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    Hey, because u are from croatian, and e too from croatia let's make some us islands like 'Vukovar','Split','Sisak','Sinj','Osijek','KopaÄki Rit' ect ect ... :D Greetings! (Pozdrav druže!)
  2. robertoHrvat

    New Website dedicated to Operation Flashpoint

    Have u finished webiste :) ?
  3. robertoHrvat

    How to make East unit to West side?

    I know it with grouping and deletevehicle,probability of presence, I was think on this: Hows to make on example east unit on west side (Originaly side, to he create as green, like original soldier from my side!) I was see that in mission editor (In mission editor I was opened mission Nogova Virus - Return, and I was see civilian women on east side, original side, and she was red like as originaly unit of east side.) Hows make it?
  4. Hi, how can i make east unit on west side? on example:How East Soldier with AK74 put on West side, In some missions what I was edit I was see resistance unit on west side (I don't talking about setting east soldier in group of west officer). Can anybody help me please ? 2. Example: When I was editing (in Mission Editor) Nogova Virus - return I was see civilian on east side. That's it! Thanks!
  5. robertoHrvat

    BH-Mod (Austria)

    Are mod finished or? I was not found for download, thanks! Bohemia: Sorry for writing in old thread, but I need this AddOn. Greetings!
  6. robertoHrvat

    I am ArmA Beginner, please help!

    Thank you! :)
  7. Hi, I am Armed Assault beginner! I can all (All is like -kinda- in ofp!) but can i find some place where are switchmove actions ? where writes all actions what I can make in Mission Editor, only it and some other items didn't like (kinda) in operation flashpoint. can anybody help pls ? Thanks!
  8. Thanks for help, you too Bielow! I using WrpTool, I was never using Visitor! I was post my reply there because NO THREAD for WrpTool! Thanks again guys, cya!
  9. This is tutorial only for activate, and player in vehicle will activate! I was make video buddy ;) cya
  10. hi, 1.) place a trigger and when done press F2. (Like as when you with F2 adding soldier in group) 2.) this isn't complicated: Make this: Activate: West>Present Condition: player in thislist Video coming ;)
  11. Hi, can I convert armed assault addon (.p3d) in ofp .p3d to works and to I can put it in flashpoint ?
  12. robertoHrvat

    Ho to edit .paa and .pac teksture ?

    Me too have TexVew2, I have it few months! But I didn't know to they can save in .png format, thanks again guys! @Aldo15 For me TexView2 can open .jpeg formats ... did u check resolution of image (Needs be 64x64 or 256x128 or 256x256 or 128x64 .........ect ect) cya!
  13. robertoHrvat

    Ho to edit .paa and .pac teksture ?

    Thanks guys! :) cya!
  14. robertoHrvat

    New Croatian Army (HV) Coming Soon!

    Hey guys, new pics: