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  1. Hi, I am Armed Assault beginner! I can all (All is like -kinda- in ofp!) but can i find some place where are switchmove actions ? where writes all actions what I can make in Mission Editor, only it and some other items didn't like (kinda) in operation flashpoint. can anybody help pls ? Thanks!
  2. Hi, how can i make east unit on west side? on example:How East Soldier with AK74 put on West side, In some missions what I was edit I was see resistance unit on west side (I don't talking about setting east soldier in group of west officer). Can anybody help me please ? 2. Example: When I was editing (in Mission Editor) Nogova Virus - return I was see civilian on east side. That's it! Thanks!
  3. robertoHrvat


    Hey, because u are from croatian, and e too from croatia let's make some us islands like 'Vukovar','Split','Sisak','Sinj','Osijek','KopaÄki Rit' ect ect ... :D Greetings! (Pozdrav druže!)
  4. robertoHrvat

    New Website dedicated to Operation Flashpoint

    Have u finished webiste :) ?
  5. robertoHrvat

    How to make East unit to West side?

    I know it with grouping and deletevehicle,probability of presence, I was think on this: Hows to make on example east unit on west side (Originaly side, to he create as green, like original soldier from my side!) I was see that in mission editor (In mission editor I was opened mission Nogova Virus - Return, and I was see civilian women on east side, original side, and she was red like as originaly unit of east side.) Hows make it?
  6. robertoHrvat

    BH-Mod (Austria)

    Are mod finished or? I was not found for download, thanks! Bohemia: Sorry for writing in old thread, but I need this AddOn. Greetings!
  7. robertoHrvat

    I am ArmA Beginner, please help!

    Thank you! :)
  8. Thanks for help, you too Bielow! I using WrpTool, I was never using Visitor! I was post my reply there because NO THREAD for WrpTool! Thanks again guys, cya!
  9. This is tutorial only for activate, and player in vehicle will activate! I was make video buddy ;) cya
  10. hi, 1.) place a trigger and when done press F2. (Like as when you with F2 adding soldier in group) 2.) this isn't complicated: Make this: Activate: West>Present Condition: player in thislist Video coming ;)
  11. Hi, Please do anybody can how to 'edit' .paa or .pac format ? Not converting in .paa .pac, I need to edit it and add some items! How can I do it ? ... thanks
  12. Hi, can I convert armed assault addon (.p3d) in ofp .p3d to works and to I can put it in flashpoint ?
  13. robertoHrvat

    Ho to edit .paa and .pac teksture ?

    Me too have TexVew2, I have it few months! But I didn't know to they can save in .png format, thanks again guys! @Aldo15 For me TexView2 can open .jpeg formats ... did u check resolution of image (Needs be 64x64 or 256x128 or 256x256 or 128x64 .........ect ect) cya!
  14. robertoHrvat

    Ho to edit .paa and .pac teksture ?

    Thanks guys! :) cya!
  15. Hey! I was start with new croatian army yesterday! This textures will be better that bkm-s. 131.st Brigade (131. Brigada HV Županja) - 70% Finished 1.st Brigade 'Tigers' (Prva Gardijska Brigada Tigrovi) - 65% Finished LOOK SCRENSHOOTS: cya
  16. robertoHrvat

    New Croatian Army (HV) Coming Soon!

    Hey guys, new pics:
  17. robertoHrvat

    OFP Addon request thread

    You have to tell us detailed, nobody understand what you needs! Thanks!
  18. robertoHrvat

    New Croatian Army (HV) Coming Soon!

    Actualy, yes! I can make it uniforms! :) This what i working are old uniforms from homeland war and older .... Needs to campaign! p.s. Next time will be upload big pics. cya!
  19. robertoHrvat

    New Croatian Army (HV) Coming Soon!

    Thanks! :)
  20. Hi, try this: first make one EAST unit and in east soldier Initalization box write this: deletevehicle this; when done make civilian with name bomberman1, too make civilian in group with east soldier to get different side! Script: bomberman1 [color="red"]addmagazine[/color] "HandGrenade" [color="blue"]~2.74[/color] bomberman1 [color="red"]dofire[/color] policeman1 exit
  21. robertoHrvat

    Map Positions

    Hi guys, please help me! What I need make to get map position (Not coordinates like Ch57,Ff27, I know that ..) I really need somebody to tell me how to get map positions (needs to intro) I think on this: _camera camSetTarget [color="Red"][-90912.40,33767.50,15371.27][/color] _camera camSetPos [5115.54,10455.62,5.29] _camera camSetFOV 0.700 _camera camCommit 0 @camCommitted _camera Thanks!
  22. robertoHrvat

    Map Positions

    Thank you guys, very much :)
  23. Me too wanna make my island, for mod Legend of Madness ... And can't use objects from LGY_Obj and from LGY_Obj2 - Any tutorials ?
  24. robertoHrvat

    magazines array

    I have one ammo command #magazines _magazines = magazines player _m16a2 = {_x == "M16"} count _magazines _string = format ["%1",_m16a2] cuttext [_string,"plain down",1] titletext [" you have M16 magazines","plain down",1] ~4.44 goto "magazines"; IMPORTANT!!! don't change nothing in this code, if you wanna use them!