orbatron faction with the armed civilians)
  15. lucapec

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7mt1dcfdb8 this could be inspiring for trenches placement, so the trenches can blend in with the surrounding