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    Complete List of ARMA Commands

    Yah i am unbanned!
  2. If you need help seting up a server view my profile and send me a IM or e-mail Orginal Server readme file from BIS Orignal DS-ADMIn From BIS DS-admin.rtf Clent Commands on a server. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #Vote admin Name or Number Conected #vote kick Name or Number Conected #userlist Press "Page up key" while keeping chat box open up to get complete list Uber server config ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ server.cfg for any server copy paste to notepad edit any way you like save as .cfghttp://www.freewebs.com/sieish/server2.txt Performance Tuning In arma.cfg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bandwith Setigns can be found in arma.cfg in My documents then in the folder named ARMA. Lets start with Min and max Bandwidth settings for arma and min error to send. The more players you have the more bandwidth you need. also the need to change the minerrortosend command the Minerrortosend is a command is saying that i wont send this packet out unless it is verified on other users end. when not in use it is noticed by players who are far away and ai or men jump around or you don’t see a turret move but it hits you. The lower the number the More stable Clients will be via exchanging packets but lower the minerror to send lowers the servers FPS. Most players only use around 5-13kb when playing in game but when Connecting or downloading to a  mission or uploading custom Files and when players disconnect and connect. you want a good overall bandwidth if you don’t. The server will lag  a 10mbit or Up line is Recommended for most Dedicated servers. For minBandwith and MaxBandwith use this Simple Formula. 256kb Minbandwith, 512kb MaxBandwith times X number of Players use So 265kb X 20 Players = 5120000 Open caculator x 256 x 20 then go to http://www.ibeast.com/content/tools/band-calc.asp to convert Kb to Bits MaxMsgSend=<limit>; You want a Lower Value for CTF/DM maps and Higher Setting for evo/cti Using too large of MaxMsgSend in a CTF causes stutter effects ctf=128/192 cti/evo 384/512 MaxSizeGuaranteed=<limit>; Leave alone MaxSizeNonguaranteed=<limit>; raiseing this value meens people get less bandwith for events like soldier or vehicle position. so a lower Value gives out more data for theys type of events. MaxBandwidth= the full upload of server never to be Fully Reached in Game but used When Giveing palyers Missions //Recomended Server min max Bandwith for dedicated servers //256kb Min/512kb Max times X number of players //64 player server MinBandwidth=16384000; MaxBandwidth=32768000; MinErrorToSend=0.008; //32 player server  MinBandwidth=8192000; MaxBandwidth=16348000; MinErrorToSend=0.008; //24 player server MinBandwidth=6144000; MaxBandwidth=12288000; MinErrorToSend=0.05; //12 player server MinBandwidth=3072000; MaxBandwidth=6144000; MinErrorToSend=0.05; Example arma.cfg MaxCustomFileSize=350000; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=192; MaxSizeGuaranteed=512; MaxMsgSend=192; MinBandwidth=16384000; MaxBandwidth=32768000; MinErrorToSend=0.008; Server Start-up Commands ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -config=server.cfg -cfg=arma.cfg -profiles=profiles -port=2302 -netlog "Note if useing fire demon to start the server you need to specifi the profile and arma.cfg file" "Fire demon will not read arma.cfg or the .armaprofile file!!" The profile command will make a profile in the Armed assult directory put a fodler in thare named Profiles. now the arma_server.RPT and the Console_Public.log will be made in that fodler with a new folder users then system inside that is the SYSTEM.ArmAProfile to change difuculty settings. cheat prevention ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To See if a Player Is using More add-ons Or if a player has add-ons that Are not bi Digital Singed or hacked Config files do the following. Type #userlist a bunch of names will come up next to the name and id will show two or three digit numbers Press page up to see up the list. The number conected is the first set of number you can kick, ban and vote admin by this number. This is faster then typing in the user id. Example #ban exec 21 #exec numberOfFiles Number connected //shows Amount of addons loaded #exec 1 checkFile Number connected  //and it can be used in server-side handlers and in server.cfg checkfiles= You can Check the Entire PBO it self this will lag a server up thoe when people connect. or Check a File within the PBO so this basic file checker is Checking for Modified .bin & .cfg see my server config at the top of this page. Checking configs will take less time and Less Upload/download. files you can also check are textures but you can not Go in to a Subdirectory of a Addon example "addons/wepons/m136 Fake Game ids Generated by a key-gen All Fake ids are longer then 9 digets or shorter then 6 kick and Ban if u see them. Away admining ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In turms of beink a afk admin set youre Vote threshold to 0.20 a server. It takes forever to vote admin with lots of players set players. for reson 1 most in server dont speek english 2 cant type are noobs. if you have no voteing on youre server and decide to leave with all youre mates you are asking for a cheater to come on in. so just shut it down but if you do have admin voteing on then the cheater can be kicked fact is that 95% of players right now dont evan know a ligit key is 6-9 numbers long. so cheater gets kicked comes back with a new name. same id http://stats.swec.se:3001/server/list keeps tracks of scores so look at the list find games in the past u knew thare was no admin and look for negitive 35 plus score it will tell you the player name that combined with -netlog and Logfile= in server config shood be no problum to ban unwanted guys. examples of such games BDA @-=Public Server=-@ Name/Score/Deaths/Game thay wher in ----------------------------- Matt Baba -55 18 http://stats.swec.se/game/data/601653 boris-rus -48 11 http://stats.swec.se/game/data/599178 hateriszed! -35 8 http://stats.swec.se/game/data/599178 ak47marksman -36 5 http://stats.swec.se/game/data/598896 Baz -34 10 http://stats.swec.se/game/data/597161 carlos metra -61 15 http://stats.swec.se/game/data/592429 Baz -34 10 http://stats.swec.se/game/data/597161 IFYOUHATEMEFUCKYOU -49 17 http://stats.swec.se/game/data/593601 GruntyThrst -35 0 http://stats.swec.se/game/data/592429 Rember dieing does not give you a negitive score onley destroying friendly vic or tking i think a Negitive Score over -35 score is something realy to look in to or ban Server side Scripting Commands in server.cfg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ //logfile &  & auto kick LogFile = "server_console.log";  <---Logs server Console to a .log file in the inside c:/doucuments and settins/user name/local settings/arma this will record users conected who logs in and who logs out and baned. This is great in use with http://stats.swec.se:3001/server/list with stats.swec you can check games while you are afk and see who has masive negitive score so you know who to ban while you wher afk. Check file commands in server.cfg checkfile=0; //1=slow 0=defult dont use 0 onHackedData = "ban (_this select 0)";  //auto ban hacked addons onDifferentData = "kick (_this select 0)"; //auto kick modified files kickDuplicate=1; // do not allow duplicate id To disable voteing put vote threshold to 1.1 From Suma Yes, it is different. #debug checkfile or checkfile in server.cfg performs test if the file is identical on client and server. Server side script checkfiles verifies digital signature of the file, but does not require them to be identical. This way you can support even users which have slightly different versions of some addons (e.g. different stringtable) but did not modify their addons in any way. Arma.cfg Other ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Voiceport=2305 //if server is on server port 2302 voice port will be 3 ports above server port. Client Side Tweaks ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You want this to reflect youre upload. go to My Documents\ArmA open arma.cfg and right click on it open with notepad add MinBandwidth=384000; MaxBandwidth=768000; Video Memory Flush in game ---NV Flush--  shift + minus (numpad), f, l, u, s, h. - Tap the following keys in the following sequence.  The plus sign denotes simultaneous keypresses and the commas denote serial keypresses. like one after another.  The period signifies the end of the sequence. See also ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Arma Starup Parlements Dedicated server Mp server Commands Server CFG Multiplayer server Commands Running Dedicated server Server Side Scripting GERMAN DS ADMIN traslated http://www.freewebs.com/sieish/German/DS%2DAdmin%2DGerman.doc Internet tweek ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you run a non 2003 box 2000 or xp or vista and have over a 10mbit upload download TcpOptimizer from http://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php Set the Network adapter and check the ppoe box if you have dsl click the Optimal settings and move the speed bar to youre connection speed. Make youre server run as a service ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ With fire Demon you can make youre server run as a Service so if it crashes it will boot back up or if you do #shutdown it will auto rebot website http://www.firedaemon.com/ make sure to add -config=server.cfg -cfg=arma.cfg -profiles=profiles -port=2302 in the startup parlements COLLECTION OF UNDOCUMENTED/ LESSER-KNOWN FEATURES IN ARMA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Multiplayer: Briefing / Creating Screen - From Frederf 1. If an admin moves a player to a slot forcibly, the player is stuck to that slot and needs the admin to unassign him to allow free choice again during that mission. 2. Disabling AI on a mission with group respawn allows infinite respawn and JIP (untested). 3. With a mixture of AI and humans, often it is best to have the human be the group leader instead of AI. 4. Gray names mean the player is not assigned, red names mean the player has not finished loading the mission, yellow names mean the player has not selected the "I'm Ready" option, and green names indicate players who have marked themselves "I'm Ready." 5. During a game any individual slot with the "AI disabled" for that slot will cause a character death upon disconnection. If there is a human-occupied with "AI enabled" then disconnection will cause an AI to take over the player's character. Allowing him to return later nearly where he left off. Without the "AI backup" the rejoining player will have to spawn again fresh or be unable to play for the rest of the mission depending on the mission. 6. During the briefing each individual can select gear from the gear pool before the mission starts by clicking on their name in the "Group" tab of the briefing docket. The gear pool is shared per side. 43. Pressing the "Home" key in the select slot screen scrolls the screen to your current position. Multiplayer: Information Screens 7. The "P" Player screen can show you: time since mission start, mission name, actively connected player list, player pings and desync, squad.xml information and more. 8. The "I" scoreboard shows kills and scores for the top few players. Not all players are necessarily shown and some players shown may no longer playing. Multiplayer: Chat and Voting 9. Typing the command "#userlist" will display all currently connected players, their game-session-number, if they are admin, and their game ID. 10. Voting to kick a (ex.) Mr_Player can be done with "#vote kick Mr_Player" or "#vote kick 123" if Mr_Player has a game-session-number "123". 11. Voting to make Mr_Player an admin can be done with "#vote admin Mr_Player" or "#vote admin 123" if Mr_Player has a game-session-number "123". 12. The command "#vote missions" votes that the server return to the missions selection screen. 13. The chat history buffer can be scrolled by opening the chat window (as if about to type a new message) and by pressing PgUp or PgDn to scroll old messages. 14. There are 5 channels in game GLOBAL, SIDE, GROUP, VEHICLE, and PROXIMITY. You can switch what channel you are speaking in with the " , " and " . " keys. 15. You can highlight text in the chat entry field with shift, also End, Home, Ctrl-C, and Ctrl-V work for copy and paste for text. 51. With the chat entry field open you can change channel with Left_Shift + Up/Down Arrows. Map and Map Markers 16. Map markers can be made in many shapes and colors. After double-clicking the up/down arrow keys cycle through a list of marker shapes and left_shift + up/down arrow keys cycle through many colors. 17. Map markers are placed in channels, just like the text chat. Be aware that only people in your group will see markers placed in group channel, side in side channel, etc. 18. Map markers are not visible to people who joined the game after the marker was placed. 19. Markers can be deleted by putting the mouse cursor over the marker and hitting the del key on the keyboard. 20. Map coordinates are given with two-letters and two-numbers. "Hg54" for example is where the "Hg" column and the "54" row meet. The letters and numbers are around the the edge of the map. 21. Numbers around the map refer to hill peaks. The number is the height in meters. 22. Items such as compass, radio, and watch in map screen are movable and resizable with mouse.
  3. 1436

    Arma Hall Of Shame

    Well i Finily got my own server 100mbit and the People who come in and just tk are pissiing me off so i am posting the Proff of the TKs the hacks thay had the User name and User Id i will not post the Ips of the Offenders but i do have them i would lile someone to start some page not on bis fourms that you have to run a 20+ man server to get in to the list of ips. About the negitive score ban idea if someone tks a vic or ai/ thay thay get negitive score. if you kill the enemy youre score raises, if you die youre score does not go up or down, if. so if you play ligit youre score wil raise so negitive betwen negitive -20 throw -40 score is a auto ban.. Name-------------------ID--------Reson 4 ban---------------IP-------------webscore---------PROFF!!! AsianInvasion--------15965702--Negitive -37 score-------Not FOr PUblic------http://stats.swec.se/game/data/648266 [VDV] Stason---------20213506--Negitive -36 score-------Not FOr PUblic------http://stats.swec.se/game/data/648563 sgt.Bill-------------7770886----Negitive -33 Score------Not FOr PUblic------http://stats.swec.se/game/data/648042 i will be adding to this list alot so check back & if you a server admin and would like to know how to get this let me know via pm. Ok Copy the http://stats.swec.se and paste it you will see teh scores of players look for two digit negitve scores So let this be a Warning if you go on the USM server and tk or cheat if youre not baned on the spot becue admins are afk you will be baned very soon ) Â if i see you comeing back with diffrent ips i will ban youre Data center location in youre city and file abuce reports with youre isp!!! Â Â Â Fake cd key list 10+ ids 4 you alot more to come 2712487799 //[ROK]MC 2894419831 //Agent 1746458487 //FF 1567799159 //CaptRio 1758123895 //LEO 1984620407 //Waffler 3555043191 //Administrator 4292343671 //Administrator 1322293111 //Djangophile 2091841399 //Decanter 1509603191 //Teajay 1984620407 //Waffler 3663050615 //xxxPANXOxxx 1509603191 //Teajay 3560810359 // butZi 4111983323 //viper 3631200119 //zombierbreath 2000480119 //YuraNN 4070958967 /Daan 1613416311 //[1st SFG] Qerty Se@l 2091841399 //Masesevil 3515852663 //Marborl 2321225591 //Jumong 2737915767 //wity 4196267895 //sgt. Tom BEKY -CZ- 1645397879 //sywb 1036547959 //DJ 4111983323 //ABS
  4. Made this pack because mi sick of looking for good missions on servers with just default ones and mi anal about names Thank you All to who made they and sorry if i did not ask to edit them 21 C&H maps 13 Co maps 5 CTF maps 6 DM maps 1 S&D maps 1 Seige maps 2 TDM maps 2 a&d maps 2 s&d maps Original Bezerk Maps & RTS [A&D] (26) Hotel Minor [A&D] (27) Desert Ambush [A&D] (64) Paradise Lost V1.09 -Imp- [A&S] (64) Corazol -karr- [C&H] (20) STRIKEv1.21 [C&H] (32) Paraiso -karr- [C&H] (32) WarGames_OG v2 -{MOD}- [C&H] (40) BloodySky v1 [C&H] (50) Trident [C&H] (54) Platoon.Sara [C&H] (200) Battle For Corazol v2 [Co] (04) NightShift [Co] (4) NightShift [Co] (6) assault-day v2 [Co] (14) Commanding-Battle [Co] (14) SerialKiller2007 [Co] (20) HOMEBOUND Beta2 [Co] (20) Island Thunder v1 [Co] (20) Virus Beginning v1k. [Co] (24) Ambush In Ortega [Co] (24) Royal Rescue v13. [Co] (28) Island Takeover V2 -BDA- [Co] (30) AirCavalry v2.02 [Co] (30) TheBigBattle v2m [Co] (32) Regime Change v1.1 [Co] (34) Ramadi Airport [Co] (35) Urban Engagements v1.2 [Co] (42) Blue Ortego USM [Co] (42) USM Over the Crest [Co] (44) AirCavOnslaught EAST v2 [Co] (44) AirCavOnslaught v270Semk2 [Co] (48) Uphill Battle v0.5 -Solom- [Co] (56) AirCavOnslaught v2.16 [CTF] (16) Tequila Sunset -RN- [CTF] (20) CastleKeep v2 -{MOD}- [CTF] (20) Corridor v1 [CTF] (20) ThE JuNkYaRD -MeTHoD- [CTF] (32) Cayotiberia -karr- [CTF] (40) OW Hexenkessel v1.06 [DM] (10) vodka v1.10 -MCY- [DM] (24) RoadRage v1 -celery- [DM] (25) Panzers [DM] (28) Gunship v15 [DM] (40) Motel v1 -Celery- [E&E] (64) Royal Evacuation -Imp- [RTS] (20) Wine Wars v1.02 [RTS] (64) North-South -karr- [s&D] (19) Colonels Escape [s&D] (64) Convoy II 1.07 -Imp- [TDM] (24) map.intro [TDM] (40) PUSH Catastrophe v1 [TDM] (64) BootCamp. see u in the game  bugs on -bda- ones please post -RLD- -HTD- -DEV- -unl- http://www.usaupload.net/d/1f2awpl2jk1 MISSION {PacK} v1.03
  5. arma voteing Well so many times i have gone in to a server with no admin a cheater or tker comes in "i normal paly c&h or Ctf maps" anyways and im like err no admin great! so i copy and paste #vote admin bla bla. and 10min later i might get admin. That is if Vote is enabled on the server. WTH no voteing or 50% voteing?!? why run a server and go afk and then shut off voteing i can understand it on a evo server but c&h maps you are jsut asking for tkers to come in and have thare idiotic fun Why!!! a voted admin cant shutdown a server or ban he/she can kick and change maps. and why is it people wont vote for a admin is it all the idots out thare who cant evan type? im not power hungry i dont like to be a admin it takes away from my gameply you have to watch text all the time it seams like people onley do that when a player gets tked and wants to figure out who did it. do do players not know how to type in game? why do two people play on a evo server by them selfs to start up the? why cant people go to a populated server is it becuse thay are anti-social or dont want to louse thare score? or is it becise thay are haveing fun destroying thare own base. oh my ping! oh youre a hacker evryone els hacks and cheats cant a player be good? cant a 100mbit in the usa server host youre dsl line if you are in egland yes!!! fact is bandwith is what counds and if you have crap bandwith in-game you will lag the whole server out. Im realy sick of evryone calling each other names and acting like 12 year old adolesent kids. just becuse you are around them alot does not mean you have to copy it. i guess it is the entire multiplayer Clicks that make you do it. crap i dont have a life so my clan are my friends but you can call me loser. i dont care. Wasint this game Rated Mature 17+ age i know in euro and other countrys the Game rateings dont realy exsist idk how it works but im sick of seeing when i play u f+g you a hackers youre a noob. Look i know most people hate helping noobs but it has to be done becuse the Game Publishers are to cheap to print a good manual. Add to the comunity Feed it let it grow like it did with OFP dont add to its downfall and belive me it is not arma has been out for 6mo now and we have more them 50mb in user missions about 1TB of user addons & Total conversion mods. and we have 2 free expantion packs comeing out and one we are going to have to buy. so lets shape people up and try to be mature
  6. United States Military Team has active members our own 100mbit server, the best maps on any server. Our own teams speak & website/forums. USM Does Weakley training on our own custom maps teaching you real tactics. Our goal is to make you a better player part of the team. and play in a clan where you can enjoy the people you are around. We have 3 main divisions 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment |3ACR| 75th Ranger Regiment |75RR| 160th SOAR |160SOAR| Team Speak= Ts.usmsquad.com Public server= Ts.usmsquad.com:2302 Website= http://www.usmsquad.com/nuke/ Join @ http://www.usmsquad.com/nuke....istment Why Join USM? #1 we hate evo and don’t play it but we have a coop server with it on it. CTF, C&H AND CTI are so much beter! #2 All our pfc and above get server admin We are good people you will enjoy being around us and playing with us.  Unlike most clans we have Good direction we know our goals. We compete and win. We don’t settle for you’re half fast attempts and will make you a better player if you want to. We have tons of mission makers and lots of custom missions. Our server is better then anyone else’s why do I say that?  Because I helped out 30% of most of the good servers out thare we know how to tweak all night long! gets 40fps all the time. Our box is a Opteron 1216 with 2gb ddr2 533mhz on a 100mbit pipe in Texas. We have very active server admins who can change anything on the fly & ip ban id ban. Requirements to join are!!! #1 have team speak and be social on it. #2 you have you be willing to attend Training/practice. #3 Mature but not a total tight wad. #4 Not a cheater & Have a ligit copy of the game. This is not a double post the other one has old info and that member is no longer allowed to use the bis forums To edit it.
  7. Download link http://www.usaupload.net/d/muktr722wwn Decided to update saralite island the old one hosted around is from demo 1.02 this one is from demo 1.06 or usdemo.exe
  8. This is a Sticky over at ofp Multiplayer The same apply for arma. it is important for server admins to know about modified files. and mod makers to make addons that dont reconfig defult addons. if the server is not useing it but the player still has theys modified files in my book thats a cheat. not talking about sounds but mods like SLX whare you can pull out a knife and kill some one with it. but the realy simple way Prevent mods off youre server is to make it Equalmodrequires=1 but people cant conenct if thay have a mod folder Suicidesquad.com does this and a few others. There is currently quite busy discussion about modifications of config.bin (or its text equivalent config.cpp) in other topics of this forum. Let me explain why we implemented "config modified" message. When modifying config.bin, you can control many aspects of the game, some very important (like reload times or other waepon, ammunition or vehicle parameters, some not that important, like weapon sounds or other "minor" things. We considered a lot what parts of config should be protected against cheating, and after some thinking and experimentation we decided that modifing almost any field in config can be used to get some advantage. Let me consider two favourite config.bin modification types that seem innocent: sound replacement packs and face set replacements. Sound replacement packs Most sound replacement packs currently available replace original ingame sounds by other sounds, that are considered more reallistic or simply nicer by its creator. Exactly the same technique can be used for cheating: consider replacing very quite H&K sound (or sound of footsteps of eastern soldiers) by some distinct and very loud tone. This would give you quite big advantage, as enemy would be unable to approach you unheaderd. detected. Face set replacements. Most common face set replacements replace original faces with some cammo type / spec ops faces. The very same same technique could be used for cheating: imagine replacing all faces with bright yellow face. This would make spotting enemy much easier. Conclusion: While the message about modified config does not necessary mean given player is cheating, it tells you is it is impossible to guarantee he is not, as identical techniques can be used for non-cheatig and cheating config modifications. When seeing this message, it is upon your decision if you will believe the player when he tells you he is not cheating. If you are using some config modification that is causing this message, you should understand why some people / servers may be unwilling to play with you. They see you are using modified config and they cannot know if you modified it in cheating or non-cheating way. If they want to stay on the safe side, they will often kick you or even ban you from the server. Seeing the number of people that used config modification to cheat, you can hardly blame them. Is modified "config message" reliable? The answer is not easy. We can tell it was not reliable before 1.45, as addons installed to Addons folder were able to modify some protected config entries. We fixed this and we are convinced this is no longer possible in 1.45. Unless you modify your config, you should not see this message, no matter what unofficial addons you have installed in your Addons folder. Why not disconnecting player with modified config? As I wrote above, we were not sure in previous version if our test of config modification were reliable and we did not want to kick any player using any addons unless they really used config modification. We think that the detection is working right since 1.45, but we want to wait a little to be sure. Once we will see this really works well, we will implement server side option that will automatically disconnect players using config modification. Remmeber: this will be server side options and server administrator will be able to decide if he wants this feature or not. Can unofficial addons cause "modified config" message? If you have unoffical addon installed into following folders: Addons Missions MPMissions Campaigns it should not cause this message. Unfortunatelly there was bug in 1.42 and before which caused some addons could modify protected parts of config and the message was shown. This should be no longer possible in 1.45 and later. If you think you have any addon that installs only into folders listed above and it shows the message in 1.45 and later, please send it to support@bistudio.com for investigation. ------------------------------------- ok ok but how do i turn on filechecks? copy and paste the checkfile commands from my server config over to youre server config. http://www.freewebs.com/sieish/server2.txt
  9. 1436

    Arma Hall Of Shame

    no version of 1.08 of my arma if you do -server it does not work thats why thare is a server.exe you must be on 1.06 or 1.05 or maby it is my us versions that it does not work on. ?anywazy i gave the keygen to suma so he can ad the ranges to ban to gamespy but i think im going ot go to atari now with it it has been 3 weeks now.
  10. bump to add Mirrors 4 1.3 sorey Mirror 1 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=1758 Mirror 2 ftp://armed-assault.de/aa/mods/xam1.3_english.exe Mirror 3 http://www.globalearth.de/index.php?downloads-show-53 Mirror 4 http://dl1.armed-assault.de/mods/xam1.3_english.exe
  11. maker of mod---> Snake22000 - XAM is a MOD which with an initial goal to improve the most  possible areas of Armed Assault. We try to improve many areas including, IA, sound environment, graphics... We really hope to improve the most points as possible. But beyond all that we want to build an XAM community and to organize multiplayer evenings between the users of the MOD XAM, it is a great part of our project. Xtream Arma Mod 1.3 Works with V1.08 Mirror 1 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=1758 Mirror 2 ftp://armed-assault.de/aa/mods/xam1.3_english.exe Mirror 3 http://www.globalearth.de/index.php?downloads-show-53 Mirror 4 http://dl1.armed-assault.de/mods/xam1.3_english.exe Interview, Screenshot and Vidéo of the XAM Xam Offical Site http://xam.armedassault.fr/us/index.html <---english fourms VIDEO LINK: http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=LxP5QW8BLw8 http://forum.armedassault.fr/index.p....ry27842 1.3 Trailer Team Speak Ip Note French please Xam Game Server IP: Please Support XAM Servers, Download Host Support this Project Any way you can! Within the framework of its evolution the group xtremlabs research Is looking for webmasters, writers and artists in the sections below: ----------------------------------------------------------- Section XtremLabs Games Studio > Artist 3D (project MOD XAM): You are passioné of modeling 3D and to seek a project to show your talent? Do not hesitate any more has to join the team of Xtrem ArmA MOD. - Knowledge of the necessary bases in modeling. - Knowledge of the software O ² preferable. - Knowledge of the bases in texturing. - Good disponibilitée. - To be at least 16 years old. - Ability to Speek Some French ----------------------------------------------------------- XtremLabs projects > WebMaster (project site plays videos PC): You like the plays vidéos? You want to direct a site on this leisure? This station is made for you. - Knowledge in terms of plays vidéos on PC. - Good Knowledge in WebMastering. - Good capacitées to direct a team. - Good disponibilitée. - To be at least 18 years old. -Ability to Speek Some French > WebDesigner (project site plays videos PC): - Good Knowledge of the software Photoshop or Gimp. - Good Capacitées Creative. - Good disponibilitée. - To be at least 16 years old. -Ability to Speek Some French > Writer (project site plays videos PC): - Good maitrise of grammar and obligatory conjugation. - Good disponibilitée. - To be at least 16 years old. -Ability to Speek Some French ----------------------------------------------------------- Send an email Mail@xtremlabs.com containing your name, first name, age as well youre Talents ,3dStudio Max, O2, Scripting, Codeing, Sounds, Audio, Tools, anyother skills
  12. idk the wiki did not post the fix log but its about 1mb biger
  13. added some more awsme maps!
  14. 1436

    Arma Hall Of Shame

    install the game with a keygen then you will have youre proff.
  15. 1436

    Arma Hall Of Shame

    make a bat file put this in it @ECHO OFF SET cint=112000000 :next set /a cint=cint+1 echo %cint% if %cint%==300000000 goto done goto next ,one and make a shortcut add this to run line >ban.txt thi is set to 112000000-300000000 @daikan if you install the game with a key-gen you will get a 10 digit id most likley. a ligit game will have 6-9 length id
  16. 1436

    Servers that use VoN in-game Voice

    Alot of servers dont you voip becuse you can spam it and cant see who is doing it. so we use team speak downlaod it at www.goteamspeak.com
  17. 1436

    Arma Hall Of Shame

    il talk to Mal who runs squadserver.com about geting this on it he runs 10 arma servers.
  18. 1436

    TK Global Banlist

    Jerry hopper is working on his passport system. a Allow list and a collection of fake cd-keys anything 10+
  19. 1436

    realism server

    USM Runs a Xam 1.3 mod server with no cross hairs and if you set it to vet mode no 3rd.
  20. 1436

    MFCTI Beta Download

    bla ok wgcti fourms are bugted for me i cant get on em. bug list i made non jip errors when ai mouths gun does not show ai/gun just shows gun. Jip errors 1. voteing is nto a public array 2. money is not a public array 3. commanders upgrandes not a array when joing a game i get stuck and im looking at map i can move around but evan if i die or rejoin shows map all the time. ok can we get a game going on this saterday or friday and evryone has to be thare a x time or we lock server im just waiting on binksters secdule and release. i switched the mfcti server to our new box becuse on our celeron the cpu was at 100% and on the opteron its at 50% with 45fps.
  21. no arma is not dieing it is slowing down. but will pick back up when the economy picks up again. and people can put down thare second job for some pc time thank god im lucky enof to play the time i do and this will kinda anser it to http://www.tsviewer.com/index.p....=11&y=9 http://stats.swec.se:3001/server/list http://www.game-monitor.com/search.php?game=arma
  22. 1436

    Does anyone elses game crash online?

    is someone talks in voip my whole pc freezes and restarts so von is off on most servers.
  23. 1436

    TK Global Banlist

    Stats.swec is proff what mroe do you need then a full server and one player with negitive -35 score? yah and i know a gbl admin who lies.
  24. 1436

    TK Global Banlist

    its crap people make up and photoshop fake tks im working on one and workiing with Squadserver.com & all thare arma servers soon http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=66440