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  1. Stauff

    Arma 3 lighting

    Even though its not directly related to lightning im wondering if we will have more post-processing options in A3? Most of you know that blur and bloom are options that cannot be tweaked (as far as i know) individually. Hence, most pvp players turn this option to disabled or very low and lose the benefit of SSAO and color corrections. Is it a difficult task to give a option to treat these individually?
  2. @ArmedAnarkie, Please check my post in this thread. I have the same issue as you. The similarity between most people with the issue seems to be over 4 GB of Ram. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=2013422&posted=1#post2013422 Post #89, Good luck.
  3. Stauff

    OA Out of memory error

    I have the same issue as BigShot here, i bookmarked and read all 8GB problem threads to no avail. Specs: i7 2600K @4.8 Asus P8P67 PRO 5870 Vapor-X rev 2 OC Version 2 TB Black Caviar 2x4 GB Kingston 1600 DDR 3 ArmA2+OA+BAF&PMC I tried the beta and different catalyst drivers, i tried winxp, maxmem, pagefile tweaks, RAM disk, Run as admin, reinstalling Combined ops and at last i just took out 4gb of ram. Symptoms on 8gb of ram: Game starts out ok, after 10-15 minutes of play textures become blurry, trees look very undetailed and then the game crashes with the following message: I understand this problem is very hard to solve (mentioned by BIS in other threads) but still i really need that additional 4 GB of memory. While working on the same PC i have to disable certain apps in order to work normaly ( PC needs at least 5 GB for my normal apps to run). If somebody has any kind of suggestion i would much appreciate it.
  4. I agree with mike and scarecrow here. But i would like to add one thing for your sake. When you buy 2 x 5970's and slap them in crossfire you expect every game to run at 60+ fps. You dont always get what you pay for mate. Some games are not optimised, and dont mention crysis here as it is optimised for the GPU manufacturer that pays to be marketed there. In my opinion arma2 likes a high frequency on the CPU and a strong single GPU card.
  5. Good job Chief! We've been playing Pogoman's insurgency for the past few weeks and it will never get old i think. Unfortunately ACE is missing on the Takistan version which we enjoy most. I have limited Editor skills and i encountered the same problem mentioned in the other insurgency thread basically units refuse to spawn when a ACE user walks into the zone. We did not try to use ZeusAI yet but as you say it might be that. We are eager to see a ACE version coming out for the new islands but would also appreciate if you have a working ACE version for Takistan. Thanks, Stauff
  6. Stauff

    Expansion (New Forces-IDF) and Map.

    Its ridiculous how you are flaming everyone that disagrees with the idea of IDF in a DLC. As some fellow arma players have stated: too political. To accurately portray the situation in Palestine it would mean getting deeply involved in politics. We know the what can happen when the media needs a story, thats my point of view anyway.
  7. Stauff

    Patch 1.55 Issues

    As many of the above LOD's are slow. Details that might help: i7@4Ghz 5870 10.10 Catalyst 1.55 Patch 1.52 or the previous patch worked fine. Our Clan members are not all having this issue. My friend has a Nvidia GTX275 with Vsync off and doesnt have this issue while another guy has a nvidia 9800GTX with the same problem i have. Very conflicting as i thought Vsync or the drivers might be the problem.
  8. Stauff

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    Thats good to know. Thank you Dwarden!
  9. Stauff

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    Hey guys, Well im looking for a solution to my "specific" issue. I have ArmA 2 on steam, OA and BAF from Sprocket, did a fresh install the other day. Steam installed A2 in the steam folder as usual. I then installed OA inside that folder D:\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 I also put BAF in the same path. When i launch the game using ArmA II Launcher in the Expansions Menu i see arma twice. Is that normal? My Arma works perfect im just wondering if i installed something wrong. Thanks in advance, Stauff
  10. Stauff

    "danger! Danger!"

    Yep Gigabyte software, i have the same software and i know its just a wav. that does it.
  11. Stauff

    "danger! Danger!"

    Apparently my original post which described his problem immediately is considered spam. What a load of bull from you guys!!!
  12. Tnx found it under other profiles at the very bottom of the cfg file.
  13. Hi, Ive been browsing through the forums without success i see people change it in theire configs. Its just that i do NOT have that in my config. I have the steam version btw. Help would be appreciated.
  14. Tony i know what you mean with the os :butbut: I play the game on those settings as if i put them lower i get less fps, + the buildings twitch or flash if i have textures on normal. I will post up some screenshots when i get home.
  15. Ok i just installed, winxp 64 bit. Nvidia 182.50 drivers. I now am running the game at VH all exept terrain on normal post processing off. :eek: I am getting on 40+ fps, in all situations. I strongly recommend xp64 + 182.50! I hope this helps some of you. I also must mention before distant trees looked bad now they are just sweet :D Good Luck and see you on the battlefield:D