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  1. The campaign has started! Our last ArmA2 campaign has started. We will be playing on the great island of Thirsk. First battle will be next sunday (17th) at 1700GMT. Check us out at http://arma-tow.com/
  2. Diablo 2. Operation Flashpoint came close.
  3. Hitman

    New Medal of Honor game trailer

    The only good thing in this game was the radio voice acting. It created some nice immersion for me. But it's still the same shit, diffirent name. At one point I could actually see enemies spawning from thin air because I didn't cross a scripted marker which would have advance the game. And why is there an headshot indicator when you get a headshot? That's some consolekiddy stuff in my opinion.
  4. Is there a certain time for this or does it run the whole time?
  5. Hitman

    PvP teams

    HitmanFF I'll get ahold of Infamous and check your gaming nights if I could squeese in some time to fire a round or two with you guys.
  6. Hitman

    PvP teams

    DK is still alive but we have no matches to play. Most of play some other game or in some tournament like AtoW.
  7. Preordered my copy after this news.
  8. I agree with Celery, Zipper5 would be good.
  9. Hitman

    The Armaverse!

    Added Hailuoto, an OFP island made by Berghoff.
  10. Hitman

    [CAMP] Reign's End (WIP)

    Give me a shout if you need a tester.
  11. Hitman

    The Armaverse!

    How do I add a pin to the map? Do I have to be logged in or something? A certain finnish island made by a certain, nowdays a moderator in these forums springs into my mind. :bounce3:
  12. The animation from jogging to crouch is worse in arma2? Aswell as from crouch to movement again. Other animations are better than in OFP. And of course the visuals are alot better.
  13. Thank you, that will help me a great deal.
  14. Is it possible to change the unit of the GM? That would mean the GM could join the action. :) Also do you plan on making more example scripts like the LGB and the nuke? A mortar explosion perhaps?
  15. I belive they are not in use in the FDF anymore. Some new patch rule.