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    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Ok i would like to see live mission editor.To have the ability to see instant what you put on the map without to have everytime to push the "preview" button and to wait to load just to see if one unit is exactly on the correct place.That's bringing you on your knees.Especially for people who dont have good operational systems.Mine is fine but again that is a problem. Also i would like to see some better commands inside.A more huge variety of command lists like for example: You have a huge list of waypoints and each one of them can "command" the unit to be able to perform a single task or even multiple tasks without those proffesional scripts and command in the init fields.I believe that this part for people who dont know of HOW to do that but they want to make something of their own,is really hard and keep them away from the game at the end.As for you can always find what you want i think that its not correct because some of us we dont have the nessecery time for that. Anyway thanx everybody for your time reading this and i hope i wasnt so hard for you.Sorry for my bad english also. Cheers! :)