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  1. ManDay

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Can someone eventually get rid of these two (three) guys? Seriously, what are they here for but annoying the crap out of everyone? Make the forum a better place to discuss and give them a ticket, please!
  2. ManDay

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Wow, more than 40 new pages in just one day, that must be a new record :D (for being taken a tour by trolls, too)
  3. ManDay

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Laying low somewhere on the Maldives :D
  4. ManDay

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Source? Quote? I remember having heard something similar, though, iirc, it has only been something like "there will no modding tools be released with the game". Any-how, that's how rumours emerge - one reads "No modding tools are shipped on release" in an interview, the next only remembers "no modding tools" and then comes along Leopardi, claiming that OFP/DR will not support mods at all...
  5. ManDay

    Organ donation.

    I think you got stuck in the wrong place here. Full-heartedly fairly some would agree (provided that you could put a little more structure into your thoughts) and take it even far beyond, but guess what, this is the public just who you are speaking to through these forums - please remain proportionately shallow for we like shooting people up on a 24" :bounce3:
  6. ManDay

    Galactic Civilizations II

    Master Of Orion II, anyone? Best game I've ever played (besides OFP and Deus Ex) - I've tried G/C once (was it I or II?) but I think once you fell in love with MOO there is no other besides her :D
  7. ManDay

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    cjsoques, point taken. But I want to remind you that it's probably not just me who takes statements such as "this is pathetic" and "this is a step backwards/reduces quality" as claiming objectivity. But it's clear now. Well, I too naturally don't want to wait one hour to join a game, lol :D I rather expect to join the next and most filled server which is currently lobbying.
  8. ManDay

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    No need to feel offended, mate. I'm following this thread successively and may not always have the latest pages in mind thus clearly. Yes, it has been confirmed on the official forums, too. But it's again one of these "what ArmA-boy is not aquainted with from ArmA, ArmA-boy hates"-like phenomena (I'm thereby not calling you an "ArmA-boy", just in case...) that you call it pathetic and a "step backwards". Some people - and yes, this time I'm including you - still appear not to have understood the concept of opinions. You know, those things that everybody seems to have. You should refrain from calling out "pathetic", "reduce quality", "watered down" or alike all because you personally dislike it, dearest fellow member. Realize that it's matter of taste what one likes or dislikes. To provide you the most obvious instance, the people who have decided to put that in don't deem it "pathetic" and a "loss of quality" and so do others. You dissent - feel free to do so, but respect other people's opinions for what they are. I, for my part, am fine with both - no JiP and JiP. Where latters allows for more dynamics on a server as for joins and parts, the former is well suited to prevent a clutter of players and join/parts. It also repels the kind of gamer who quickly joins a session to cause a mess and leave when getting bored - yes, that's what I've experienced over and over again on ArmA's public servers. I'm not going to argue on the benefits of this decision because I think if you put a little thought into the whole situation, you will see them yourself. I've always been happy with how America's Army did it and although OFP/DR is a different type of game, both is possible, for any game. Edit: I'm aware of the major disadvantages, too.
  9. ManDay

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Yes, see the new wesbite, it gives info there. I misunderstood the meaning of JiP. I think no JiP in terms of Americas Army is fine and don't know why this would be considered a limitation. It's just different from ArmA.
  10. ManDay

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Where have you got this from? To my knowledge this applies to COOP-Mode not to generic MP. Please validate your source.
  11. ManDay

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Still, I might be mistaken but I think a CPU takes disproportionately more ressources for the simplest pixel-related operations than a GPU would. So, flame me if I'm wrong, but I still think there will be a more than noticeable amount of stress on the CPU. Well, let's see what doakwolf reports :)
  12. ManDay

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Well you know how intensively graphical operations load on a CPU - I very much doubt that the CPU takes over the job alone. But you are right, it must go "through" the CPU at least, because there is no way the GPU could directly interface the USBC.
  13. ManDay

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    I think it's a waste of money. No bullshit, but I think if you can spare money for a separate screen to display harware specs, you must have too much of it. But I'm curious how the thing performs, so let us know. USB 2.0 provides maximum 2.5 Watt as by the specs - I wonder how an LCD can possibly feed on that. And by the way I wonder what will be the additional load on your GPU. It must require your GPU to render the screen too, which I think chips are far from being optimized for. Please let us know how much your framerate drops (if it does) when you use the screen.
  14. ManDay

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    ":D" Firstly, your observation is not totally off but certainly not correct either. There is a lot of speculation on the Codemasters forums the main cause of which are threads like "Will ... be in the game?" by newcommers, admitted. However, that's just one aspect of the whole and again, you, by your comment which just accounts for a specific part of an issue, very much portray the overall unobjective attitude of this thread and its posters. Codemasters' OFP/DR forums, despite all the speculation which is inevitable on a forum of a not-yet-released game, serve as a place for feedback to the team developing the game, for suggestions and stating wishes, trading information about the game and, of course, small talk. Now, if this was a normal discussion with normally thinking people, I'd stop argueing here, but judging from the past 270+ pages, I reckon I wont be left alone, my post teared to flakes, rather, unless I literally quote some of the threads (mind, all from the first page of the GD section), which are "more than sheer speculation" (in contrary to the greater part of this thread): Second, I havn't visited the ArmA 2 Section - neither up to now, nor before ArmA 2 was released - but you may have. So I'm asking you: What are forums for an unreleased videogame usually like? I'm not much into videogames and online communities, but I've experienced two for the time being, and the Codemasters OFP/DR are, compared to the other, very much productive, active and community-driven.