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    I was born very young with more eyes than teeth's buhahahahaha

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  1. daraofp

    Will the distance view be fixed?

    When i fly planes i increase the view distance to like 5000 km, but objects will not be visible at that distance unless you set the option "object detail" to very high (this option sets how detailed and far the objects will be seen) They probably made distance view option for people who fly planes and helis in ARMA II, when you are in air game can run ok at 5000 - 10000 km view, because you are not close to the ground and the game does not have to render detailed ground texture, grass, houses and trees... If you play as infantry 1500 km is more than enough as it eats FPS as you increase the view and average shootout takes place at 200 meter!
  2. Well, here is a bad ass Sniper Video! Get some popcorn's and a pizza and enjoy ;)
  3. Well, here is a bad ass Sniper Video! Get some popcorn's and a pizza and enjoy ;)
  4. I'm starting a new series called "Dara & Sina Adventures", basically it's about me and my friend playing coop missions...so i will upload interesting moments captured on videos enjoy, comment and subscribe Pt.1 Pt.2
  5. Some LoL moments in coop
  6. Some funny moments in coop mission with a friend
  7. http://youtu.be/W5sXPKmJC4E
  8. Reedited some older video...
  9. When on AA+ High or Very High shadows the edges only look jagged when playing in 3rd person, have you looked at the shadows from first person. They look fine to me when playing first person, it's when you switch to 3rd person they look jagged on high and Very high
  10. Combat footage from I44 normandy (using modern russian army) and Utes (US army) http://youtu.be/SC6r4p3_4PA
  11. I only use JSRS 1.4 sound mod and RUG_DSAI (witch is Dynamic Sound AI- it is good for ambient, soldiers shout and speak random dialogs depending if they are in a combat, aware, safe or stealth mode) every thing else is vanila ARMA 2 and expansion Operation Arrowhead (no additional addons used) Graphic look good considering i have a 4 year old PC (there is a way that ARMA 2 can run good and keep a decent graphic even if you dont have a beast of a PC...If anyone is interested how to do that just ask)